Trivia: Emissaries & Troll Shaman


I’ve rolled a new toon – a Troll Shaman. Blizzard totally sold them to me with the Battle for Azeroth cinematic. In fact, it was the only inspiring thing from the Horde side.  Sylvanas doesn’t count, she’s a hero character doing things that our toons can not do :)

So, I’m enjoying the class/race combination, and I’ll be slowly leveling her for pleasure sakes. Schlitzchen, my goblin shaman, would NOT be race changed, because she’s awesome – she’s like Micromantica, the gnome mage, which stays no matter what. It seems I’m ending up with two shaman toons.

Upon finishing the Echo Isles initiate questline I immediately took a flight to Orgrimmar and a zeppelin to Tirisfal Glades – I just hate Durotar and the following Barrens/Desolace.

I’ve quite forgotten how the Undead questlines are really cruel and mean. Throughout the zone they always ask you to kill some prisoner in a cage. And the worst thing is that it sinks in. When I arrived at Silverpine, I got a quest of killing 10 worgen rebels. And the very first thing I thought was “Okay, so give me the knife and lead me to their cages…” Wait, what? These worgens are not captured unarmed prisoners and just run rampant? How very strange for a Forsaken quest!

My goal today is to replay the Tirisfal, Silverpine and Hillsbrad questlines, as I’m getting ready for Battle for Azeroth. I’ve already refreshed my impressions recently about the Worgen questline and witnessed the destruction of the kingdom and death of Liam Greymane, the king’s son. Worgen alt deleted though, I’ve never liked werewolves – choosing vampires from the dichotomy :)


Considering other trivia, the way of doing emissaries only for toons which would reach paragon this day is highly engaging.

And I’m moving on with Chromie questline. I’m 11/15k towards reputation achievement, and frankly I don’t even care if I manage to complete the scenario or not. As far as I’ve deduced, your success largely depends on item procs, and that’s just random at its worst. So: reputation, and I’m done with it.

Ready for Antorus which will begin for me on December 5 – in a pair of weeks :)


Emissary Rotation


…is back to normal again.

During the last 2 months, there was an obligatory rotation of Nightfallen – Legionfall – Army of Light – Argussian Reach – Kirin Tor every week.

The rest two days was left for other emissaries, and it led to a situation when I may not have seen Valar’jar for a month or so.

Obviously it was some sort of catch up mechanics – both helping players get their achievements required for things like flight and advance on Argus before Antorus raid.

Would you like to have it this way in BfA – with focus on the later expansion factions upon patch drops? It may be convenient, but it also shoves your toons into stress environment. I don’t have a sure opinion whether it was good or bad.

Anyways, I haven’t seen Army of Light or Argussian Reach for a while, and it’s old faction after old faction emissaries streak lately.

My new routine considering emissaries is this: see if a toon is somewhere around its next paragon 10k (at least 8-9k) and if it is, go and do an emissary! If not, wait for more tokens to drop from missions.

This provides a nice and unpredictable rotation of your toons daily and a sure-thing try on the lacking mounts.

Have a good day!

P.S. I’ve seen the old world bosses, and it wasn’t too much fun. You can’t survive well without a group. And the only reason to retry them is non-guaranteed drop of lo-fi transmog items – regarding that your veiled argunite gear is 10 ilvl better.

Also, these travel times make it hard to farm :)

Oulu: The Warrior Draenei

My race change is complete yesterday :) Bons the Gnome is tired of all the Valar’jar bullshit they fed her, and she pleads for retirement.


Bons is settled now in Kharanos village. She wants to meet the New Year in her motherland. She missed inhaling the fresh mountain air, washing her face in the snow in the mornings. She longs to rediscover the pleasures of sitting by a fireplace after walking on the snow crust in chilly weather.

She will rekindle her old acquaintances and friendships within dwarf and gnome communities, and she’ll be more than happy to protect the snowy valleys of Dun Morogh from troggs, ice trolls and wolves – definitely more peaceful and pleasant activity than cursed Argus crags.

Now meet Oulu – my brand new warrior!


Oulu is a fierce and impulsive fighter who came from alternate Draenor timeline to our Azeroth. She’s a seasoned warrior from Shadowmoon Valley, hardened in the battles against Botani expansion and skirmishes with the Iron Horde.

Oulu shares approach with the Rangari stalkers – preferring to clip the threat rather than avoid it, hide from it, run from it or negotiate with it. Although she’s not a Rangari herself, she’s recognized and praised among them as she participated in several of their raids and proved herself to be a fierce fighter.

She couldn’t live in peace with Draenor orcs, not after what they’ve done to the lands of Draenor, so she had some argument with Draenei exarchs at home and traveled to Ashran, then Stormwind to lend her battle axes to the Alliance service. Rumors are that our timeline would offer her lots of opportunities to fight the orcs and the Horde…

She came to Azeroth to seek not peace, but war, and now she’s ready to rush into Antorus with her new allies.

Race Change… Again

Any lull time always calls me to new experience. As long as I have all classes covered, it’s race change.

This time I’m doing de-Gnomification and reducing the number of my favorite Gnomes.

First reason is that I don’t have too many options for faces that I like, so when 4 of your toons have the same face, albeit different hairstyles, it calls for a change.

Second thing is that I haven’t been happy for a while with small race melee experience. I’m fine with my gnome monk Paitsu for now – the fantasy of dodging attacks as a Brewmaster fits perfectly with a gnome. I’m good with Hexen the Goblin Rogue: she’s sneaking perfectly, and I’m fond of her combat animations, besides, the race fits good with my most played specs, Subtlety and Assassination (not Outlaw though, but I never play it).

I was having trouble with Gnome melee toons – Warrior Bons and Death Knight Mindebad.

  • While they were moderately bearable in the field, they were awful in raid mishmash: easily lost under bosses legs, and bulks of other players, and spellwork.
  • Also, whether I liked the initial idea of a tiny bastion and a tiny killing machine, now I look back after a year of expansion and see it as a temporary thing.
  • And the last, but not the least is Blizzard merely failing to scale the weapons to Gnome/Goblin size. Even artifact weapons! I hated being limited with the small range of properly scaled weapons, so it’s the last straw.

Having tried and run several trial toons, I’ve determined new races for them.

I’ve always wanted to try a warrior night elf, but then I looked at the female face options and immediately remembered why I changed my druid to Tauren. No night elves! My warrior will become a female Draenei. I would choose the darkest skin color and tmog her brutally, spikes and all. I love her looks (everything looks good on a Draenei), I totally like the dynamics of a Dranei melee fighter, and – cherry-on-the-cake – Thunder Clap spell, hoof stomping the ground is precious! This toon waits for a race change yet, I had some trouble with payment, and Bons is locked for the moment :) Yet, this is my trial toon to get a general idea:


My death knight has a already become a human death knight, and here she is: Backston.


Yes, it’s Backston again, cause I have a history with this family name. The background is that she was my other toon, Julia Backston, who went to Northrend after Pandaria campaign, and mysteriously died in Icecrown fields. Luckily she was discovered and resurrected by Ebon Blade, and, as a warrior in her life, she got herself a full set of sharp blades and some extra training in ice and dark magics.

While Mindebad the Death Knight was clearly unstable, hysterical and disturbed thing, I’m role-playing Backston as a calm character. She’s not grim, she’s generally kept her persona as quite a good-hearted girl, although not much of a tender person she’s been in Mists.

Off to world questing with new toons now :)

Class Changes in BfA: Your Wishes?

There’s one more topic which is pretty vital, and this is class changes.

We already know that there’s gonna be tweaks to class rotations as several artifact perks would be blended into talents or baseline spells, we know that raid buffs will be back and stuff.

I’m not gonna discuss any raiding environment, partly because I’m an LFR seasoned player, and partly because many sites are focusing solely on endgame, hardcore calculations. I’ll be talking about open world.

So, the question is: are you currently happy with how your class feels itself in the open world via world quests and leveling? Are you happy with the pace that you fight the mobs? Do you feel squishy? Do you feel slow or underpowered? What would you like to change when you operate without groups and any backup? Would you remove certain abilities or add something? 

Here’s my list of required class fixes:

1. Fury Warriors and Enhancement Shaman are as squishy as an origami. For hell’s sake, they’re chain mail and plate armor toons! It merely must be fixed.

2. I hate global cooldowns. And some classes must have built-in haste bonus not to feel bored to the bone.

Notably it’s Rogues and Death Knights – there’s a haste threshold where I immediately become bored to the bone, waiting for global cooldowns. It has nothing to do with DPS – but it has everything with enjoying my gameplay.

3. Survival Hunters should tank, the fantasy of sharing blood & sweat with your pet should be maxed here.

4. Beast Mastery Hunters are ridiculous today, because out of 4-5 major abnilities there is only ONE shot. The other abilities are YELLING. So you yell at a boss, and it dies. Silly huh?

5. I hate Shadow Priest insanity system. Activating the void form feels like a waste of power in the field, but without it you’re picking on mobs forever. One option is increasing the power of major spells while making the insanity less nuking: that way it’s still gonna be useful in raid environment, but you won’t feel like you’re a baby in the field without it.

Also empowered Void Form should be the only option when my priest is violet/blue – when dealing insane damage. I never liked the void looks, and it was actually one of my reasons that I didn’t play a priest for a long time.

Also need AoE – have you tried picking one-shot dozens of mobs in older content one by one? Takes forever.

6. Discipline Priests are surely inventive, but very exhausting in group content. I like that I can heal myself in the field while dealing damage, but juggling healing and damaging in raids requires some insane concentration.

7. The Legion Warlock revamp requires applying the long-casted Unstable Afflictions in numbers. Remove the need to apply multiple Unstable Afflictions for Affliction Warlocks. I was fine at WoD!

8. Demonology Warlock fantasy of calling many demons by your side is fine… But you don’t see a single demon, because they are small, they have bleak and dark models, and they all hang out by your foes rather than you. So you don’t feel like leading a demon army. You feel like you press a button and nothing happens, the foe healthbar just drops by itself. Solution: make the demons brighter, and at least put the imps by your side!

9. Add more damage options to healing specs, leveling and world questing is super slow. They lack AoE at large, so there’s no way out in aggroing many mobs and self healing in the process – as you are picking them one by one! And 3-4 damage buttons are not enough: it’s simply boring to level with them.

10. Add a bit of damage to tank specs (except paladin, paladin feels awesome): we’re supposed to AoE mobs, but when you need to take them out one by one, it takes forever, exhausting you.

11. Make the open world rotations for all class of 5 buttons (saves, cooldowns, interrupts etc. not included) – some specs lack buttons for this ideal number, but some have too many. Work out synergy between these 5 major abilities to make the specs interesting to play and put a gap between a newbie and a seasoned class player.

12. Finally make players choose assigning pets of pet classes behind your left hand or right hand :) I don’t know about others, but I hate when someone hangs by my left hand – both IRL and in game. This is not a minor thing, because that’s my reason of dislike of pet classes. And opting for specs/talents which allow to dismiss a pet.

That’s quite a list :) What’s yours?

P.S. And I also want a healing mage spec :) It’s the easiest to implement among all other new spec ideas, and I’m talking Time-Walking. Bronze dragons teach mages to alter the course of time, so imagines the yellow-colored time magic! Clocks and clockwork effects, and sands of time, and everything. The range of spell options is really stunning here.

Allied Races: What’s Your Choice?


As a lore maniac and an altoholic, allied races are a gift to me :)

I’m not sure that I’ll be playing them as I do with my main bulk, but leveling them up to transmogs would be my lull and fun project. Actually I wish they became available before Battle for Azeroth storyline goes live – could it be at least in pre-patch event?

Today I’m gonna think of class choices a bit.

Highmountain Tauren

Five classes: druid, hunter, monk, shaman and warrior.

Druid doesn’t ring a bell with Highmountain – we haven’t seen a single druid there. Besides, my druid Helu is a tauren, so this path is covered. Most probably is will be a warrior or a hunter. A male one – antlers as big as possible :)

Lightforged Draenei

Five classes: hunter, mage, paladin, warrior and priest.

Obviously I would play something light-bound, and priestess seems like my best choice here.


Seven classes: hunter, mage, monk, priest, rogue, warlock and warrior.

For Nightborne, I want my toon to be a blade dancer. I see myself either as a warrior or a rogue, sabers and all.

Void Elves

Seven classes: hunter, mage, monk, priest, rogue, warlock and warrior.

I will need to see their wings in game and in action, but I think caster is my choice here. So it’s gonna be either a warlock or a mage (fire/arcane).

Zandalari & Dark Iron Dwarves

There’s no information yet about classes. But I have that covered. The latest cinematic totally sold me troll shamans, so this is fixed. As for Dark Irons, I’m going with engineer fantasy, so the choice is gonna be easy: a hunter with a steamgun.

Will you be playing all the allied races? And what are your class choices?

Demon Grind & Chromie Scenario

I’ve started with my list yesterday.

There’s this achievement, Commander of Argus. It requires kills of every single rare mob on Argus. Almost all the rares have their corresponding world quest. But one.

Rezira the Seer is a floating cyclops blob which requires a portal to get high up there.

To get the portal device, you need to tap an eye pillar at one of the few points in Antoran Wastes and get a specific buff. The buff will immediately takes off 90% of your health (so try it in full health only). After that, you get an eredar appearance, a debuff which increases the incoming damage, and a possibility to farm demon eyes. Oh yes, and you’ll become hostile to the Army of Light.

The best place to farm demon eyes is just to the south of Spirit Crucible. There’s some mining operation in progress, so feel free to run and kill every demon you come across there. Two types: the hoarding ‘goblins’ (Trinkets! Give them to me!) and eredar casters, all very easy to kill. These demons may drop from 1 to 5 eyes each, or they may drop none.

In normal circumstances it’s a 100-120 eyes drop in an hour – it’s the time of the buff. But yesterday there was a world quest running there, so the demon respawn was mad. I got the lacking 260+ eyes in an hour and ten minutes!

And I got the portal to Rezira. It has only a 10-minute cooldown, and everyone can use it once opened. You don’t have to be in a group.

I’ve asked in guild chat if there were any people who wanted to kill the mob, and we actually went to the portal with a solid ‘dungeon’ party: a tank, a healer and two dps! Not that I couldn’t pull it off alone, with devastating warfame option, but it was very fun to perform a kill properly in a guild group.

Achievement and several weapon transmogs are mine – because it was the last rare mob in my list!

Chromie Scenario

Let me say that the design is very stupid. First of all, you cannot do it without Chromie leveling, and it means grinding over and over.

Second, you are not supposed to do it in one take even if you were perfect with your class role. You simply have not enough time to do that.

What I figured out is that I must try every part of the scenario until I have Chromie leveled and there will be only bosses left to kill.

The third stupid thing is that it’s freaking unfair considering classes. While Micromantica the mage suffered a lot and got herself killed in a blink by bosses, Baisa the hunter has absolutely no worries and just burns everything like a flametorch.

I will save Chromie eventually because I want to see the story and get the rep achievement, but it’s not how lore or scenarios are being designed.