Microfury – The Newest Strains of Demonic Affliction

Strange enough, I tend to start my caster characters at Alliance while Horde is more about simpler ways of clawing through the calamities of the world. Thus when I thought of trying a warlock, I chose another girl from my favourite Gnome race.

Meet Microfury!

Microfury – the Sucker of Souls

Do you think gnomes are fitting warlock ways best?

Warlock paths are an interesting puzzle for a race that relies on intellect rather than brutish force. In fact, I think only a Gnome can find true pure pleasure in dealing with the demon worlds and cope with it. All other races – yes, and Elves, especially Elves! – are stubborn and easily corrupted. Just look at all the attempts to master it: Illidan, Gul’dan – whoever tried this ended very badly *chuckles* A Gnome warlock doesn’t seek POWER!!! *giggles* It’s more about understanding how the things work; we’re working with subtle greenish energies and using them, the same way as we try to understand how the cogwheels of the world spin and improve it.

Why affliction warlock?

Those who dig deep in demonology are sooo corrupted. If you ask me, it’s one step from Illidan’s madness. Look, they sometimes even turn into something alike! And I can’t really tell the difference between fire mages and warlocks who master fire too. You better go and learn to be a mage! Same stuff, why playing with demons? Extra chill? Affliction on the contrary is a unique and subtle subject. There’s a vast field to research, it’s thinnest energies which can easily strike back – wear protective gloves when casting maladies! And when enemy’s life is slowly draning out you just can let it be and walk away to return for the soul shards. Gives you time to think about the nature of your blight spells and how to combine them effectively. Yes, you should think.

How do you earn your piece of bread?

It’s jewels. You can’t quite understand who needs all those copper and iron rings that your tutor makes you do. Frankly the ore better be used for armor. But when you step up from the apprentice to big master – you don’t regret a thing. Crafting finest necklaces and rings and making jewels really brings you greatest pleasure and a sound amount of cash flowing in your pocket everyday. Everyone likes shinies.

After you retire, what’s gonna be your home? Please name your favourite places in Azeroth.

I’ve got so much to see yet! I’m not retiring. Places? Hmm… Mogu’Shan Palace? No, not the bowels of it infested with nasty Mogu. There’s a nice terrace high above and I like the library inside. And everyone is bringing some interesting historical pieces everyday. So, peaceful and exciting.

Seat of Knowledge – Cool Stories Daily!

Tell us about your biggest challenge so far

Oh, it was when I tried to learn draining life from several creatures at once. I traveled near a gnoll camp at Redridge and instead of quietly killing a scout, I suddenly awoke the whole pack! They nearly torn me to pieces. Luckily a man with a red stripe on his head saved me.

What’s your agenda?

Oh, I’m crafting jewels and having two small prosperous stalls both at Stormwind and Shrine of Seven Stars. While I participated in the Siege of Orgrimmar, I found very interesting crafting patterns that the Kor’Kron stole and hid in their vaults. Please come and visit me!




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