Legendary Shower

It was possibly the most productive weekend considering goddamn random we all love.

I have got FOUR legendary items during my playing sessions.

One came from Dreamweaver chest (a ring for Mage), one came from Kirin Tor chest (wrists for Rogue).

And probably it was the Hour of the Bear yesterday.

Ursoc dropped one after another:

  1. Legendary pants for my warlock
  2. Legendary wrists for my death knight
  3. Hidden appearance for my hunter.


Mage’s Dreamweaver chest was remarkable in several ways.

First, it’s a legendary thing which is cool (and now I must hurry to upgrade my order hall to wear both legendary rings).

Second… it’s Sephuz!!! It’s the most memetic legendary item, so I was bound to have at least one. I mean, the whole expansion was in vain without Sephuz. I’m so glad I have it now!

Third, Dreamweavers were the last faction for Micromantica to reach Exalted. Technically, I’ve also killed one more elite to make me Warden Exalted, but Dreamweavers lacked this 1500 rep. Broken Isles reputations now nailed for one toon. I’m not sure if I will play perfectionist’s every-toon-exalted, or just do the profession specific factions for other alts. Anyways, it’s not just a grind, it’s money, AP, resources, gear and what not. So I don’t feel it like a waste of time.


We’re deep into Suramar campaign, and gaining reputation in huge scales.


Not very much is left till 20k rep where I can do the last chapter – A Change of Seasons. Once you sit with your alt and play for at least 30 minutes, you’ve progressed for a 1000 – and with very enjoyable awards. So, the Suramar project will take only 2 weeks more.

The chart also is about a progress of my artifact weapons. Like planned, I’m leveling my main DPS ones to 35, then I switch to the others to make them 35 as well. And then I’ll proceed upgrading my main weapons. That’s the plan.


I’m just widely enjoying the looks of all traits covered.

New Models in 7.2.

There were few datamined models tonight – which are pretty cool.

First, it’s Sith-like Anduin. It may be his travel clothes, but he is too much alike the infamous Anakin.


Second, it’s Kil’Jaeden with legs. It’s obvious he has them, but I think we didn’t see him before in his full height, not even in Frozen Throne when he bullied Illidan in cinematic:


Third, it’s Gallywix!


The most important thing is that he matches the loading screen art now! The standard male goblin was way old even in Pandaria, and finally the faction leader got his awesome looks.

It’s the craziest mash up which reminds me of John Silver and Italian gangsters in Soviet cartoons as well as Red Queen:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Also a glam rock star or something.

Anyways, my goblin girls can’t wait to pay him a visit and make lots of selfies.

Well done, Blizzard!



  • A victorious march through Suramar campaign for my alts.
  • Yesterday Lizgun the Hunter was the last to reach the 7k revered reputation borderline and kill Xavius to solve the Shal’Aran tree crisis.
  • My toons are now between 7-11k revered with Nightfallen
  • Anibell the Paladin skyrocketed to be the second toon Exalted – with the help of a weekly reputation bonus for world quests and her human racial bonus. Frankly speaking, I paid much attention to her. So once you decide to dig reputation for some toon, it’s completed in several days. Just do world quests.
  • Actually you only need to get to 20k reputation, because there you get the final questline which takes you to Exalted.
  • Can’t wait to stop feeding the NPC with mana for every alt – which happens after Exalted too.

World Quests

  • Obviously I’m stalking the Nightfallen emissaries for 1500 reputation boost – and well, the emissary rotation’s cursed.
  • The last week I’ve spotted at least two Valar’jar and two Kirin Tor emissaries, but not a single Nightfallen.
  • Kirin Tor helps a bit, but their token grants only 750 reputation with Nightfallen.
  • Shame.

Legendary Items

  • I’m not after legendary things really.
  • As an LFR guy, I’m not struggling for DPS boosts. My ilvl is enough to queue there, then I must provide my best with what I have and never care of anything else.
  • Still a Legendary item is nice to get.
  • I wish I had at least one for every toon.
  • Since the Legion launch I’ve got three: one for mage, one for paladin and one for priest.
  • Now I’m starting to wonder if the announced bad luck protection ever works.

The Nighthold

  • Surely I’m excited to go there…
  • The next week when LFRs start to open
  • So I’m fighting Gul’dan in March
  • As usual, my raid goals are lore, having fun and mogging.

WoW Companion App

Being always a tad behind considering gadgets, I’ve just acquired an iphone 5 which replaced my previous 4th model. Above all it changes my gameplay because I’m able to install WoW companion app now.

I just didn’t see any practical use in it at first. It’s very convenient as it is, yes, but surely I could spend 10 minutes in the morning and 10 in the evening to reassign the missions in game? So why app? It could be useful in the trips too, but whether it will need an extra confirmation for abroad login is yet to be checked.

This morning while I was still in bed I decided to check and reassign the missions – which I did. After getting ready for work – you know, shower-breakfast-dressing-up common routines – I logged in the game.

Then the app meaning shined upon me.

  • You must not stay in your order hall now.
  • You could be parked everywhere else.

As you get your rewards straight in the bag, you don’t need to stay in the order hall for the mission table or follower orders – at all. You could log out some place in Suramar and start there straightaway upon the next login – because all you need is just open the bag and apply AP-rep tokens immediately, claim gold and whatever you sent your followers for. In fact, the only thing you need from your order hall now is assigning new artifact traits – which probably happens not every day, and if so, once.

That’s a life improvement, and a huge one.


Everyone’s ready for The Nighthold with entrance barrier of 835 :)


My artifact strategy for alts would be as follows:

  1. Level the main raiding weapon (DPS) to 35 traits.
  2. Level the secondary playable weapon to 35
  3. Level the non-played weapons to 35
  4. Proceed with paragon traits in the same order.

Routines involve:

  1. Suramar dailies & emissaries
  2. Emerald Nightmare & Trials of Valor on farm for mogging

Patch 7.1.5. Eager to Try

Wow, many changes are online tonight, and I didn’t even try them – only Garrisons in the morning.

What I’ve already noticed is the artifact knowledge items are on sale via artifact research guys. You could buff you research up to 15 which is very good for your alts. Moreover, you could send this item through your account!

Not for me though, as I’m already at 23-25 research for my toons.

As for other changes, patch notes look like a sinister buff to every class. I would definitely welcome this dps increase for solo Suramar rumbles. In other zones I basically AoE with most classes. And I never feel or care about my dps in raids because LFR. It’s not that I despise it – being the only raid difficulty I do – no! I always follow the mechanics and try to do my best. I just don’t know whether I’m good for my ilvl, and I deliberately don’t use addons to count it.

Class changes in patch are most welcome on paper – let’s see how it is in the field. Going there now!

Winter Holidays in WoW

It was quite a week :)

As you probably know, the winter holidays in Russia normally last 8-10 days. We have New Year celebration which is arguably the most important holiday in the year (with families, parties, presents, Santa and all), and a calm spiritual orthodox Christmas on 7th which is a national holiday too. If you throw in floating weekends, you’d never bother to insert any workdays in between if you were government. So we always have this long streak of work-free days.

Me & my wife normally use this time of the year for travelling, but as long as we’ve already planned our vacations in February, we suddenly got a big holiday at home. Due to very cold weather, we were circling between series and movies, reading, eating, playing with our cats, and – in my case – WoW. Quite a perfect vacation!


Being in the world of Azeroth on this holiday has reminded me of a leveling process for my alts: only this time it was Suramar questlines. The big important thing was moving my toons through the available parts of Good Suramaritan campaign. The last 2 chapters open respectively at 7k and 20k revered, but everything else could be completed – and for enormous AP rewards.

This I did. Now I know all the routes. I can run any of the questlines with my eyes closed, plan side questlines and world quests to be completed on the way, open the portals and enhance my ancient mana pool. I can say I’ve mastered Suramar.

The ultimate Blizzard fail here is Jandvik’s Jarl of course. It’s a perfect example of how you DON’T design questlines. Everything is wrong with it. It’s long, tedious, it’s grind, grind, grind, it’s underwater or caves, it’s swarms of extra mobs on your way or coming from behind, it has no flight path or safe road to the place, it’s located at the end of the world. And it’s not even a single bit related to Suramar itself considering lore. I mean, why the hell did they even put it here as a part of campaign? I hated replaying the questline every single time even if my last toons could do it in 25 minutes or so.

I liked the main Suramar storyline though. The whole rebel/revolution business, and the story is very fun. I also like how Blizzard incorporated the experience of Krasarang in use – opening the new chapters and phasing along with reputation. The strategic design of Suramar is awesome, and visuals are cool too. Some of the questlines are not pleasant to play through – I mean the politics part where you have to run 6 times through the swarms of detector guys. Every time – even if you perfectly know how and where to move at full speed, mounted- it’s a gamble whether you’ll be discovered and dead or not. I don’t like that kind of a thrill. My absolute favorite Suramar part would be vineyards, it’s awesome in every aspect. The quests, the narration, the emotional swings, the motivation.

Naturally I jump at a Nightfallen emissary questing like a hungry tiger, driving all my toons through it. It’s a great chunk of reputation: suddenly you find them alts with a big rep progress made. Previous time they were at 100-3000 revered, and suddenly they are at 4000-7000.

It’s a shame that only Suramar rebel questlines award you reputation: the auxiliary night elves, vrykul or slaying demons with an illidari are not. But those serve as a great help. Not only they also grant you much artifact power, but the final reward is a big ancient mana piece – along with mana you get while doing them, it’s quite enough for the main storyline submissions of 800, then 1200.

Artifact Knowledge

This is high time when my alts begin to finish their artifact research. My mage Micromantica (obviously), rogue Hexen and warrior Bons crossed the finish line, and have their full research done. The others are almost there – at least at 22 some of them. In two weeks all my alts will be good and having  the artifact power flowing like it should.

Or should it? Once you’ve opened your 34 traits, there’s a Paragon one. Each paragon level will grow in artifact power you need, but researches just stopped – so the gap and effort will grow. I don’t think it’s a nice design: you’d be crawling for paragon traits at a 1-5% speed. Also I’m not sure what will happen when Blizzard introduces the promised 4th level for traits. Does it mean we will struggle for them even more?


I’m also closing in with artifact traits. Micromantica was the first to get her Paragon trait, and the others range between 31-34 traits. Suramar was really a bliss, and I’m not even at the final chapters which will throw in 500k AP items per quest.

I also discovered a new fun for me: the off spec artifacts. Some of them – like healer ones – are never meant  to be played by me, but I still want to open all the traits for them eventually – till 35. I don’t really want to play any mage specs except Frost, no priest specs except an obvious Shadow, demon hunter and paladin are bound to stay with dps.

Yet for some classes there are actually the specs I WANT to play. So I invested artifact power income into upgrading the weapons. I’ve invested into Doomhammer for Schlitzchen because I want the shaman to be ready for both melee and ranged playing styles. I’ve invested into Scythe of Elune – it’s the same story for Mayluna, because I should be able to nuke the bosses with star fire from afar if I feel so, or sneak and rip the mobs while questing with Fangs of Ashamane.

Then there are tank issues. Bons the Warrior and Paitsu the Monk are my tanks, but often I don’t feel like tanking a group content even if I need to go there. So it’s investment into Fury and Windwalker specs respectively for this type of situations (and I enjoy these ones cause I played them since the beginning). Vice versa, Mindebad the Death Knight has always been Frost, and while I’m playing it no matter what, I’m investing into Blood’s Maw of the Damned to crack the most tough elites in the field solo.

Then there are situations when artifact investment doesn’t depend on gameplay utility: the specs are just fun to switch! It concerns Hexen the Rogue (my favorite Assassination/newly discovered amazing Subtlety), Lizgun the Hunter (an ultimate Survival/lazy Marksmanship), and Microfury the Warlock (nuking Destruction/mischievous Affliction).

Will it be long? As we know it – it’s not. For all the mentioned off-specs, I’m already at 26-30 traits. Thanks, Artifact Knowledge!


The important thing is that I’m finally entering a routinely lull now – which is good. The goals with big effort are completed. The gameplay will look extremely simple and enjoyable: log in with a toon you feel like, queue up for LFR (we need many mogging to acquire), do Suramar world quests while in queue. There’s absolutely no rush for me now. Nighthold opens in a week, and LFR – in two weeks. My toons are totally ready with their ilvl, so it’s just a casual rep grind for whichever alt I feel like playing.