Legion Music: Review

Very soon I’ll be summing up the whole expansion, but this topic deserves a separate post.

As a musician and a composer myself, I pay lots of attention to the music of movies and games. There’s no wonder that a moving moment could be enhanced 100 times by a corresponding soundtrack. Would The Lion King’s stampede scene be as tense and heartbreaking if not for Hans Zimmer’s soul ripping piece? Would the ascension of Simba in the finale be as majestic as it would have been with another composer’s work? I doubt that very much.

Any expansion music is one of the vital things that defines my whole expansion experience. As with a music album, there must be hit tracks, and also a fitting ambience throughout the zones which tingles you from time to time, and doesn’t get you exhausted like in “Not again!” exhausted upon re-entering the zone.

Surprisingly Legion has very few significant tunes compared to other expansions. What I would mention:

  • Anduin/Varian theme, introduced in scenario. The Lion King was not mentioned in vain previously – it’s an intended pun here, and it’s just as heart ripping as the stampede scene tune with the alike result. The theme that strong in emotions in WoW is only Draenor’s piece “Malach” aka Yrel’s theme from Warlords of Draenor.
  • Highmountain theme – it’s the piece that I always enjoy, the tender flute delivering the most pleasant melody and telling the down-to-earth, shamanic and sunny zone of Highmountain. It tells about the wings, the light chilly breeze, the pine tops, the skies.
  • Valar’jar theme in Stormheim. I think it’s the best vrykul theme in all Warcraft. Fjord was not that bad, but I can’t help tapping my foot to the horn syncopes in Stormheim. It is more to the ground, very scandinavian tune, and the one that could be played in repeat.
  • Finally, Antorus/Argus. The heavy grand piano royal tune is an excellent epic piece. It is meant to provide the epicness of everything happening, and it copes with the task. It is not that evil, surprisingly ending in major key, so it happens to surprise and awe. Too bad that Argus/Antorus are mostly a pile of dirt :) The music tells us about the opened spaces, the epic structures – while at Argus all we do is lurking in the holes, praying not to be noticed and drifting through the ash at light speed, never having an opportunity to look around and see the landscape.

And I’m totally not touched by every tune else. Is it because the expansion is about elves? Blizzard is uneven with elves: they normally nail the woodlands, but cellos for blood elves, although not bad by themselves, didn’t speak Sunwell and Silvermoon at all. Suramar was not pleasant. Val’sharah is, but I think it’s a recolor of previous melodies, particularly Moonglade. Ysera’s death is a piece of a much earlier Nightsong, so Legion doesn’t take credit for this.  And Azsuna is simply awful. Once I hear this melody, I want to escape the zone asap – maybe that’s the major reason I dislike the zone most of all. It’s definitely gonna be one of my Worst 10 list.

There’s nothing to be said about raid, dungeon or other zones ambience – it just doesn’t stay in mind.

All in all, Legion provided 2 mighty epic pieces and a couple of decent zone tunes. That is drastically not enough for the whole expansion. Sadly, it happens to be one of the worst expansion considering soundtrack in my personal rating.



Paragon Mounts: One Before Last

Yesterday the Nightfallen emissary showed up, so I had my hands full running the world quests with the full 12-toon major roster. 6 of them will have reached over another 10k upon completing the emissary – so I had a nice day of trying.

Funny enough, the very first toon I picked, my druid Helu, opened her chest –


– and the magic carpet drops out! Now every prize from paragon reputations on Broken Isles is mine now. The mounts from Farondis, Dreamweavers, Highmountain, Valar’jar and Nightfallen, the felbat pet from Legionfall and the sentinel toy from the Wardens.

To end up the paragon farming story I just need to collect the last of three elekks from the Army of Light. And forget about it like a bad dream. Putting this carrot on a stick surely added up to /played time, but it’s too much. As far as we know, we still get paragon chests in BfA, but we will not be chasing them on purpose – the prizes will be just your common upgrades and bonuses. Wise decision – I couldn’t stand one more expansion of endless farm.

Meanwhile, we rejoice.



Leveling Done – Off for Raiding


The last of Allied Races leveling is complete – Arkeona hit 110 yesterday!

Arkeona’s racial transmog set for the achievement is actually very nice, but it’s obviously a caster’s gear, so no chance my rogue wears that:


It may be used as a holiday attire, so royal.

Upon 110, you’re allowed to Argus gear tokens. I scraped as much as 4-5 items per toon which drove my toons from 780-ish to 820-825. Do we go to Emerald Nightmare for upgrades? No way.

Your bread and butter is fishing out the world quests which grant you gear. And they grant you no less than 860-865 items, with a great chance to be improved to 875 or more. Every item acquired brings you 4-5 ilvl up, so just lazy checks and hawk-style completing these quests will save you lots of queue/raiding time.

In just two days of world quests checking Jammu improved from 820 to 857 – almost Tomb access of 860. I think I plan LFRs not earlier than this raid, so it’s a lull by now.

Besides that, I have emissaries to complete for legendary gear – imagine what a boost it is, acquiring a 1000 ilvl item instead of some 780.


So, my leveling journey for all allied races took February 1 – June 19. Not that long, considering I had Antorus on my hands to farm for transmog of 12 classes, and 12 toons farming paragon mounts, plus several grindy achievements.

Frankly I’m quite exhausted with the journey, I didn’t have 4 toons to catch up simultaneously after Pandaria. And I’m glad it’s gonna be a while since I return to leveling.

I’m not sure I want any other allied race to be played. Zandalari are ugly dudes. while I totally dig and respect orcs as a proud culture, I’m not a fan of having a mag’har of my own – maybe just through race change if I get tired of my draenei rangari being a warrior.

As cool as are Kul Tirans, I’m not excited to actually play them – although they definitely add up as NPCs, the world of Azeroth is gonna be so richer with them and player characters alike. I’d like to see them tanking in my party!

The last left are Dark Irons. I’m not sure now whether I’ll be leveling one :) I’m not excited about attires anymore, so reroll is a very viable option here.

I will level if only I want the girl to be a shaman, because Schlitzchen the Goblin stays shaman no matter what. Otherwise, I may think of rerolls – we’ll see how it goes. I’d like my Dark Iron to wield a shield, but basically elemental shaman are alike fire casters. So I have a proper bronzebeard dwarf girl saved as a Fire Mage at 110. As if I predicted that :)

We Are Highmountain


The next allied toon to reach 110 is Jammu the Feral Druid!

Her leveling was very fast. Once you pick an AoE talent at 90 which replaces one of your basic AoE, mobs drop down around you like trees in the hurricane. And this is also the thing that cuts 50% off a tougher single target before it could even think of attacking you. I hope it stays in BfA because I can’t imagine my rotation without it.

Frankly I don’t like any of the Allied gear for achievement, and despite the cool totems behind your back, Highmountain is not an exception:


Arkeona the Subtlety Rogue is the only one toon left now, and she’s barely 1 level to go. It’s a question of a single gaming session, so today or tomorrow I’ll be done with Allied Races leveling project.

From the point, Kalaari, Jammu and Arkeona will do Argus to get access to world quests, crucible and open the map, finish their order hall campaigns (it’s been two years since my first classes did it, so the storylines are almost as good as new), and do daily world quest emissaries to fish out legendaries. I need them in Antorus to suit up to 915, and this is gonna be it.

I’m in no rush nowadays. It’s almost a month until pre-patch, so I can relax now and have some fun.

Lightforged Leveling Done


That’s right, the achievement is mine :)

Kalaari finished Azsuna and Val’sharah questlines along with their dungeons. The rest came from bits of Paladin campaign, blacksmithing/mining quests and bonus objectives (which you can grab much like in Draenor – with no actual storyline questing running).

She sits with an admission to Emerald Nightmare now, so a journey of gearing up awaits. The best way for me is tracking the world quests which grant you upgrade gear, and also doing emissaries to fish out the legendaries. Argus argunite items also help.

Like I wrote in the previous post, Kalaari is not meant to be active in BfA, so her gearing up to 915-ish is purely a leisure activity during lull.

Her current transmog is Lightforged Pretorian, the legacy armor for the achievement pretty much sucks :)


Now we have a Nightborne and a Highmountain to finish their leveling in Broken Isles :)


Managing Alts in Battle for Azeroth

As in Draenor, I’m entering the new expansion with the same scary amount of alts – 17. It is high time to determine my alt priorities for the upcoming expansion.

The alt system was very simple in Legion: I had to shorten my roster to 12 toons of every class – to see every storyline, class order hall campaigns, artifact weapons, collect every raid set, and later – mounts. Which was a great success, and it totally paid off. This time it will be a lot different.

While my alts cover the played and enjoyed specs nowadays, I’m still going to put a huge bunch of them for later. There will be no class-specific content in BfA, and more – there won’t be class-related raid sets as well. While I probably plan to level them all someday (probably at expansion lull days), I need to pick the priority toons for the initiate days and the first expansion raid.




Micromantica the Frost Mage is my main and flagship of the whole game, the first and the ultimate character. She’ll be mastering Frost – whatever Blizzard do to the spec again. She’ll be the first to earn reputations and see every new bit of content during the expansion. No questions.



Aurinko is the major healing toon, so she’s bound to be in the first rows for the first raid. I’ll have to struggle with leveling as Holy (Shadow’s awful nowadays), yet she’s to level up fast and nice.



Paitsu enjoys both tanking and healing – she’s ready to accept both roles in BfA. She’s one of my ultimate tanks, so she’s ready to be there in the first row.

*As soon as it’s gonna be possible – I will roll and level a Dark Iron. She’ll be a casting shaman, and I want to main her among other toons.




I tend to think of Schlitzchen as my Horde main. She’s the only toon of all others that kept her identity (race) apart from Micromantica, so she’s important to me. As I’m leveling my Dark Iron as a caster, she will go as Enancement like she initially started. as a tropical goblin, she’s so ready for the jungles of Zandalar and will happily return to Kezan in one of the dungeons.



Helu is my casting druid. She’ll be the one to bombard the bosses and everything as Balance, but she can switch to Restoration in a blink if needed.



The playful cat may be this very guy for the initiate Zandalar experience. Rotation built-in sneaking makes her perfect to learn the roudabouts of the new continent and where the enemies and the shortcuts are.

So, it appears to be a Gnome party for the Alliance, and a shaman/double Tauren druid combo for the Horde side.

Fun Gameplay

The toons below are quite enjoyable for me, I like their specs very much, but I will pick them not earlier that I feel like playing them. When I’m tired of rotations of my major roster and when I want something new – I pick one of them. They will be saved for lull times. This includes pretty much every toon left:



Baisa will sport Marksmanship like she always did, with no intention to change specs. A pleasure of leveling with a pet tank and a relaxed raiding experience is what I always enjoyed in my hunter.



Faari is the Fire Mage, and it’s purely a fun character. Her personality fits the spec so well, so she’s my roleplay toon. Fire is a very fun spec to play too – I had one deleted in Draenor, I now have a new one from December 2017 which will stay.



Myde is an Arcane Mage. The spec is not that fun to level, although it’s absolutely bombastic when geared at endgame. She’s sea-theme clad now, and I may bring her forward for Azshara raiding if we have something later. As a void elf, she’s also interested in Void/Light themes which will drop sooner or later.



Backston sports Frost and Frost only. Until they completely change the Blood spec from mortar slow blows to rapid vampiric style. She’s a sort of an evil character, and she waits for Bolvar to make his move.



Anibell is my another ultimate tanking character, so it’s very likely she will step in very soon. Protection Paladin is one of my best tanking toons, and being Alliance-clad human, she fits so well into the expansion.



Kalaari is a Retribution Paladin. Upon 110, the dim Lightforged zealot will have a long rest. She’s important for roleplay: there are many hints that Naaru and the Light are not as good as it seems. When the Light becomes the new evil, I’m bringing her up from hiatus. She’s my evil character.



Oulu is a bloody rangari. She stays in hiatus for now.



Melaris is a Havoc fighter. She stormed Antorus, she had extreme fun and satisfaction, but now she’s off for Night Elven woods to reconnect with her elven past. She wants to remember and recover, and she needs a rest from the scorched fel lands.



Berringer is currently on a faraway secret mission from SI:7. The Stormwind intelligence has her, and in the wake of war her skills are most needed – whether she wants it or not. It’ll be a while since she will be able to bring her poisonous daggers into the fray.



Faerella will eagerly explore Affliction and Destruction ways… later. But she’s a very probable candidate to catch up with her Horde allies soon – for schemes and profits, not for the faction pride of course.



The subtle Nightborne political assassin is currently investigating the Sylvanas reign… She’s seen the atrocities in Hillsbrad and in Dragonblight, and she’s not a fan of her. She’ll be plotting and scheming. She will wait. When the throne of Sylvanas will shake, she’ll be there to help overthrow the ‘warchief’. Not yet. Not now.


Summing it up, I’ll be good with a smaller amount of toons rushing forward in the coming expansion. I would not feel overwhelmed as I frankly was in Legion. And I will always have another toon for the exciting new class/profession experience or roleplay at the ready.

Trivia: Draenor Leveling & Pre-Patch Plans


The weekend was devoted to leveling my allied races in Draenor, and they are now all done with it.

I’ve had no idea that you’re allowed to Broken Isles upon reaching 98, and only Arkeona received some benefit from that. The thing is, to get a pop up quest to Broken Isles you need to log out and log in when you’re 98. So Jammu and Kalaari grinded the Draenor “world quests” to 100. Arkeona had a break in her 98, so she could immediately go to Broken isles in her 98.

You could blame Draenor for many things, but leveling won’t be one of them. Reaching 100 is a walk in the park.

Anyways, my 3 allied toons are now 101-105 and counting. In theory you could level without questlines in Legion as well – grab invasions, grab the very same “world quests”, but proper leveling through the well-known paths and with flights seems yet to be a bliss, also earning you some decent gear upgrades on the way. The end is near, and I’ll soon be there for the endgame.

Endgame is current for Myde, the arcane void elf. She covered the Argus questline and now storms Antorus. Every drop from the raid is an upgrade for her, and in a week I brought her from 890 entrance ilvl to 912.

My pre-patch goals for the alt roster is as follows:

  • Obviously reach 110 with every allied race and get achievements
  • Do leisure runs in Antorus with them to upgrade for at least 920 and up
  • Check for the loose ends and questlines – at least I need Antorus and Silithus parts done (but to hell with leveling zones)
  • Resume Underbelly eyes grind
  • Do Archaeology with a goal to get all pristines and maybe 250 digging sites for achievement
  • Grind few more Sentinax for bosses achievement
  • Wait for pre-patch

The last goal which will be current in summer is of course the remaining paragon mounts – I won’t return there later, no sir. The gods of random were generous and got Micromantica one more Lightforged elephant:


Its recolor is actually very nice, so I may consider this a thing for my Draenei: