Transmog Before Legion

Official WoW social profile asked subscribers to share their mogging at their public pages, so I thought it was a good topic for my blog.

Now that Blizzard made a huge step to moggers with their new wardrobe feature, even more people would try and create their sets.

I use mogging A LOT since May 2015. Draenor armor and weapons were so awful that I finally made very close friends with transmog ethereals. To the extent that I don’t have a single un-mogged toon now. I’ve spent thousands of gold for mogging items ever since, and worked out some rules:

  • No capes, no helmets. They just don’t fit.
  • Nothing too flashy or too extreme. I need a beautiful, balanced but plain enough outfit. You could achieve a distinct image by simpler means.

I’m totally proud of all my toons, but I just want to share the best ones in my opinion.

Bons – Fury Warrior


Lizgun – Survival Hunter


Hedersen – Outlaw Rogue


Kellers – Fire Mage


Gardell – Retribution Paladin


Oluu – Brewmaster Monk


What is your way of using transmog?

Pre-Patch 7.0.3. – Class Tests

I did proper raid tests on weekend to get to know my classes and to be confident while playing with them in Legion. Just swift points here:

Fire Mage – she’s amazing. It’s the most smooth, understandable and awesome caster yet. Very powerful. Much faster than Draenor version.

Ice Mage – once I’ve enchanted and gemmed Haste on her as much as I could, it became playable, and yet not that enjoying. I still think that Pandaria iteration was the best one. Freeze – Shatter playstyle was a perfect class fantasy. I could get used to Legion as I did with Draenor, although I’m not quite happy.

Protection Warrior & Brewmaster Monk – they share experience. They have a very simple fighting rotation. They have many defensive abilities. But all these abilities serve just as helping your healer. In WoD you could cast some shield on you and be cool for 5-10 seconds, no worries. It doesn’t work in Legion. In WoD you could aggro and be cool until some really serious stuff happens. In Legion a boss or even a mob immediately starts to beat the shit out of your health bar. If you use your strongest cooldown, you’ll be anyways dead if healers fail. You’re always on the brim of death, if tough times come. You need to be very pro-active and busy with your defense just to keep your face on the surface, but without healer it just won’t be enough, and you will drown.

I had a tough time in Destructor’s Rise – that’s the wing where I felt what a bad healer means. We had five healers in our group, one was AFK, and one specced into Elemental Shaman and did the best raid DPS. Obviously we wiped – Mannoroth just didn’t give us a chance even if me and the other tank did no mistakes with swapping, positioning and trying to keep ourselves alive. When healer thing was fixed, it went more or less smooth. The other tank finally fell down, but I managed to survive for the last 10-15% of boss’ health. That was tense!

By the way, on her first run Oluu is 9/33 Tomes deep into her Epic Ring quest :) Just as planned.

Outlaw Rogue – it’s the coolest melee class ever. I managed to grip the idea – it’s about Roll the Bones finisher which gives you a random buff(s). You fish out for the certain buff, then you forget about it until it expires. One standard finisher and one finisher with bigger cooldown. Pistol Shot on proc. Easy as that, and a very satisfying, fast swish-slash style.

Assassination Rogue & Feral Druid – why, isn’t it tricky. You maintain bleed DoTs on your target, it’s basically all about it. That means your face is always glued to these DoTs by your enemy’s frame. Two in case of a Druid, three in case of a Rogue.

Survival Hunter – I’ve mastered it, yes. Rotation is enjoyable, and one of the richest in-game. Once I put Haste all over her, it became even fun. Still I need all the Haste I can get.

Frost Death Knight – I have put lots of Haste into it too, and it became almost nice. All the three rotation buttons started to happen faster. I need much, much Haste for her.

Fury Warrior – it’s fine. I got the grip on zweihander dual-wielder – you’re building up 75 rage for Rampage, and everything else is just a sidedish. Easy as that. She also wants Haste and Haste.

Enhancement Shaman – It’s just A – Awesomeness.

Retribution Paladin – a perfect class for beginners. Easy to learn and easy to master.

Destruction Warlock – I have yet to set up my three major abilities on the panel. It’s like an itchy blanket – I keep shuffling them all the time, and can’t settle them, can’t get myself comfortable. Yes, it’s all about how three spells will be arranged for buttons 1, 2, 3. And I’m not ready yet exactly for this reason. Everything else is just fine.

The most important weekend outcome is: now I’m ready to play with all my classes and specs in Legion.

Through invasions and questing I’ll fix my last issues, and I will be even more ready for raiding my blessed LFRs in the coming expansion.

Pre-Patch 7.0.3. – New Things & Routines

Again it was a very busy weekend. But I’m almost ready for August invasions now.

All the New Things

It seems I’m good with what pre-patch brought us:

  1. I’ve acquired most class-specific toys, glyphs and abilities. Some of them are appearing once in a while, and people could buy it out. So I will have to return there from time to time when the hype is lowered down a bit. By the way, I’ve learned that Light’s Chapel in Plaguelands acquired a Class Order panel on top of the screen if you come there with your Paladin.
  2. I went for some mechanical pets with my Goblin Hunter. It was just for fun sake. I’m gonna run with something warm and with fur, not cogs. Like my wolf Diretail which I had since the beginning. Still I have a mechanical chicken and mechanical strider now. I also happened to assemble and tame a green mechanical Juggernaut – it looks just like the boss from Siege of Orgrimmar. I have also tamed Thok although I didn’t plan it, and I don’t really need it. But Thok should have been tamed – everyone was curious to see how one of the most dangerous bosses in SoO becomes a pet in a blink of an eye :) Only BM hunters could tame Thok, so I switched a spec for this “battle”. Actually the “battle” lasted just these seconds of taming.  In case I’m switching to BM someday, I have a specific pet now.
  3. Fishing Time!  It took me 2 sessions, each one was 2 hours. I got Riding Turtle in the first 30 minutes, then I just kept collecting Nat’s Lucky Coins. I want that Crimson Strider. Like I said, it took me 4 hours to get the desired number of 100 coins. Now I need to get to Exalted with Nat himself – I’m doing it through rare catch dailies in Pandaria. This will take some time. It’s a ‘morning coffee thing’ number one!
  4. My ‘morning coffee thing’ number two would be a single daily in Storm Peaks with vrykul girls. It’s easy and fast, and it’s a chance to loot a bear. A ghost chance, actually. But you never get it until you try and try, right?
  5. Tomes of Illusions – I got them all. It took me a little farming, a big amount of cash (8k or so), but it was fun. Now I got almost all the illusions except the boss drops. Karazhan gave me 2 out of 3 from there. Not a single drop from Kargath, Tectus or Killrogg, although I ran them multiple times with different toons. Nefarian was greedy once. Yogg-Saron was greedy 2 times, and he also was greedy about Mimiron’s Head again. Well, what can I say? I will get them once.

The post about classes is coming :)

Fishing Out Turtle Mounts

This weekend I’m having extreme fun with all the new things. There’s one more which appeared these days. What’s happening?

Just people banding up in raids of 40 to do fishing in Garrison ponds.


The point is: everyone has a small chance to catch a Lunarfall Carp. Throw it in the water, and a cave dweller murloc will show up. It dies in few seconds, then everyone gets PERSONAL LOOT.

A band of 40 means constant flow of murlocs to the shore. So in no time you will loot:

  • Lots of fishing stuff, like lure, hats, and fishing poles
  • LOADS of fish meat – here’s a way to help your alts with First Aid and Cooking for free
  • Vendor trash which costs 4-11 coins
  • Nat’s Lucky Coins – the currency to buy Nat Pagle’s pets and mounts. You could collect for pets and Water Strider sooner, for example.
  • Strand Crawler pet – maybe there are more
  • Finally, a Riding Turtle and a Sea Turtle


  • Don’t ignore Findle’s Loot-A-Rang, it really helps.
  • Fishing Shack where you’re fishing should be Level 3
  • Group finder is swarming with suggestions
  • After getting into a raid, you could just mingle there with the crowd and not fish yourself, just loot. But this is not a fair way, a responsible guy won’t do that. You’re slowing the process this way. Besides, it could be your carp which drops you a turtle. It’s not a good tip, actually. Forget about it.

Happy fishing!


Pre-Patch 7.03. – Field Tests & Routines

I continue to delve into class changes, and it’s time for field tests.


Small Routines

Before we set for class field tests, I just want to share one more – final – thing about Garrisons.

These little buggers gave us something to do. Some little routines.

Once we are in Legion, we will have class order halls, world missions and stuff. But now I find myself with literally nothing to do with my morning coffee. There are no small routines left. Everything I need to do now is pretty time-consuming.

Understand this: I’m glad that I finally don’t need to do missions or even be in Garrison. My toons are logging out at strange places. Pandaria. Stormwind. Dalaran. Shattrath. They are not tied to Frostfire and Shadowmoon anymore. But routines are nice. I like to be doing some peaceful easy stuff in the mornings. Leveling, dungeons – are all time-consuming, imo they require dedication and involvement. You can’t level for ‘five minutes’. Well, you can, but you will end up in the middle of questline…

I vote routines.

So, enough for elegiac mood. Let’s roll!

Field Tests

Time-Walking event has started just in time to do some useful content runs and test my rotations as well. I’m still collecting 5k tokens for mounts. Besides, I want to collect gear for mogging now – some pretty models are available at event vendors too.

Protection Warrior

Gottenbar ran Arcatraz. It didn’t went so well. We wiped three times. I was a responsible tank, and I know my defensive moves, old and new. It’s one of the few classes that I have complete control of after revamp. But I guess the other guys just need to learn their rotations. Mobs were dying VERY slow. There were moments when guys went into some mob’s dangerous abilities, healer was distracted from me – that’s when we died.

Protection Warriors really have a wide range of defensive stuff. But Blizzard makes two things clear: first, you won’t survive without a healer too long against many dangerous mobs like you could do before. Second, DPS. Excellent survivability, but you can’t match DPS guys anymore.

They got what they wanted. Tanks are tanks. They are not nukers, and they can’t do on their own in group content without heals. I think this is good.

What I also found about Prot Warriors is that your offense is not fast. You do: Bump. Bump. Bump. That gives you PLENTY of time to manage your defense, which is nice. I need to get used to it. Haven’t really tried my Brewmaster monk in stress situations, but at a first glance the idea is the same. Few and rare offensive abilities, and much defensive stuff which you can juggle, taking your time.

Tanking became comfortable. I feel… cosy while tanking. Like it’s an armchair by fireplace, a cup of hot beverage and thousands of frozen hells are roaring outside. That kind of feeling. Strange, isn’t it?

Retribution Paladin

Gardell went to Ulduar for rotation tests and the infamous shards. I revoke my initial statement about that Pallys are not as sparkling as before. It was based on a dummy test, but in the field it looks a bit different.

Light flashes are there. So it finally makes sense to play. Because rotations will be extremely easy even for a kindergarten kid. You don’t even have to think, everything is straightforward and plain. Up to primitive. I can live with that, but I liked the previous version more I guess. Well, the spec is fine. Light flashes!

Marksmanship Hunter becomes Survival Hunter

Marksmanship was my only playable spec since the very start in Pandaria. After pre-patch it just didn’t work. Lizgun ran through mobs. Abilities just don’t make sense. I hate using all of them. Then I ran through Icy Veins. Then mobs and dungeons. Marksmanship is not satisfying anymore. I can’t find a single appeal of it except that it’s a ‘ranged thing’. Nothing makes me want to log in as a Marksmanship Hunter anymore.

Somehow Lizgun found a 159,000 worth of Apexis in her stores. I was sure I’ve wasted them all before pre-patch! I consider it a sign from the skies. She bought her many baleful spears, until she found the one with haste, and upgraded it to 695.

Survival it is. 

Rotation is pretty understandable at a first glance even for a new guy. Talents are easy choice. Moves are pretty cool – and I’ve always wanted a spear-specific class. I have weakness for spears. What I like about Survival, is that you fight alongside with your pet, you share sweat and blood. You feel bonds. It’s pretty much of a precious thing. And it also somehow dampens my pet-hate too!

Field tests of Survival in Tanaan show my complete satisfaction with the spec. I need to try altering a pair of talents, but all in all it’s a very nice spec. I stick with it in Legion! Bye, Marksmanship :)

Now playing:

Pre-Patch 7.0.3 – Class Changes & Suicide Event

My evening and morning were 90% devoted to the huge work of class changes. I have 15 toons needed to be ready for Legion (well, one of them is 61 yet).

The bottom line is:

  • Whoever tells you that damage sucks, spit him in the face.
  • Tanaan mobs die in mere seconds with every class, while you had to waste some time on them before pre-patch.
  • Most classes feel like they could use much Haste.

I’ll run through my experience class by class.


Survival Options – there are many. I liked the improved Blink talent – it has two stacks, and it doesn’t interrupt your casting. Splendid!

Frost – Micromantica, my main, got few changes. She now has Flurry spell instead of Frostfire Bolt. It’s used the same way, so it’s basically a recolor.

She doesn’t have to use her water elemental anymore thanks to talent – hooray!

She got herself a new last-tier finishing move which I need to try – this spike which is formed out of 5 icicles. I felt I could use it during raid encounters, but I’m not sure about leveling – what if all mobs die earlier than you collect icicles for the spell? Comet Storm was my previous choice, and if I feel that I find no use for spike, I will turn to comets once again. It’s a bursty instant spell, and it’s available on demand.

Very cool revamp of AoE Blizzard spell – once you cast it, you don’t have to channel it anymore.

I have tested her with two LFR bosses. All in all I felt she lacks Haste now, and Fingers of Frost procs very rarely compared to previous rotation. Then you don’t cast Flurry as much as you had to cast Frostfire Bolt. Also multistrike is gone, and while I enjoyed siphoning the almost unbreakable ice jet towards enemies before pre-patch, now it’s more like cast time – hurl, and you have to get used to it. So she feels like a slower caster now.

Fire – Kellers didn’t notice any significant changes in her rotation. Major spells are there. There’s a very cool AoE improvement – this Kael’Thas-from-Warcraft-3 trademark fire pillar can proc to be cast in an instant, and that is so cool. All in all she gained some casting speed, and she feels more wild now, not a sluggish mortar.


Feral – Mayluna figured out the rotation on training dummy, but didn’t bring it into the field yet. I’m completely new to feral spec, so this is gonna be fun! New animations are very cool.

Death Knight

Frost – Mindebad got a significant reduction of abilities, and her rotation is simplified. She also feels slower, while she has always been a very fast killing machine. Although she’s powerful – mobs die in three blows. But I would trade this back for speed.


Windwalker – Paitsu is not happy that her Fists of Fury don’t stun her targets anymore. Jab is gone, and it’s cool, because I’ve always thought of it as a waste ability similar to Tiger Palm. Now they’re merged. You must keep an eye on NOT repeating the same abilities in a row – for example, if you use kick, slap, kick, slap – that means combo, and combo means better DPS.

Brewmaster – Oluu was very surprised to stay with FOUR offensive abilities. I feel that I could use more for leveling. Although the defense ability range of elixirs and brews is pretty awesome now.

I did some field test – she is not squishy like at all – she never even notices any hitting, but plain world fights maybe a bit boring due to the lack of offensive buttons.

I need to test her tanking in the raid. By the way, as long as we’re here – she’s done with the Runes and sets for Hellfire Citadel for Tomes!


Protection – Gottenbar got his revamps. I don’t feel that he lacks anything or that he’s drastically changed, no. Need a LFR test for him as I plan to tank with him in Legion – of course. He’s cool.

Fury – Bons got her revamps. She’s 100% into class fantasy now, and the new animations are just perfect. Rotation is new and easy to get. Field test – she’s wild, pretty fast and powerful. One of my favorite class/spec combinations.


Assassination – Hexen isn’t happy yet. You got your hands full of new multiple ‘bleed’ abilities, and I haven’t figured out her rotation yet. Still I like the new animations and she’s all about poisons and blood. Class fantasy it is.

Outlaw – Hedersen jumps like a girl. It’s by all means in the top-3 of the fastest classes in game now. That swordplay is just awesome. Pistol shots feel like a funny delay in the middle of the brawl though. I would prefer to have them completely situational (like we have one for stuns) or a real finishing move, which would be used at 20-30% or so. Now they’re part of normal rotation. But everything else is just… wow!

You want to take the Grappling Hook talent. You want to start an Outlaw Rogue only to use Grappling Hook. You can kill two or three hours in a row just using the Grappling Hook.


Destruction – Microfury is very new to the spec, so she has little previous experience to compare. All in all the rotation became much simpler, but the speed is somehow slower. She’s not a machine gun spitting felfire like before. Maybe she will try to switch back to Affliction – I don’t know yet.

She can walk without demon pets which I like!


Marksmanship – Lizgun is not sure about anything now. Everything is outright chaotic. I so need to get used to rotations. All in all everything dies very fast in a very few shots. She’s very, very effective. It’s just the gameplay that is not satisfying yet. We shall see.

I’m not very much against of trying Survival. Maybe several months into expansion.


Retribution – Gardell says that she’s not very excited about revamp. Everything is almost the same, you get used to few new abilities very fast, but it’s… plain dull now. The fights aren’t as flashy as they’ve been… Bump. Bump. Bump. Mob dead. Yay.


Enhancement – Schlitzchen is extremely happy. She’s the happiest toon of all. It’s her who stole all the visuals from other classes. It’s a living thunderstorm, the fastest and the most powerful melee toon of all. Mobs die in three mighty blows. Complete revamp of her abilities. You barely find anything familiar. And it’s for the best. There are finally no totems! Extreme mobility if you need so.

I’m just shivering with excitement when I’m playing with her.

Field Test

You may want to try your new classes in three situations. At least that’s what I’m gonna do.

  • Soloing older raids
  • Killing 100-level mobs in the world
  • Current raids


  • I suddenly felt that I have no need or desire to hang out in Garrisons anymore.
  • I thought I could clear up the extra Draenor zone quests – for cash. You know, the ones marked with crossed swords on a map. It will be easy at 100 level and pretty rewarding. Also it’s a practice of new rotations.

Suicidal Pre-Patch Event

  • This funny event of NPCs handing out Legion pamphlets in capital cities. If you get 12 different notes, you get a Feat of Strength. Cooldown for asking a pamphlet is 15 minutes.
  • But people figured out pretty fast that when you die, the 15-minute cooldown is reset, and you could ask for a new pamphlet. Guess what happens next?
  • The pamphlet girl spots became graveyards littered with player bones. People get their pamphlet, hurl into the sky, then commit suicide by falling. Resurrect at the spirit, short flight, pamphlet, suicide.
  • It was so sick. It’s really sick. It’s like all the city gone mad. You stand there, and people – naked people – are dying around you. Deliberately. And I don’t think that’s what they thought of when introducing this event.
  • I participated of course, and got my Feat of Strength in 40 minutes. The last 2 pamphlets just didn’t proc. Had to get 70 or so.
  • 70 suicides for my toon only.
  • It will stay in history as Suicide Pre-Patch Event.
  • Nice work, Blizzard :)


Pre-Patch Highlights!

Wardrobe & Toys

  • Managed to go through banks of 6 Alliance toons in the morning. Obviously got all the Fashionista achievements at once, although I crafted some shirts with my main. Btw, I need to check out the shirt market, whether it’s worth crafting and selling some in these days.
  • More banks and sacks to raid through, more things to add to collections.
  • Items now have a useful tip on them which indicates if you don’t have that look yet (so you should put it on then), or you can sell it right away.
  • Added many saved toys to my collection, although I was surprised that some of the vanity items didn’t become toys. For example, a fishing raft becomes a toy. But a floating ice block, which acts the same, is not. WTF?

Missions and Garrison Items

  • They nerfed it. Follower upgrades qualify for 5 copper. I did everything yesterday as planned, so I’m glad to share 84,000 among my six Alliance toons and 88,000 among my five Horde toons.
  • 14-17k is a good start per toon for Legion, but of course we will earn more in the coming months. Selling mogging items alone brings 2-5k per toon.
  • Funny thing: before I went to sleep yesterday, I launched the last gold missions for 37 gold. Today they brought me Garrison resources. So I couldn’t cheat the Big Brother :)


  • Yes, it’s very cool. I’m very much irritated that I have to switch off helmets and capes from every toon again. But all in all the upgrade is perfect.
  • Grand Expedition Yak is your wardrobe key, if you forgot it somehow.
  • I’m saving my current looks for the toons, they are just awesome and I want them available in a blink of an eye.


  • Managed to get through talents and abilities of four toons – frost mage, fury warrior, frost death knight, windwalker monk.
  • Warrior, Death Knight, Hunter and Monk got mail with weapons for revamped specs. Fury Warriors now wield two zweihanders only, so they got two zweihanders. Frost Death Knights now dual-wield only, so they sent me a pair of swords. Hunters got a spear in case we want to try some Survival. Monks got a staff because Brewmasters will wear them.
  • Everything in panels is a bit strange, but not overwhelming. I’ve kicked a dummy a bit, and I think we’ll get the idea of the new rotations pretty fast. They’re not drastically changed, and the new abilities are easy to comprehend and you could easily understand which role will it play in your rotation.
  • Talents are very cool and make perfect sense even by description. Picked them up easily. I had two or three choices though, need to try this and that.
  • I’m so going to LFR this evening for a field test.
  • I need to see all the new cool animations and moves.
  • To battle!


  • Graphics went very cool! Didn’t tune anything, but everything suddenly looks several times better. No bugs, and no delays.
  • Although my cooling fan in a laptop became a bit noisy – so video card is under stress. We need to check that in raids. Maybe I will tune down the visuals a bit.
  • The new panel of your health and main resource right under you character is extremely convenient. Still I’m switching it off for most of my toons to preserve the ambience :) Yes, I’m all about immersement, not some mysterious dps numbers.
  • Need to get used to new mob health bars.
  • I like the new HD damage numbers.


  • Pre-patch was available at 8 a.m., even if maintenance hours were planned until 10 a.m.
  • I believe in Santa again.

Now, this is my chaotic pre-patch morning! What was yours?