Prepared for Legion: What Are You Gonna Do on a Drop Day?

It’s Friday, and it’s basically four days left until Legion strikes us at its full might.

Loose Ends Before Drop Day

Anticipation time is weird for me. I’ve got almost all my goals completed. There are very few things to do yet:

  • Drive Hedersen daily through her garrison mine to raise her skill as far as possible (525 now)
  • Upgrade Aurinko’s Tailoring and Engineering from 670 to 700
  • Hunt the demon invasions a bit more to get Bons and Paitsu their tanking starter’s weapons. Yes, they’ve got official second specs yesterday! And I may even consider them as tank toons with a DPS off-spec.
  • Steal 10k coins from Draenor humanoids – it means a toy. It’s not especially long or hard, but a bit grindy. Stealing from a daily zone in Tanaan is 15 minutes, and it grants 700-1000 coins. Like I said: easy, but grindy.
  • Speaking of toys reminds me that there is a Horde-specific questline in Azshara which grants you a toy. It’s low level obviously, but I can’t make myself go there.
  • Maybe I will try to go through few Cataclysm Raider achievements left.

This is my plan for weekend and Monday.

Drop Day

For the first time in my life I’ve taken a small 2-days vacation for expansion launch. It has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with my desire to get to 110 asap. There won’t be any chase for me. I’m going to explore the Broken Isles slowly, carefully, doing and reading every quest, enjoying the scenery. Leveling will take what it takes naturally.

The reason I take the days-off is that I won’t be able to think about anything but ‘a whole new world’ waiting for me at home. I would be reading blogs, twitters, grasp every new bit of information and the lot. Not much use will come from me at my office, so I better officially stay at home and play.

As for drop event, I will be there. I would laugh at the hurrying people who will try to make it to 110 and dungeons in the first night, I would try to quest a bit – competing with hundreds of players for the mobs, I will try to see Artifact quest chain and Class Order Hall – and then I go to bed. But all in all the expansion launch moment… it’s like a New Year countdown, with all the excitement and happiness. Yes, I want that.

Goodbye, Gottenbar

As I planned, I’ve deleted three cap-level toons yesterday. But for one of them I made a big deal and a bit of roleplay. My seasoned warrior Tauren passed away in Orgrimmar. He didn’t feel well. He was old, exhausted, and he just couldn’t manage Legion campaign. The invasions were a bit too much for him, his hands are not firm anymore.

He walked through Orgrimmar to the Valley of Spirits when he felt dizziness. His sight went dark, and he lay down to rest a bit. He never woke up again.


Prepared for Legion: Outsider Alts

After assembling my Feat of Strength Team yesterday, I’ve made an important toon toggle between realms.

Gottenbar the Tauren Warrior was the second warrior on my main EU-Fordragon realm. I transferred him to EU-Azuregos where my other alts dwell to free a slot. And Baisa the Shadow Priest moved to EU-Fordragon – to become the priest there.

*Funny thing: ‘Baisa’ nickname was already taken at Fordragon, so I was suddenly stuck in inventing the new nickname for an hour. Finally I’ve narrowed options to play on light and darkness – which resulted in Aurinko, ‘sun’ in Finnish.

The operation resulted in this: EU-Fordragon now holds 12 toons of different classes, the ultimate team. Six of them are Gnomes, which is especially heartwarming for a blogger named Gnomecore for a reason. And that left me thinking: do I really need the rest of the toons at EU-Azuregos?

Tanking Team

As a devoted DPS throughout all my life, I’ve grabbed the idea of tanking and liked it only in Draenor dungeons and LFR. By my habit, I’ve started separate toons for the tanking specs. Yet in Legion it may be much more enjoyable to level up another artifacts and double-spec. The only question is: will I regret about toons and will the tank spec vibe fit my DPS races?

Gottenbar, Protection Warrior


I’ve never really liked Tauren because of their movement. Due to their size, their strides are wide and slow. Although Tauren tanking vibe is extremely convincing – who would tank among races if not Tauren, after all? – I could live without it, especially if ‘an armored flea’ comes in charge:

Bons, Fury Warrior


I would trade with ease. Bons would double-spec into Fury and Protection. Gottenbar – out.

Zindari, Vengeance Demon Hunter


Well, this would be easy. he’s very new, I didn’t invest any specific time in him. I’ve just replayed the starting DH questline to see all the small things I’ve previously missed in a rush. He didn’t invested time to do any invasions.

Although I liked the vibe of a male Blood Elf as a Demon Hunter, he steps aside for trained and geared:

Melaris, Havoc Demon Hunter


The Night Elf girl would DPS, but also she could tank if she gets bored. I’ve grasped the abilities and the whole DH tanking idea. So, Melaris will double-spec into both Havoc and Vengeance. Zindari – out.

*Yet he will do one more thing for the sake of other toons. He must into Draenor and do Jeweller’s Horde starting quest for a toy you can’t get otherwise. Then he vanishes into Twisting Nether.

Oluu, Brewmaster Monk


Why, she was nice. But something was broken in the pre-patch. Some spells were gone, and the few left just feel awkward with a Draenei. Her class match @ Fordragon is:

Paitsu, Windwalker Monk


The big thing is that Brewmasters will wield kegs like Chen Stormstout – putting them on shoulder. This doesn’t associate well with sleek races like draenei, trolls and elves. But it will go extremely well with orcs, pandaren, dwarves… – and yes, gnomes.

I just think it’s gonna be awesome. So, Paitsu will double spec as Windwalker and Brewmaster. Oluu – out.

Now that we’ve done with the tanking toons, let’s go to some harder choices.

Kellers, Fire Mage


Well, she’s just so cool. The animation of a casting human female is so great that I enjoyed every moment of it all through her leveling and up to invasions. Her class match is:

Micromantica, Ice Mage


There could be no blending. Yes, I would give Micromantica a fire spec, no problem. But Kellers is so in character, she’s so awesome that I just can’t delete her! :) Kellers – stays. 

Hedersen, Outlaw Rogue


Yeah, she’s also an awesome character. Her fighting style and class fantasy is corsair, and cool cutlasses just can’t, won’t go with my assassin, Hexen:


The girls stay as they are. Hexen will be an elite assassin, and Hedersen is a corsair princess, all about seas and sails. And swords. Hedersen – stays. 

The Final Toon List for Legion







Prepared for Legion: Feat of Strength Team

I’ve set up an ultimate team of champions among my alts to complete Class Order Hall campaigns and get the Feat of Strength. The goal for the Feat of Strength is: you need to finish the Class Order lore for every available class in the game.

All my alts are now at level 100, ilvl 700. All confident with their specs and rotations.

Here goes. Meet my 12 class champions.

Micromantica (Frost Mage)


Microfury (Destruction Warlock)


Bons (Fury Warrior)


Paitsu (Windwalker Monk)


Mindebad (Frost Death Knight)


Aurinko (Shadow Priest)


Mayluna (Feral Druid) 


Melaris (Havoc Demon Hunter)


Gardell (Retribution Paladin)


Lizgun (Survival Hunter)


Schlitzchen (Elemental Shaman)


Hexen (Assassination Rogue)


We are prepared!

Done with Invasions & Nordrassil

Let the charts speak for themselves.

August 13


August 21


Sometimes I’ve colored the items less than 700 lvl if they couldn’t be replaced via invasions.

Baisa will not probably get her 700. She lacks her Epic Ring. She also cannot pull out weapons. Yes, she has a hammer or a wand to choose from – and she could upgrade it to 725, but her off-hand is 655 anyways, and I see no reason to spend several thousands on the off-hand which will be replaced by artifact in a week. 685 staff it is. Also I don’t feel the urge to fish out 710-720 items to raise her ilvl – it also doesn’t make sense now.

And obviously I’m good and done with pets, mogging, Broken Shore and Khadgar scenarios.

It didn’t take much time with this many alts. Mind you, I’ve actively participated in 85% of invasions, helping as much as I could. Some of the Legion attacks I’ve spent on the verge of the zone – you don’t even need to be close to town to get your invasion crates and credit. But all in all I’ve tested my rotations, survival abilities, and well, it was fun.

Lore Question to All of You:

We all know that Nordrassil was a THING in Third War. You know, all the Legion and Scourge might was concentrated on the World Tree in Hyjal. Archimonde himself saw it as an ultimate goal. He was summoned to Azeroth near Dalaran in Eastern Kingdoms, and he immediately left for Kalimdor and Hyjal to corrupt and break the world tree.

Then there was an explosion. Night Elves lost their immortality.

But Nordrassil still holds an enormous power. There’s Ysera in person. Ragnaros launched his attack at Nordrassil – this is the point he chose from all Azeroth. Finally, there’s a lake – yes, this big and shimmering one – where Illidan emptied his last vial with Well of Eternity water, and it cost him 10,000 years in prison.

So, why then demons ignore Nordrassil and Hyjal during invasions?

New Khadgar Scenario, Invasions & ‘Gl’

SPOILER ALERT: the post contains spoilers about the new scenario available since yesterday. Khadgar’s servant appears upon login near your characters and sends you on quest.

So, a new scenario.

This was completely unexpected, as usually we get all the new things on Wednesday mornings after maintenance hours, raid cooldowns reboot and all that. This happened on Tuesday evening. Well, why should I complain about it anyways?

The new piece takes you only 15 minutes, and it appeared to be very, very strange in many aspects.

The good thing is: Blizzard squeezed a HUGE amount of lore into this small amount of time. It’s a yellow brick road into many, many storylines we’ll be seeing in Legion.

Here’s what we saw and learnt within just 15 minutes:

  • Khadgar voted to let the Horde into Dalaran
  • 4/6 of the council said Yes
  • Jaina left in rage and will probably carry out some active anti-Horde plans on her own
  • Ulduar was restored and repaired by mechagnomes and earthen – a peaceful spot now
  • King Magni is back
  • He’s a crystal guy now, and he’s our phone device for direct communication with the planet Azeroth itself
  • Azeroth is a sleeping Titan
  • Azeroth is SHE
  • Flashbacks about Khadgar and Medivh history
  • Khadgar cares for Karazhan and bothers to set barriers against Legion there
  • We need Pillars of Creation to stop Legion, and we just got a guidebook (although we didn’t look into it yet)


Wow. As a lore man, I couldn’t be happier to learn all these things. But there were drawbacks too:

  • There was no voice acting at all. Really? While even invasions are accompanied by voice, leaving this big and significant lore piece without any voice was surprising. It killed the immersement by huge scales. Why, aren’t we getting used to good things that quickly?
  • A reward for completing the full story is 685 gloves. Really? While invasions drop 700 gloves by default, with a chance of 710-720? This made me wonder if initial Legion questing will also grant some 670-690 items – that would make the whole invasions loot system ridiculous.
  • It ended up just like this. We escape and give in the quest to Modera in Dalaran… and this is it. I’ve spent 15 minutes running around the city in case I’ve missed something. No, I didn’t. I mean, we had a whole demon party after us in Karazhan, and their named leader. After we give in the final quest, this party launches an attack at Dalaran, and this final boss appears too. There’s not a single quest, not a single comment about it, and the reward for killing this last demon is two – yes, two nethershards. Wow. This ended just like that – with nothing.
  • We all know that Dalaran would be teleported to Broken Isles – it would be logic to make it one piece with this scenario. We would give in the book, repel the demons who are after us, and mages take us there with the city – all in one breath. Now it’s just a big question mark…


  • I’m happy to report that I’m rapidly coloring my item chart with blue and red (this means that item level is 700 or higher). It’s very fast for all the toons. The goal is to make their general ilvl at least 700.
  • I’ve completed ilvl goal for 5/16 toons already. The coolest thing is that two of them have 655-660 off-hands with no chance to upgrade through invasions (warlock and shaman) – and  yet they are 700 and 702.
  • The rest toons are about 680-690, and it won’t be long when they are there too.
  • Tanking the last boss in invasions appeared to be useless without a raid group. A Pit Lord got me in three blows despite all the cooldowns and abilities I used. No tanking it for me then. Yet I survived very well at the first three stages.
  • All mogging, the pet, and the toy are in my stocks.
  • Crates drop an awesome weapon called “Gl”.



These Boots Are Made For Walking…


I don’t know if anyone has tried it yet. I’m almost sure he or she did. But here’s the deal: you need to measure Azeroth continents by foot.

The uber-goal is:

Proving that you cannot underestimate the size of the world – and feel it with your own feet. Measure how long does it take to walk Azeroth continents by foot. Roleplay. Enjoy!

Here are the rules of the Challenge:

  1. You walk
  2. You walk
  3. You walk
  4. You cannot run (run is your default movement setting, so you need to switch to walk before you start)
  5. You cannot use any movement spells (levitation, ice walk, teleport, blink etc.)
  6. Mounts and any means of transportation are prohibited
  7. You must make your way from the most southern point of continent to the most northern point or vice versa (islands on the continent ends don’t count)
  8. You can choose any way you like. It maybe the roads or shortcuts through the wilds or both.
  9. You can rest on your way – roleplay is welcome (resting in taverns, setting camps etc.)
  10. You can logout and continue the next day, but your toon must stay on the road.
  11. You count only the actual walking time. If you logout, stop for a rest, fight, die – you stop the timer and resume it after you’re on the road again.
  12. To complete the challenge, you must walk through at least one continent. A good challenger takes EK or Kalimdor, but Pandaria or Northrend are welcome to collect data for Explorer’s League.
  13. Friends can join you of course!

I’m gonna try this :)

Invasions & Re-rolling Specs

Invasions – First Week

With all my scary chart published in a previous post, it’s not tedious or long to complete it. Invasions appeared to be fun and entertaining – and a ‘morning coffee’ routine that filled the gap of dailies and garrison missions.

They fit perfectly. If you have at least 20 spare minutes, you can go to your nearest invasion, and get your credit for helping Azeroth. Raise your ilvl and prepare for Legion. That’s a very nice time/reward balance.

Like all dailies, it doesn’t seem like you can do 6 or 10 invasions in one sit without getting bored. But all the diversity of Legion commanders and places – that’s a really good job of making them the least boring as possible.

I’ve already got almost all mogging (except a mail belt), I’ve got the bat pet, I’ve bought a toy (12k was worth all the farming time), and I’m rapidly rolling to acquire all the slots with 700 items for every alt.

I think by the end of the week all my now-16 toons will be good and done with invasions and their prizes.

Invasion loot drawbacks: 

– Only one ring available. It’s not bad for the guys with Epic Ring, but it’s a shame for Demon Hunters and alts who didn’t catch the train of Draenor epic storyline.

– Only one trinket available – well, that’s just plain silly, because we have two slots.

– Not all weapon types are available. That makes it unfair for certain classes, and I felt it. There’s a wand for casters, but there’s no off-hand, or any staff to replace them two – that affects priests, shaman, mages, warlocks. There are no shields, which also hits caster types (paladin, shaman) and protection classes (paladins, warriors). It’s plain silly design, because why would some classes or specs have an advantage before the others?


Legion brought us some class changes, and I put them into the proper test-drive with invasions. Before, there was no reason for open world testing. Now there is a reason – invasions.

While I liked most of the renewed specs that I played before, it appeared that I am eventually NOT satisfied with some of them. It has nothing to do with the spec power – after all, I still need to learn playing them to its full capacity, and I never cared about my numbers anyways.

It’s all about the pleasure of playing a certain spec, the vibe of it. Ending up with ‘Thank gods the invasion is over – so I don’t need to perform the fight with this toon’ makes you think: it’s time to change your spec to play in Legion.

And I did.

Microfury the Warlock

Affliction -> Destruction. Especially after completing the Green Fel Fire quest chain, it’s very much enjoyable. Actually I’ve changed that even before pre-patch, but i put it to proper test these days. Yes, I will stick to that.

Lizgun the Hunter

Marksmanship -> Survival. Marksmanship was pretty ruined for me, it’s become very complex, and well, not enjoyable. Survival it is. It’s new, fun, and it has one, not millions of pets like BM. I may return to Marksmanship, but I’m not really into it now.

Mayluna the Druid

Balance -> Feral. Mayluna has a complex spec history: she started as restoration, ultimately hated everything about healing role by level 55, switched to balance, balanced through MoP and WoD and tried to tank a pair of LFR in Draenor too. Now it’s time for her to be Feral. I was always not sure about Balance, and finally I want a swifter fighter than a feathery mortar. Cat it is, and cat is cool through field tests.

 Schlitzchen the Shaman

Enhancement -> Elemental. Now, that’s new – and of yesterday’s decision. Previously I praised the new Enhancement, well that didn’t work for me in the field. All the cool animations are very convincing at a dummy, but are completely lost in the field – so it was just axe swinging. Besides, enh seemed very squishy for a mail armor melee. Elements it is.

I grasped the idea very quickly, and it is totally satisfying – I’m enjoyng hurling the elements at my foes. Before Legion reboot I’ve mercilessly deleted my try of an elemental shaman at her 30s, because it was awfully ridiculous. ‘Plink’ is not a lightning spell imo. Now the whole spell range feels powerful, and into shaman fantasy. So I’m playing Elemental in Legion. Despite the fact that Schlitzchen was faithful and totally happy with Enhancement through Pandaria and Draenor campaign.

So, here are my tweaks about the past week.