Micromantica – the Chilly Pulse of Gnomeregan

Let’s get acquainted with my characters. During the series of posts I will unveil what’s hidden behind their faces (updated soon in WoD heh). I reveal not only my feelings and experience about choosing and playing race/class/professions. Each character is – well, character. It’s never a sack of pixels intended for grinding equipment or earning achievements – and that’s what makes them all dear to me. A small interview for them maybe? Yes, let’s do that too.

Ok, let’s go!

So, my very first and most developed char in newest history is Micromantica, the Gnome Frost Mage.

Micromantica – Gnome Frost Mage

What’s cool about gnomes? 

Just look at the smallest race in Azeroth – a tiny but deadly quintescence of kawaii-ness doing all the heroic things. Razor-sharp minds, constant research – this all makes us the most attractive race in the whole Warcraft universe. And don’t forget the gnome attitude – it’s always quite cheery, in spite of all the troubles.

What’s in your name?

It’s quite easy – “Micro” refers to gnome race, and “-mantica” is for caster. Maybe the name could suit a warlock more, but we have a frost mage here.

Why Frost Mage? 

Isn’t it cool to kill every enemy from far away, without even touching you? And even cooler to freeze them in the place then shatter to pieces! The only thing that sometimes bothers me is that liquid blob behind my left shoulder. Helpful, but sometimes annoying. And you constantly want to pee listening to its waters flow.

How do you earn your piece of bread?

To begin with pieces of bread, I just conjure them out of thin air. I’m skilled at tailoring – sewing stuff for fellow gnome warlock Microfury and myself, and crafting bags! Big bags! Also enchantment is a cool choice if you want to buff all incoming thingies at once. Very convenient, I say.

After you retire, what’s gonna be your home? Please name your favourite places in Azeroth.

It’s gonna be that small peaceful gnome house near Kharanos. I want to breathe frosty fresh air when I come out in the street. There’s a tavern nearby, Ironforge for festivals and news, and Gnomeregan is gonna be won back at last, so I don’t want to miss a thing when it happens. That’s a perfect place for me.


I will pay frequent visits to Jaina in Dalaran. She’s my idol and despite her losses (oh god, I meself was in grief for Theramore like for a long-long-long time!) and hardened character, I still cannot imagine a better friend and tutor. Our long talks will continue.

And I love the town of Telsamar in Loch Modan. The most peaceful place in all my journeys, though fishing season now is spoiled. Damn Deathwing!

That tavern serves greatest ribs ever.

Tell us about your biggest challenge

Scryers were not easy to please at all. To do so, I had to kill an army of Illidari elves single-handed. Well, Blob helped. Right, Blob? *sighs* Never speaks a word. And you can’t even kick it. Oh, challenges, right: it was extremely painful to see Theramore destroyed. My favorite place in all of the Kalimdor.

What’s your agenda? 

I’m mostly busy with sewing bags for my friends and cool clothes for Microfury – she was promised the same pants as I wear. And there’s the problem I’m also solving: you know when conjured food and drinks dissapear in a while, right? I’m calculating time so that you get your nutrition from them, and then they dissapear when become poop! Right out of your guts! Isn’t that a biggest invention ever? It’s like half of Azeroth problems will be solved!






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