Do You Want To Play With Your Shipyard?


So, this is my progress for Epic Ring naval quests and treasure missions needed to build Shipyard Tier 3.

Question is: why should I need my Shipyard after this part of my chart is done?

Answer is: I won’t.

  • I just can’t find any use for this mini-game.
  • I got the pet and the mount.
  • The amount of Apexis is ridiculous compared to dailies and I just don’t see it as a profit because I don’t need any Apexis.
  • I don’t need any 650 gear because all my alts are effectively dressed at BRF and now focus on Hellfire Citadel Tier loot.
  • I don’t need any 695 gear because the difference between 685 raid loot and 695 free loot is not big and won’t be needed for the next xpac. There are no challenges that I can’t cope with now, at 660-685 range.
  • The amount of gold is ridiculous compared to Garrison missions.

So, the only possible option is a raid chest once in 2 weeks. I think this is it. I will build and equip ships to cope with Hellfire loot mission, and Shipyards will be abandoned until then.

I don’t know how many resources did Blizzard spend for creating a Shipyard, but it grows useless within 2 months from launch. Shame.

Edited: Let’s throw in some Lore as well. Building a Shipyard at this stage of war is ridiculous and useless. We have crushed all the Iron Horde and left only one stronghold. Even if they have some ships, these ships must be dead by themselves in several days. We’ve cut the supply lines and ruined the Iron Docks. There’s no fuel, repair and crews for them. Why should we even bother?..

Managing Many Alts

My Alliance Alts

Tonight we talk about alts!

There are many reasons why people start their alts, which can be divided into 4 major groups.

Reason 1: Dividing roles. For example, one alt is for PvP and the other is for raiding. One alt is for healing and the other is DPS.

Reason 2: Profit! Your alts can provide this in many ways: get you some gold, resources, bank slots or they craft items for your main. In other words, they are nameless supporting pixel sacks.

Reason 3: New experience. It shares something with the first point, but not exactly. You want to try a new class, a new spec, a new role. You don’t plan this toon because your raiding group needs an Enhancement Shaman with fiery AoE, you want to try and smash someone’s face with thunder axes because fun!

Reason 4: Roleplay. It may not be played to the bone, like you’re always talking “Oh mylord, I grant thee this Apexis…”. I’m talking of situations when you simply must have a Night Elf – Druid, because it fits so much. And you try to play this druid in Greenpeace style, eagerly accepting quests about guarding nature.


What about me?

Reason 4: By all means Mayluna was born as a combination of Night Elf – Druid type. Definitely Melaris was born because I liked Yrel and I wanted to play a Draenei. For sure Schlitzchen was born under impression of Goblin starting questline (Shaman – Tropic Jungle – Thrall) and is my Horde’s engineer because she’s a Goblin. And so on.

When I create a new character, I invent some background for it and of course their names must totally fit the race. Never, never, ever I will have such pathetic shite as Aarthas, Alexmage or Healingshammie among my toons.

Reason 3: When you’re tired of spamming one and the same rotation, you want to try a new class with completely new view on the game. The biggest barrier here is melee/range: I was always a range and caster type player in every game, so when it came to trying a melee, I started a paladin. Because it could self heal, which is a backup.

My Horde Alts
My Horde Alts

Reason 2: a smaller reason, played to this extent: my Alliance and Horde toons are like small guilds-in-itself, considering craft. They share all the random resources among each other. They craft all the needed things: gear, armor, chants, gems and flasks because all have different professions within factions. They collect gold for some big thing, like a 100k Alliance chopper. So I never need any support of this kind from the guild. But I never thought that any of my toons is here only for gems or flasks that they craft. Gems are a side effect of my cool warlock Microfury, not the reason she came to life.

Reason 1: not my thing.


How To Manage This Many Alts?

Well, I have as many toons as one realm allows – 11. And all of them are equally developed. They all have Epic Rings from BRF and going to HFC for the next step. You can’t easily tell main from alts if you see thier progress and gear. So, these are my small tips for alt management:

1. Know your goals. Why do you make this alt and what is most important about it? Head for it.

2. Make a small chart. If my goal is equal development, I would make a chart of Goals, and fill it on completion. Then you easily see which toon needs more tomes, more ship missions, more equipment, more reputation. You see which one falls back and needs your attention. That’s how I pick the one who will go to LFR tonight and do some dailies.

3. Enjoy. It may contradict with the previous points, but it is more important. When you have many alts, listen to yourself at login screen. Your rogue doesn’t have Oil for ships, but you’d rather nuke from afar tonight? Take your caster or hunter. You need your miner to gather ore but you don’t want to farm it now? Go tank a raid or PvP.

4. Love your alts. Well, just do it. Even farming is funnier when it’s not Aargtsf doing it, but your cool blacksmith from Silvermoon Ilmari.

First Month In Tanaan: Gnomification, Dailies and Raids

So, the first month of Tanaan and Patch 6.2. is almost over. Let’s see where we are?


1. Still not a single Shipyard Tier 3. Treasure missions are very rare and very useless. I find it extremely stupid that my toon must send his/her ships again and again, until I have 25 completely useless 650 belts or shoulders. Those missions which are giving you something else are some small batch of apexis, 325 gold and some loot from Hellfire. I can’t send ships for Hellfire loot because you need a carrier, and carrier is given to you with Shipyard Tier 3.

To do missions succesfully, you must constantly change your equipment, and it’s the sink for Garrison resources. So whether you send your ships for small missions or don’t send them at all. Adding equipment for ships feels as stupid as a match game of threat/follower or threat/ship, only it costs you money now. Just annoying, especially that equipment costs THAT RIDICULOUSLY MUCH!

Well, here’s my verdict: ship game SUCKS. I’m doing this only till I complete my Epic Rings questlines, and then I quit this all for good. It’s even worse than followers, except that you have a mission map (I like maps).

2. Equipment and Rares. I did all 9 rare kills for all toons, so I have all the equipment now :) It was a fun time sink, camping rares payed off. Do it if you’re playing with ships.

3. Dailies and Reputation. I have completed the last batch of dailies needed to get 3 Revered for meta achievement – to fly. Dailies now are very alt friendly. If you just need oil for the ships, you take 1 quest, it will take you 30 seconds to fly there, and you look for group while you fly. Completing this quest in a group will take you 3-5 minutes and you’re good for 2 days.

Useful percs for shipyard: Revered with Main Faction will give you a shipyard daily for oil (if you want to sit in your Garrison), and Exalted with Arakkoa will give you a Super-Duper Ship. Saberon hunters are useless unless you need some new mount.

4. Treasure Hunt. It’s fun and nice. That’s what treasure hunt must feel like, not Nagrand style where you need to fly over half of the map to miss an inch and fly again. Almost found all the treasures.


Because gnomes are really just that cool… right?
(c) Battlenet – Race Change Page

I just felt that I need more Gnomes in my organism. And I decided to cut through my toons and see whom I will change within my Alliance batch.

Mayluna obviously will stay a Night Elf, because druid. Melaris will obviously stay a Draenei, because I started this death knight for single reason: I liked Yrel in storyline so much that I wanted to play a Draenei.

So, violent changes were:

Chitsuro the Pandaren Windwalker Monk -> Paitsu the Gnome Windwalker Monk


  1. The new name has the same Japanese-Oriental flavour.
  2. Alliance-themed blue outfit changed to Red Fighter, and she’s also dual-wielding now (all staffs scratch earth in case of gnomes).

Backston the Human Fury Warrior -> Bons the Gnome Fury Warrior


  1. The new name is pirate-themed because cutlasses. In Russian Billy Bones from “The Treasure Island” was traditionaly spelled like “Bons”. Obviously this spelling is also a cool Gnome name. I’m surprised that it wasn’t taken!
  2. Blue outfit changed to barbarian slutty set, all body out.

The race change wasn’t a spontaneous decision. I did a test drive, creating first level gnomes and watching them move and fight. I liked it so much, so I don’t regret anything now.

So, my Alliance toons now are:

  • Micromantica – Gnome Ice Mage
  • Microfury – Gnome Affliction Warlock
  • Bons – Gnome Fury Warrior
  • Paitsu – Gnome Windwalker Monk
  • Mayluna – Night Elf Balance Druid
  • Melaris – Draenei Frost Death Knight


Well but of course I’m running cooldowns. Although not as feverishly as before – there’s no need to hurry and “catch up” now. I’m confident that I manage to finish my Epic Ring quest even if the new xpac was out at Blizzcon. So I don’t feel like I must finish all cooldowns for all toons in 1 week.

Finally it’s matching why I have so many toons of all different classes and different playing styles. Finally they all are equal and not in a hurry :) So now I can choose to run a raid with whichever toon I like! If I feel like I want to punch Killrog in the face, I take my monk. If I want to cosplay a star cannon, digging into the ground and sending away rains of celestial fire, I take my druid. If I want to relax – it’s my hunter who shoots the fel orcs. And so on :)

I like everything about the raid. Reasonable trash packs (there was TOO much trash in BRF), you don’t have to kill same trash 3 times (hey BRF), awesome bosses.


Yesterday also was my debut as a tank. I got an off-spec for my druid Mayluna, because I wanted to backup if my LFR groups has to wait for a tank (it maybe very long). And exactly this situation happened yesterday.

Before, I’ve studied Icy Veins guide and I did bronze trials (failed at silver). But it was enough for me to perform my role! We killed Gorefiend from the first scratch. I haven’t failed a single time. I didn’t die – although I have no tanking gear. I managed to use my defensive cooldowns effectively. I aggroed a big mob and I taunted Gorefiend at once when our main tank got into stomach. Overwhelming success.


Still I think that I would have troubles with bosses that need extensive movement and also I’m not sure I would be effective with multiple trash or add packs. But maybe I want to try. I think I like it, so maybe when I’m done with all gear and quests, I will be running LFRs as a tank.

Milestones of Draenor

With each and every expansion we have some focal points. Milestones or goals – name it. As we got ourselves Patch 6.2. which brings us the last portion of content, it’s time to make a small review of my Draenor experience.

Let’s roll!*

*because you can’t fly. 


A solid quest line, which was definitely one of the best in whole WoW so far. Multiple cutscenes, epic stories with epic climax, introduction of new zones, cutting old ends and maintaining main story.

Completed: Yes/No? 

Yes. Moreover, all 11 toons eagerly completed all the main question lines with pleasure – again and again. The one left is Gul’dan’s “cypher” in Tanaan which will be done by all of them. My lore monster inside my chest was definitely happy. And look how epic it was! The siege of Karabor and narrow gronn ravine for starting zones. The battle at Iron Docks. The destruction of arakkoa Doom Weapon. The battle with Annihilan in the middle of nowhere and siege of Shattrath. The justice of Thrall. Let alone the very start of the expansion with this mad escape from the Dark Portal. You can blame Draenor for many things, but questlines will not be one of them.


Ashran, the new battlefield. It is rumored that you have many interesting zones in the island.

Completed: Yes/No? 

No. I may have occasionally joined a battleground or two before, but it was often for achievement purpose only. And not the ones which are PvP only. I’m not into PvP and I don’t think I ever see Ashran by the end of xpac or further.

Establishing and Upgrading Your Garrison 

Garrisons, which started as a new feature and later turned into some boring browser mini-game, still gained to bring some interest in the beginning. Developing Garrison and doing new buildings was fun, you saw your base grow and flourish. Until it became your dull routine (which happened very fast).

Completed: Yes/No? 

Yes. I’ve upgraded every single building with my alts to Tier 3 (except Gladiator Sanctum). It was fun. I got all building achievements. I got cool bases… to get bored in.

Garrison Followers

These guys, of historic value or not, were joining you along the campaign. It was a pleasure when they joined you and when you met them within your base. But when it comes to the missions table, suddenly they don’t matter anymore. They could be violet, blue and greens circles with abilities.

You also feel that epic cool guys like Rulkan is too important to send her to kill some ogre, and some of them don’t even matter. Bruma?… Errhh… Is she a dwarf? Forget it, she won’t be there in the next xpac.

Completed: Yes/No? 

Not yet. I never used a tavern to hire some guys except a single gnome rogue once. I already have this solid batch of followers with each toon who can cope with all missions I want. All the folowers are of “violet” quality. At least 10 followers per toon are 675. Still, I feel the need to upgrade all of their gear at max and do whatever missions valuable: resources, gold and raid loot for mogging.


When we’re talking Garrisons, we’re talking Shipyard. You build a wharf: it’s ship missions bound to upgrade it. It definitely finds some use out of this shipwreck which was there for 8 months. And shipyard is a beautiful place, not to mention adding convenient way out of your Garrison, which was blocked after it was upgraded to Tier 3.

Completed: Yes/No? 

Not yet. 20/25 missions with my main to upgrade to Tier 3. Luckily it will be the last big waste of G.Resources.


As with followers, you get some ships and send them to missions. Bad thing: even with success chance of 95%, they could be destroyed, which is not good. Your mission is to build and upgrade as many ships as you need to complete Epic Ring questline. You also need some equipment to use. Make your way to Tanaan and kill special rares. Ships are not much fun now, and they won’t be fun at all after a while. In the next xpac they would have been very good, especially if it were sea-themed. Nowadays, as a new routine added to Garrison, they suck. And they have no lore explanation too. We destroyed the Docks and Foundry. Why the hell we need any ships NOW when all the remnants of Iron Horde fled to Tanaan?..

Completed: Yes/No? 

That’s my main focus now. The major problem is I’m lacking oil, but eventualy I’ll upgrade them all. My most urgent thing today is getting all the equipment for all toons. Yes, I need those small chests with Tier loot and I need the epic Ring questing.


Gaining reputations in Draenor was a surprisingly stupid grindfest. And you need 3 new factions to Revered to fly.

Completed: Yes/No?

To make long story short, I didn’t make it to Exalted with 90% of them and I don’t think I will. Dailies – I can do that. Grind only – NO. The only exception was Arakkoa Exiles, which allowed me to get Tavern Tier 3. They got a solid rep boost through questing and these marvellous 2500 rep tokens (luckily BoA). With 3 new factions, at least I do them to Revered obviously (2 left). Compare to Pandaria: I have 90% Exalted there.

Exploration and Treasures

Exploring Draenor was easy. Doing your main questlines, you would have opened most of the map, and you have maybe 2 or 3 spots to go to discover the rest. Even without flying mount it was easy and fun. At Tanaan it’s even better: on your introduction quest you open the WHOLE map except a rangari post. Treasures were both success and disaster. I like discovery, I like some effort to get somewhere. But if you need to waste 20 minutes for a treasure… NO.

Completed: Yes/No?

Exploration – of course. I think I finish all Draenor blank spots with all toons before leaving, and of course my exploration was completed for micromantica long ago. She also gathered like 157 treasures before it was announced you need 100 to fly.


They introduced some stupid ways to craft your stuff. You need herbs for jewellery now. You need 5 elephants to cook a sausage. Why, when have we started to eat that much? And you need a thousand rolls of cloth to sew some gloves or 100 stones to craft a necklace. Not to mention blood and blight.

Completed: Yes/No?

Yes and no. I’ve upgraded all main professions for all 11 toons, and that’s it. I don’t craft a shite for long, long time. I never had enough blood or fel blight mats enough to upgrade an item, and I never farmed it. 640 is my cap. I love professions, but in Draenor they were disasterous.


In your Garrison you have this cool room to place relics. The idea of Pandaria is developed, and it’s so good. The scheme of collecting is the same, and it’s perfect. There are also toys, weapons and pets to collect.

Completed: Yes/No?

Yes and no. After I have my flying, Micromantica will do the relic room. I already have many pristine objects, but more to go.


You need to fish out 100*6 big-big fishes in every zone to upgrade fishing shack to Tier 3.

Completed: Yes/No?

Not yet. I have Frostfire and Gorgrond to nail. Pools there are rare and a disaster to get to. Right after I get my flying.


Millions of new pets introduced in Draenor! It’s a vast field for new achievements.

Completed: Yes/No?

No. For all my toons and 8 months, it’s only 20 pet battles in Draenor. Maybe I have some desire to upgrade some pets, but as for now?… Not really. Not my thing.


There’s one more thing everyone must like about Warlords. The raids are very different and so cool: the design, the bosses, the encounters, the lore. I like everything about them. The merry Highmaul which grows grim by the end. The NES-like Blackrock Foundry. The diabolical Helfire Citadel with everyone we know to make all ends meet and finish the story. The worst thing about the raids that they placed Cho’Gall into Mythic difficulty. Did you know he died at Imperator encounter? I did not. Dudes, you give us LFR to see the story and hide this HUGE CHARACTER of Cho’gall behind Mythic difficulty. Everyone beyond Mythic is sure he’s hiding and preparing some plans now…

Completed: Yes/No?

Yes by all means. I ran Highmaul and Blackrock Foundry so many times that I already puke. Well, not until I rest a bit and have some nostalgy. I got full sets from both raids for all toons. I can successfully kill all bosses with no mistakes. Well, all raid armor and weapons sucks in Draenor, but still… My next goal is Hellfire until I do all Epic Rings and all sets.

Epic Ring

You have this epic storyline, considering Khadgar. He’s your guide, he reveals big pieces of story, and due to lore, it’s something I must do. I don’t care much about rings (715? Oh wow, it must be cool). I care about epic storyline. I care about what happened to Kairozdormu, Garona, Killrog and Guldan. And you can’t blame Blizzard that they hid some key plot beyond Epic Ring because – well, you can use LFR to get quest items, and well, your followers bring them to your bed with your morning coffee.

Completed: Yes/No?

Yes. All my toons set foot into Hellfire Citadel for their next step of Epic Ring quest and Shipyard epic part. I totally love the epic story and it’s cool to replay it again and again.

Something New

There are many classes and specs, and tank/heal roles that I haven’t played yet properly. It’s always a room to try something new. Thanks to my love Yrel in questline, I couldn’t help myself to start a Draenei, and it was my 5th attemp to play a Death Knight which proved to be successful at last. Melaris was born on February and now she’s equal to all others. She’s dressed at BRF and has Hellfire to run for Epic Ring.

Shipyard Equipment Guide (Map Included)

Well, obviously I can’t live without progress, so I have invented a new challenge for myself. To ease managing of my alts’ wharfs, I’ve made a small chart in Excel, which considers Ship Equipment.

There’s 10 upgrades that you need to encounter all threats in the sea. And mostly their recipes you get from killing rares. Here’s my guide of obtaining items for your alts QUICK.


1. Blast FurnaceThreat: Swift. You get this through Shipyard Tutorial.
2. Gyroscopic Internal StabilizerLoot from: Iron Reaver – Threat: Chaotic Whirlpools. Just queue for LFR, kill the second boss and loot her/it.

Camping Rares:

To get this equipment, you must get to the rare mob spawn point and kill a named rare mob.


  1. Spawn time is 30 minutes since it was killed. So, if you see a cold corpse of your needed enemy, you may go for a walk for 30 minutes and return after :)
  2. Otherwise, wait. You need to kill it only once after all.
  3. To track the time, do this: activate some one hour buff on your arrival to the spawn point to see how many minutes passed.
  4. If you see a “rare” grey skull or grey arrow on the map, get there asap. Mobs like that don’t live long, they are killed at once for Fel Apexis and Equipment, so activate all your speed buffs and run there. You need to perform at least 1 hit to get your loot, so try to do it before the mob dies. For example, if you’re a monk, you can use your jade lightning from afar. If you’re an ice mage, you use ice lance, not frostbolt which has casting time. Don’t let mobs linger you! You will deal with them later, or if you die when they got you at the “rare”, you can still return for loot, not 30-min time sink.
  5. All mobs are easily killed solo, but most likely there will be MANY guys helping you to kill the mob. Don’t hesitate and attack on spawn – you will kill it even if no one else comes. Exceptions: a shark and a demon (explained below).

Here’s my best road to kill all rares. Map and explanations follow (click on the picture to enlarge – opens in new window):

Shipyard Tanaan Equipment Map - Clickable
Shipyard Tanaan Equipment Map – Clickable

Fly to Aktar’s Post near Ruins of Kranak (map: blue point), take winding path downhill to Zeth’gol entrance, and go to the east: there will be entrance to the fortress with pale orcs and iron hordies inside. Enter and make you way straight through the corridor until you reach the balcony. At the balcony you get your first rare spawn – the orc commander Belgork:

3. Bilge Pump – Loot from: Belgork – Threat: Stormy Weather

After Belgork kicks the bucket, Make your way through the underground fortress, just run forward until you’re at the opposite exit. You are in Iron Horde Harbour. Go to the end of western pier  – you need a rare ogron Zoug to get:

4. True Iron Rudder – Loot from: Zoug the Heavy – Threat: Evasive

You can climb the fence near water and just be there safe and sound until the ogron spawns. You also can get there

5. Trained Shark Tank – Loot from: Savage Whale Shark – Threat: Minelayer

But it’s not possible without a raid, being the hardest obtained item. It has 27M hit points, and boosts to 90M when a raid pulls it. Use group finder by all means – when you have time for it.


From Zoug, you walk through the Ironhold Harbour to the farthest eastern part and climb up to their buildings – you need the biggest one with furnace inside. Wait in the bottom until small elemental blobs spawn. Kill all the blobs, and immediately get a biggest elemental fury Cindral to fight with:

6. Ice Cutter – Loot from: Cindral the Wildfire – Threat: Icy Water

Go to Fel Forge – it’s right at the south exit from the building. You need to fight your way to the small hill which is most southern and closest to crossroads and is also a viewpoint at Hellfire Citadel entrance. Where only 2 engineers hammer some plates and you’ve found a safe place – that’s where Felsmith Damorka spawns.


7. Felsmoke Launcher – Loot from: Felsmith Damorka – Threat: First Strike

Then go or fly to Vault of the Earth and make your way through Zorammarsh, to the cave at southwest corner of the swamp. You know that you found a right cave cause there are crabs and crab people. They’re mostly neutral, so you can get inside well. Go to the very south of the cave (not the ramp with a deep, deep lake). There spawns a dead dwarf – actually a skeleton.

8. Ghostly Spyglass – Loot from: Captain Ironbeard – Threat: Cursed Crew

The last, but not the least: you need some lamp against the dense fog. It comes from Eyed demon Xanzith. Go to the Throne of Kil’Jaeden, and find a fel pool with lots of fel imps around it – that’s where the demon spawns. I suggest you don’t try it alone. He spawns LOTS of imps during fight, and it maybe tough when soloed. You probably want to band up with at least one more person to kill it, so do it in “high hours”. That’s your last “field equipment item” –

 9. High Intensity Fog Light – Loot from: Xanzith the Everlasting – Threat: Dense Fog

All the drops are 100% now, so it’s worth waiting and doing. When you got all the equipment, you can face all the threats offered by seas of Draenor.

Happy Hunting!

P.S. And here’s my chart – sorry it’s in Russian xD


Daily Ditch

All in all, I haven’t got tired of Tanaan yet as long as there’s some progress ticking. But replayability is of course disasterous in the long perspective of 9 (at least) months before the new addon.

Let’s see. Blizzard has released Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, Starcraft II is at beta stage (i.e.: done), Overwatch is finished (is it?), they did new models for all WoW toons and they won’t do more Garrisons in the future. Maybe now they have some spare resources to create a new stunning addon? Like the size of Pandaria or Northrend?

Frankly, looking back Draenor feels like a small spin-off while they got their hands full with other games. We do need new content, and you have a devoted fanbase. But it’s dangerous situation to set this fanbase into a sandbox to play for a while.

You can wait in the sandbox when there’s something gorgeous expecting you in future. We need this new cool big addon, and we need it fast cause Tanaan is obviously not enough even until Spring, save Autumn 2016.


Third after-patch week started, I’m sharing my routines.

Timeless Tanaan

Very shortly Tanaan became this Draenor version of Timeless Isle. The relaxing thing is that you are free to go anywhere, that gives you much flexibility. The dissappointing thing is that freedom doesn’t lead you anywhere.

I like the campaign because it gives us some new piece of Lore, and an interesting one. I hate that this said campaign is merely 6 quests with little connection to the new zone. Only Bleeding Hollow and Arakkoa areas were lucky to get some background. Other zones – they didn’t even bother to provide anything except daily briefing. As a lore dude, i’m dissappointed.

Long story short, you get yourself like 8 grinding areas for at least 9 months, and guess how fast you’ll get bored of them? Of course, waiting for raids is better outside Garrison than inside it…


They tick nice. Micromantica is very diligent not to miss a day of her dailies, and here’s what we got:

  • You get good rep amount for you Alliance faction every day – I need only 2-3 days more for Revered.
  • You get rare but big 3500 boost every week for Saber-what’sits guys (I don’t grind anything of course), and occasional dailies too.
  • You are desperate with Arakkoa, cause fel apexis thingies fall from rares only – it’s a pain if done on purpose. But I still manage to scrap few quests a week.

For the rest of 10 toons, it’s only one day of dailies per week – before their raid cooldown. It’s shame of course, but there’s no way I’m grinding them all. They get to revered with main faction to get a carrier blueprint, and be done with it.

Major points on reputations:

  • Little Oil for the ships if you don’t do at least 1 daily – daily. So probably I may boost doing at least 1 daily for all toons at least each couple of days to catch up
  • No reason to grind all reps except my main.

New Raid

As in all of Draenor, everything they do with raids is awesome. I totally like the first 3 encounters available yet. I wish there was little trash as we push forward, I’m so tired of endless mobs in BRF. I will write a raid review as long as I see all the wings.

I ran the first wing with all my toons and bosses always drop 1 to 2 Epic Ring tomes per wing. It feels like a solid drop, and I think my first Epic Ring is coming in September?


Has yet something to offer. I need to see all the ships, and do some epic ring quests too. There’s some progress in it, so I feel like I could play in this sandbox for a while. But of course when progress become a routine – I’m quitting Garrison number two :)

Things To Do Before Next Xpac

  • I haven’t killed any world bosses.
  • I haven’t finished Draenic Archaeology.
  • I haven’t upgraded all followers and ships to their best.

First Week In Tanaan


1. Only Schlitzchen, Zindari and Ilmari have no 715 Epic Rings, and as long as they have 860+ Runes, it’s gonna be fixed by the end of the week (Wednesday-Thursday).

2. It means that 8 of my alts do have 715 Epic Rings.

3. Runes drop like hell, at least two or three 18-Rune missions in Garrison per week (up from 1), and some 20-Rune missions spotted in the sea too (not available for me yet though). Very alt-friendly: Blizzard wants the alts to catch up asap, not grinding BRF for Runes of Highmaul for Stones. I appreciate that.

4. Only Melaris, Microfury and Salash out of 11 toons don’t have their base at Tanaan. I pushed all other 8 toons to build docks, establish a base and run the first quest line considering scouts and exploring the jungle. The starting line takes you only 30 minutes to go, so I’m definitely gonna push all my toons to Tanaan this week. I like how all my toons now easily catch up with the current content and are equally developed.

5.  Reputations are earned rationally. Your daily routine with one alt takes you like 1 hour tops, and it gives a solid reputation bonus in 3 directions (needed to fly). Mind you, I didn’t get ANY Exalted reputation at Draenor before – because it was acquired through grinding only.


All toons do funniest faces when establishing a base :)

6. Did three “old” dungeon runs – easy like it was then at leveling, and gives solid awards. Worth it! I like to bring all my pool of spells into old dungeons where you didn’t have like half of it.

7. It’s fun to kill rares. I managed to have a solid fight with 3k fel elemental (Aggrosh? Angrosh? Whatevs). It was a tough challenge, and I did it single-handed with my ice mage Micromantica. No one interfered, except that a random Worgen DK came in the last moment to do a last hit. Proud of myself. Tanaan Jungle brings back fun to fighting one-on-one (or one-on-pack), where there’s no healer for backup and no tank to take aggro off you. You do your best and survive at your best.

8. It was just in time. People got bored of Garrison, but at the same time you feel like you like this peaceful activity. It’s a dangerous swamp that sucks you in like hell. You may want some SIMS activity between raids instead of fighting – just because raids give you challenge, and you want to have a rest between the runs. It’s awful because it has every sense and ability to become rooted, needed and desired. It’s high time we don’t have to sit in Garrison anymore. And just in time cause when I’m in Tanaan, here and then I suddenly miss the boring peaceful Garrison… It’s dangerous really. Please never do any SIMS activity again. I like the faction capitals, we’re adventurers, not farmers or burghers.

9. Social factor. I actually meet PEOPLE in Tanaan. It’s like MMO became MMO again. Fun fact: when Micromantica was ready to enter Sargerai temple for daily, a passer-by dwarf paladin invited her into group. The thing is: we appeared to be from the same guild and had a guild chat just few minutes ago! Of course there could have been a pre-arranged group, but the coincidence of two guildies meet in the same place with one objective… Let’s say, it is so uncommon for previous Draenor, that it surprised me like hell.

I also banded up for Saberon quest with passer-bys. You just wait in the place you need and you will find people to play with in no time (group finder yesterday proved to be in vain).

10. Ships are easy to manage. Nice feature, but I wish there was a flight path and a Follower missions table in one place at the wharf. Objective with highest priority: kill Rares which carry the ship improvement blueprints.

11. Entering my first LFR in Helfire Citadel on Wednesday :) All toons will be able to do it!