Hallow’s End & Trivia

One more holiday’s here, so let’s check our mount luck once again :) Why of course it’s gonna be a mad grind, 12 tries daily… For Elune!


Meanwhile there’s a new Naxxramas pet (no kidding, it’s pet Naxxramas) and a pair of toys, 150 sweets each. This means more trick-or-treating the taverns of Azeroth for me, a pleasant and fast way to kill some time.

Meanwhile I’m grinding reputations. Micromantica is at 17k with Argussian Reach, and she’s Exalted with Army of Light. Others are all Revered with both factions.

No paragon mount luck. No Valar’jar emissary – for at least a month there hasn’t been one.


The repairs in our newly purchased apartment are finally done – they took only 1,5 months. It’s super fast considering they ripped the apartment to bones first, then built another one on top.

Anyways, we moved in on Sunday night!

I’m still getting used to the new flat (and so are our cats), but it’s finally our own place, not rented one – and designed just as we wanted, planned and performed.




It’s a small but cosy flat, perfect for two people (as we plan no kids). It is 1 minute walk from a gazillion options of public transport (incl. 20-min subway ride to the city center). The building is 3-storied, and we live at the top floor which is great (as we don’t like heights).

So, it’s kinda a dreamplace. Happy now :)


Trivia: Several Achievements


I’m still on fire. Blizzard won’t give me any break, and emissary rotation is pretty mad. Only on my weekend I managed to shovel the 48 quests of Argussian Reach + 36 quests for Kirin Tor, followed by normal 4-alts 16 quests of Dreamweavers. Now, when I would prefer some rest, Army of Light is here again, and with 48 quests per se.

I’m not sure how long I would be grinding the reputations, but by all means I’m reaching Exalted in Argus on every toon. Then Dobby is free and back to 4-alt routine per day :) And with days off for Legionfall, Wardens or Highmountain emissaries.

Every week I’m doing 3-5 paragon tries for the lacking mounts from Valsharah, Azsuna, Stormheim and Suramar. The token flow from missions is pretty great. And yet, it’s soon gonna be half a year of rep grinding without any result. If none of these mounts are to come by the end of expansion, I’m gonna quit it. Cause it seems you could try forever.

I’ve reviewed my playing style with Holy spec of Aurinko the Priest, and it turned out I played it completely wrong. Went for a test run in Tomb with a brand new rotation, and found out that I perform much better now – like way better, while at the same time my mana won’t even drop (and I was running out of it previously by the end of encounter).

As for Argus, the emissary rotation is not just exhausting, but also pays off: I’m moving towards Revered/Exalted in huge leaps, and by the opening of Antorus (will it be opened straightaway after Blizzcon?) I think I’m gonna be there on my main.

The weekend was also an achievement streak. First, I went with two guildmates for a mythic SoO run, and not only I got all the mythic boss achievements (which shortened the list significantly), but we also grabbed some more on the way. Nice transmog drops too.

Second, I got the treasure hunt achievement in Argus. I went with Helu, my druid, and sneaked everywhere in a cat form alright. The achievement is quite easy, but it takes some time to complete – took me three hours. Mostly because of waiting for Vindicaar’s cooldowns, because you get most treasures by using one of the three buffs of the vessel. Exploring was fun on the way, I got 3 new weapon transmogs from the chests, and I believe I also bought a pair of 910 items from earned veiled argunite, also raising my weapon level by 2 or 3. Worth doing!

Third, we had a killing streak with my guildmates, protecting Vindicaar from the ground in Krokuun, and we farmed ~1300 demons, so I got the achievement and the mount :) ?The sad thing is: it’s not the last achievement. There one more, and you have to farm 5000 demons to make it final, and to earn yourself a title. Hope there’s nothing beyond that.

So – reps, reps and reps.

Argus Reputation Turmoil & World Quests

The important thing that I recently noticed is that the rotation of emissaries is fucked up now.


The top priority is now Argus and Broken Shore, so Argussian Reach, Army of Light and Legionfall emissaries pop up at least once a week. And that leaves us with four slots for the rest of the factions.

Last week I think I saw Wardens and Highmountain (which I don’t need anymore), and I did a round for Nightfallen and Farondis. I can’t even remember when it was the last time I went for Valarjar or Dreamweavers emissaries. And Kirirn Tor pops up second week in a row.

I think it’s not that bad though. The amount of rep tokens from missions is overwhelming today. I do ONLY reputation missions at my mission table, nevertheless my followers are always busy. It’s like Blizzard wants us to focus on Argus reputations and gameplay, and at the same time let us try and try for faction mounts, but without actually going to these zones. Quite fair, as we’re quite tired of them after a year of world quests, innit?

What it means for me is that every Kirin Tor, Argussian Reach or Army of Light emissary means 12 toons are having their hands full! I’m on fire :)

Micromantica is at 13k Revered with Army of Light and 5-6k Revered with Argussian Reach. Other toons are closing in Revered with AL and at 3-5k with AR.

Darkmoon Faire pays off: my first toon got 800 points in First Aid, and I’m closing their Cooking/First Aid leveling. I’m also interested in farming the Blight Boar gig: there are fun achievements to do and a bass guitar mace to acquire for transmog :)

Here’s the guitarist buff for Anibell the Paladin from the show:


How’s your weeks on Argus rolling?


It’s Brewfest in WoW, and it is time to farm everything :)

Thunder Brew!

The new item comes from Thunderbrew brewmasters in the main beer ground – a weather beer. Like Darkmoon potion which turns the sky in the dark, dark night, this brew also alters the sky – bringing thunderstorm clouds!

Unlike Darkmoon potion, this only works during the fest.

Vendor Stuff

I was very productive during the previous festivals, so I have all toys and much stuff that comes from vendor. I need few clothes for transmog yet, and thanks to alts it’s done super fast.

Completing a holiday dungeon and fest introduction quests will grant you 63 tokens – enough for a hat, for example. Hats come 50 tokens per piece, so it’s five minutes per another alt. So all I need to farm is 200 tokens for chest and 100 for shoes – on different alts, of course. Not too long either.

Brewfest Mounts

…which come from the dungeon. Well, like all festival dungeons, it’s more like an elite encounter.

I was determined to farm the shit out of this fest and not miss a day… When boom, Helu – my 9th alt try on the first day – got the drop!


By my tradition, the one who gets the mount gets the picture :)

Brewfest-ram (2)

It dawned on me why these Brewfest mounts are so special. You see, there are two Brewfest mounts which drop from the holiday boss: a kodo and a ram.

The rams and the kodos are always faction specific: an Alliance player can’t buy or ride a kodo, a Horde player can’t mount a ram. With Brewfest mounts: can do!

Although being a recolor, they are quite beautiful. I’d be riding them.

Trivia: Argus Campaign

Revising my Argus campaign progress as the 4th week on Argus hits us.




  • Violet – Exalted & counting
  • Blue – Revered
  • Green – Honored
  • Orange – Friendly
  • VJ, DW, FR, NF, AL, AR – Valarjar, Dreamweavers, Farondis, Nightfallen, Army of Light, Argussian Reach
  • Tomb – creatures to kill for completing LFR mogging set
  • Vc – Vindicaar, completing the quest for the last vessel perk
  • Or – completing a small quest for Orunaar to unlock the missions for follower gear

Paragon Reputations

I resumed doing the emissary quests. 3 tries yesterday and today – no luck.

Argus Reputations

Obviously Micromantica is a flagship, already at Revered with the Army of Light and halfway to Revered with Argussian Reach.

I’m not doing every Argus quest or emissary on my alts. I have at least half a year to do that, so I don’t even bother :) Grab a toon you’d like to play, do some quests for fun, empower yourself and advance in gear, AP, reputations, be happy :)

All in all Argus world quests seem like a huge improvement over Broken Shore. Most notably, they are 60% kill an elite – and that’s what players like to do. Moreover, it drives you towards the elite killing achievements. Me likey.


The dungeon is enjoyable. Not very long – although I hate the amounts of thrash after the first boss. Killing naaru is mere pleasure – I mean, the encounter is the simplest.

I got lots of transmog upon completing the quest, and I don’t think I’m gonna scrap the rest. A single run per toon is quite enough. The rest could be left for the next expansion. Anyways, I don’t like these light-infused mogging sets, brown and yellow. Capes maybe :)

Argus Progress

I’ve driven my toons through almost every questline up to and through completing the new dungeon.

What I have left considering quests is completing the small Vindicaar quest chain to open the last (fourth) vessel perk.

Upon completing the major quests my toons got from 890 ilvl to roughly 910. With collecting the veiled argunite, they’re gonna reach 915-920 very soon, and I guess it’s more than enough for Antorus raid.

I’m carefully doing every weekly world boss invasion – I don’t wanna miss any on my way to the achievement.

Tomb Transmog

I did the boss runs on Melaris and Anibell,  and Melaris won herself shoulders. Now it’s just Har’jatan boots for her and shoulders for Anibell left.

The others should get their gear from trash mobs – I think it’s gonna be leisure runs in my free time. The best chances are: wings 1 and 2 until the last boss, trash before the Maiden and trash before Kil’Jaeden. It’s cool that bosses would pop now, and you don’t even have to struggle the last ones, so it’s a proper farm.


Sandbox it is :) And a cool one. I think I like it more than Tanaan or Thunder Isle.

Remember Theramore


Theramore, a city-state in Eastern Kalimdor, was founded after the Third War when humans, dwarfs, orcs, trolls, tauren and night elves defeated Archimonde at Mount Hyjal. The races then scattered across the continent, trying to set a peaceful life.

Orcs founded Orgrimmar, trolls inhabited the isles to the south. Tauren established their magnificent mesa capital in Mulgore, building the gates to protect their lands from nomadic centaurs. Night elves dissolved back in the forests, trying to heal the damage.

Humans and dwarfs who participated in the battle were Lordaeron survivors who believed Medivh’s prophecy and followed Jaina Proudmoore, managing to get away from the deadly blight and murderous Scourge hordes. They allied with Thrall and helped him cure Grommash Hellscream, which later allowed Thrall and Grommash to slay Mannoroth and free the orcs from their blood curse. They valiantly fought against the Scourge and the demons at Mount Hyjal, taking the first brutal attack waves of both demons and undead upon themselves, and stalling the Scourge long enough to let the orcs and night elves prepare their defenses.

After the war, Theramore was founded under wise guidance of Jaina. It has always been a peaceful state, until her father, Admiral Daelin Proudmoore, briefly took charge and tried to invoke a full scale war against the Horde who were busy with peaceful activities at the moment. Jaina, Thrall, Rexxar, Rokhan and other good people put an end to Admiral, and ever since the relations between the orc capital and the human/dwarf city state were friendly. Jaina and Anduin helped the Bloodhoof tribe to keep Thunder Bluff safe when Grimtotem tribe under guidance of Magatha Grimtotem initiated a treacherous mak’gora death of the previous chief, Cairne Bloodhoof, and then snatched the rule to herself. With Theramre gold, the tauren were able to hire goblin zeppelins and reclaim the Thunder Bluff throne. And Jaina was always friends with Thrall, arranging meetings from time to time.

Things went south under Garrosh rule. First, he saw Theramore as Alliance base – and only the Horde – more importantly, the Orcish Horde – may have ruled Kalimdor. Second, he was a murderous asshole.

A goblin zeppelin under Garrosh orders threw a powerful mana-bomb upon the very Jaina’s mage tower in the center. The city was evaporated.


Except Jaina, there were no survivors – she managed to magically shield herself in the last second. Vereesa Windrunner, also a citizen of Theramore, was out of town this time – so she survived as well. It’s because of this explosion Jaina’s hair became color white from stress and grief. Jaina, once a ruler of generous and valiant survivors and heroes of the Third War, lost everyone and everything in a second.

During the Pandaria campaign, blood elves used their admittance to Dalaran to sneak a powerful and dangerous artifact. This resulted in slaughter and exile of the Horde from Dalaran.

Do you really wanna call Jaina a bitch and a mad one now?


In game, Theramore was my gate to Kalimdor. I remember well boarding my first ship and arriving at the peaceful Theramore harbor. Solving troubles with pirates and kraken, collecting turtle meat for cooking skills, doing first aid quests, my first meeting of Nat Pagle. And – on to exploring the continent!

I was also in awe with Jaina, grew to like her since Warcraft 3 campaigns as a clever, reasonable, kind and competent leader. Micromantica, my first character and my main, is Jaina’s friend and apprentice, skilled in frost magic like her mentor.


It’s my favorite Alliance city and my favorite Alliance leader of all. I’m always feeling for Jaina, and can’t wait her arrival on Alliance side in the next expansion – preferably in our brutal clash against the Horde. We would never forget the atrocities of the Horde under Garrosh rule. We would never forget the weapons of mass destruction. We would always remember.

Remember Theramore.


The Next Expansion After Legion – Expectations

So, Blizzcon is almost here, and by all means we will get insights about the new World of Warcraft expansion. Let’s discuss our expectations about it :)



First and foremost, it’s most likely gonna be a sea expansion focused largely on Alliance/Horde clash – and with an ultimate enemy of N’Zoth/Void.

The clues are these:

  1. Jaina holds a super grudge against the Horde – and she was not idle, most probably returning to Kul Tiras kingdom and rallying the forces. Boom – here’s your Alliance faction and base of operations. Jaina’s always there, she’s not idle, she’ll play a significant role.
  2. The Horde has a mad, conquerous warchief now, who’s ready for anything to win herself some space. She’s most likely to make allies with Zandalari – after all, trolls don’t have a leader now, so this thread may be explored. Zandalar islands is the Horde’s base of operations.
  3. Anduin stopped whining, and took his father’s sword. His peaceful times are over, yet Legion was not his fight. What’s he preparing himself for, believing that the Horde abandoned Varian to death?
  4. We also have Genn Greymane who would rip the Horde’s throats as soon as he has a chance, and now he’s a father figure to Anduin.
  5. See the Blizzcon presents for virtual ticket: it’s Alliance/Horde air battleship mounts. Isn’t that a hint for ?
  6. Vindicaar vessel’s travel technology happens in space… but don’t you think it will perfectly fit the isles and traveling between them? Don’t you think we just need a different map – a sea map, and we’re good? So, Vindicaar is a preview of your new garrison – your admiral ship. Which could be leveled and geared I guess.
  7. Blizzard couldn’t help and throw in the Void forces even at Legion’s home planet. If we go to the seas, it’s gonna be N’Zoth in the end – because whenever else?

All in all it looks very much like Pandaria expansion, with brutal clashes between factions and an ultimate common enemy in the end.

Race Focus

Legion in whole was exploring four races in vast scales.

We’ve got overfed with vrykul – more than they actually deserve. We’ve got a look at a rich community of moose Tauren tribes at Highmountain.

Then there were elves, elves and elves of every kind possible: warden elves, demon hunter elves, ghost elves, corrupted ghost elves and corrupted Nightmare elves, druid elves, rebel elves and nazi elves – and there was also elves we brought with us who also got a spot in the highlight. The amount of elves and elf stories was really diverse and would be enough to please even the most demanding elf fan. And in Argus we plunged deep in draenei history.

What I would like of the next expansion is obviously returning back to the roots.

So, for the Alliance, I definitely need human (Anduin and Jaina) centered story. Alliance must also rely heavily on dwarf and gnome technology of ship/submarine building – in fact, all the process of construction, exploration and all should be supervised by Dun Morogh guys. Gnomes and dwarves got their spotlight in… WotLK last time. You know, their titan origins. They deserve much attention – finally.

For the Horde, I could think of Goblins working hard to match the Alliance tinkering. And of course the Undead – as Sylvanas was forgotten for good since the first week in Broken Isles. Now she would return. If Zandalar would become Horde’s allies and base of operations, we must expect heavy troll lore – as far as we know, trolls have not selected their chief after Vol’jin’s demise. It’s Zul-Again, yes, but trolls are always interesting.


My expectations are:

  • Setting: Azeroth’s unexplored islands in the seas
  • Garrison: Battleship, with Vindicaar’s travel-type between the isles
  • Storyline: Alliance/Horde clash over the seas and islands
  • Ultimate enemy: the Old Gods
  • Climax: N’Zoth raid
  • New factions: Kul Tiras (Alliance) / Zandalari (Horde)
  • Major lore characters: Anduin Wrynn, Jaina Proudmoore, Sylvanas Windrunner, Genn Greymane, Gallywix, Gelbin Mekkatorque – for the clash. Alleria Windrunner, Magni Bronzebeard – for the Old Gods climax.

For me it would be the best expansion ever. Gnome/Dwarf/Goblin tinkering, discovering and exploring the new lands – beautiful lands and seashores, back to Azeroth from some other planets, and focus on Jaina – my favorite character.

What are your thoughts? :)