And at this stage I’m off to my vacation. Me & my band are driving to Netherlands all the way from Russia to play a couple of shows and have some fun on the way there and back :) This means that there is no WoW for me this week, and Mr. Ga-hoon will have to wait for my return, as long as the last wing’s review post.

I’m all set, top priority now being raising my ilvl. Second priority is reputations of course. Along the way it’s zone final quests in dungeons, warfronts, and (my oh my) maybe island expeditions as well? :)

Some quick thoughts on the days passed:

Warfront questing without a group is pain for a fresh 120, even a hunter! Needs gearing up. This put aside, I’m digging this activity, it’s so fun.

I’ve healed all the required dungeon batch with my priest in Holy spec, and it was a blast. No one, never was down with health less than 60%, and I consider anyone below 90% as a personal insult, so imagine me happy :) Can’t wait to gear up and go raiding with her.

The Horde’s Ready for War is so anti-climactic compared to the Alliance counterpart.

My Hordies are totally afraid of standing in front of Sylvanas, even when she’s praising my toons. I expect a sudden stab in the eye, no less. When is she gone, you were saying?.. Nathanos is also a bitchy boss, I don’t like to do his bidding.

Trash before Zul is where you meet & greet assholes and dumbasses. Seriously, 6 wipes on trash in both Schlitzchen’s and Micromantica’s runs. All you need to do is fucking not pull before tank. And reset the mobs if you failed, not drive them all the way to respawn point. Apparently it’s the hardest thing to do so far in the whole expansion.

On this merry note, Gnomecore’s out :)


Said and Done

My previous This Much post was about fixating my inner concerns on the ‘paper’. When I read it myself, I immediately knew that it was basically a plan of action.

What can I say?


  1. Warlock, monk, paladin, druid were stripped naked, vendored and mailed all the goods to other toons, and deleted.
  2. Trial toon showed that a goblin girl has this awful pirouette as one of Arms basic spells, but animations are excellent in Fury and Protection that I do play.
  3. Besides, all the plate armor looks awesome on a goblin – due to their thinnest waists.
  4. Gorhaug the Orc Warrior was then turned into Fearella the Goblin Warrior (I decided to pass the warlock’s name, it fits her as well).
  5. Now I have 4 awesome sauce gnomes and Schlitzchen is not alone too on the Horde side :) Thanks for the advice to keep a plate armor girl.

Leveling is… done. It was a great thing today to go into endgame activities – establishing an outpost, going for gathering quests, completing the dungeons for final zone quests. Well, now you think of it, they’re not exactly endgame, but they are for me.

Head deep into leveling for 1,5 months, I’m feeling a bit astray now. And yet – happy, of course. It’s a great relief to handle some sensible alt amount. It must sink in in the days coming.

Let me finish with one of my favorite stories:

– Oh wise man, nothing makes me happy anymore.
– So… take a dog, a dozen of chickens, a cow, a goat, and a sheep, and let them live in your house for a year.
So the man did and lived with them under same roof for a year.
– Now what?
– Now chase them all out and see how you feel.

This Much…


…is left considering leveling questing :) Yes, it’s just Jammu, and it’s just one hub for 30 minutes of playtime.

Frankly, leveling left me exhausted this time. I may think deeper into expansion if I really want this amount of alts to proceed.

My altoholism started with Pandaria, trying as many new classes as possible – to see if anything awesome was being left out and untouched. And I frantically leveled and LFR-raided during the lull before Draenor – up to the WoD release, I barely managed to make it.

Draenor was played through with a draw – 5 Alliance, 5 Horde, and I’ve tried different specs and classes too, my alt roster grew up to 17 toons – up to I had to cut them to 12 before Legion.

In Legion having this many classes was justified – unique stories and artifact weapons, unique order halls, unique mounts all added up to the experience and lore, lore, lore, my favorite lore.

In BfA I left 10 – disposing of my least favorite demon hunter and death knight. And this now feels like a bit too much.

If I considered my next alt culling, this would leave me with:

  • Micromantica the Mage – no doubt it’s my major toon no matter what.
  • Jellica the Priest – I enjoy the character, and healing is one of the nice activities.
  • Pins the Rogue – being a stealthy blade is highly enjoyable.
  • Baisa the Hunter – is under question. Not really a fan of current spec versions, but it’s the most relaxed class gameplay to me, and I need that from time to time.
  • Schlitzchen the Shaman – as the one for the Horde side, and the character that I feel highly attached to.

Having leveled through BfA, I finally decide that druid and warlock I’m not a fan of at all, neither of the specs, and paladin, monk and warrior are ok, powerful as DPS, easy to play, but not that appealing, no strings attached to the classes. Still, this leaves me with no plate armor toons – and I want to see and collect its transmogs :) Maybe a warrior should stay?

Is it time for the next culling? Cause ten alts definitely feels too much today. And thinking of getting busy with all of their reputations and mission tables and what not feels like a doom :)

Trivia: Leveling, Transmogs, Older Raids


I have very few to complete now. Pins is on her way to Fletcher’s Hollow in Drustvar, and Jammu has cleared the eastern part of Vol’dun up to and through Akunda Temple story. I’ve started with Vol’dun and Drustvar, I end up the leveling project with them in the coming couple of days.

Micromantica has earned BfA Pathfinder – Part 1! Tortollans were the last to get Revered.


I did my first distraction from current content. Paitsu got tired of looking like a hobo, so she scrolled through the transmog set list and picked Siege of Orgrimmar as her new outfit. Which had to be earned from point zero!

It was amazing how I just swiped through the raid with no trouble :) And I was lucky to get all drops but the belt, now a white/golden-clad girl in Pandaria attire (ignore her right weapon, in game it is an artifact-appearance pair as in her left hand):


If you were feeling that you gain no power through leveling, try running any raid from Draenor solo. I just burned Hellfire Citadel through – the only boss that gave me some hard time was the first one where you need to juggle dozens of trash mobs alone, or else they blow up cannons and you lose the encounter. Respecced to Brewmaster and used a mob-luring statue to solve it. The rest bosses just died in several strikes :)

Just a ferry pic of Anibell having finished her Tiragarde questing :)


P.S. Yesterday Wisteria spotted my main in game, and we caught up and made friends through BattleTag! :) It was so strange and exciting to become WoW friends with a fellow blogger – so please feel free to add me:

Battletag: Gnomecore#21813.


Priest Renamed!


There, I did it :) Now 100% happy with the name roster.

The new nickname’s Jellica – derived from ‘Angelica’ which in turn is derived from ‘angel’. It fits, it’s smooth and tender, and it’s quite gnomish! :)

She’s certainly an angel, although a battle medic rather than a spiritual person :)


So Close


Now we know when I hit 120 and complete all zones on all alts – September 30.

I’ve decided to vary my experience – clearing several hubs on one toon, then hopping on another. Little is left:

  • Anibell has to clear Anglepoint and southern Tiragarde;
  • Paitsu has already done the initiate quests up to Brennadam and solved Mildenhall Meadery;
  • Pins has cleared the Fallhaven hub;
  • Jammu is set with tortollans in Vol’dun to clear them before the main questline.

Next chart upgrade will be ilvl to track Uldir attunement and reputations.

Exactly 1,5 months for leveling project – I think this is fine. Almost the same was in Legion.

I think my endgame since Monday will be about hopping on a toon I feel like playing and just clearing the quest log – obviously outposts have to be established at the enemy continent, gathering quests done, leftovers from initiate questing, dungeons run for quests, warfront quests etc. etc.  Looking forward to upgrading.

Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge: Getting to Know You…

Ooh, I love this one :)


The lovely ladies Z & Cinder want to know us in real life, and prepared a bunch of questions to answer. Which i do with pleasure :)

1. How do you drink your tea? 

Plain, teabags, no sugar. I have a king size mug in my office, and it’s never empty. At home I go with some cookies from local store.

2. Favorite dessert? 

Said cookies maybe :) Or meat pies. I’m definitely not a sugar-eating person. Oh, I know. Bagels. The Russian version is sold in pairs, palm-sized diameter, they’re quite dense (but not stonehard or crunchy) so they better come with any drink, they come with poppy seeds on top, and they’re full in flavor by themselves – enough not to add any jam or honey or butter (although you can dip or spread some, it’s not forbidden).

3. Favorite season and why? 

The season change. Autumn (no rain, cloudy) and Spring (sunny, no snow already).

4. What cheers you up? 

Cool worlds in literature, movies, series, games to feed my escapist side :) Also making music, writing my own stories, my wife and cats.

5. Dogs or cats?

Cats, cats, cats. Love them all and have two fluffies of my own. I’m not against dogs, but I would not like to keep one. They require outdoors twice a day whether you want this or not, and also I like the cats’ relative independence in character.

6. What is your dream holiday? 

New Year – it’s basically Christmas in Russia, with Santa, lights, X-mas tree and presents. Actual orthodox X-mas is a purely religious holiday for church visiting (I’m an atheist, btw).

7. How many kids you want?

None. We discussed it with my wife several times (we’re both 35), and the whole business is just not for us. We’d better be the cool aunt and uncle (my niece is 1,5 years old).

8. Favorite weather?

Favorite temperature is 13-17C degrees, when I can wear an unbuttoned coat over my shirts.

9. What would your last meal be?

I don’t really know :) Some restaurant food not from everyday life. Actually it would be a tour around restaurants with different cuisines (italian, georgian, japanese etc.)

10. You can spend 24 hours anywhere, any year – what would you choose? 

Future 20-30 years from my death – I wonder how this evolves further. Definitely not the past – it may surprise the modern person quite a lot, and not in a pleasant way.

11. If you were a ghost, who and where would you haunt? 

Some quite an attended place to become a city legend :)

12. What is your family ancestry? 

My grandparents are descendants from peasant families in European part of Russia, then they moved to the region center, my native town of Kirov. Both of my grandmas became teachers (of music and Russian/literature), and my parents teach history in university and gymnasium. I graduated university as a teacher of English, but I work as search engine optimization specialist :)

13. What scares you? 

Caterpillars – I hated noticing one in the bushes right in front of my nose when I was a kid. I hate heights – I could only enjoy the view in thoroughly protected, wind-shielded environment. Planes are ok, but I couldn’t make myself step on the glass floor on the top of Shanghai Tower :) I’m scared of an unexpected death of myself or my close ones.

14. What are you most grateful for? 

I consider myself a lucky person – that is, everything eventually works out to better ways. If I want something desperately and it doesn’t happen my way, it will appear to happen later and better.

15. Dream job?

The one where I get paid for insights and ideas, not routines :)

16. Do you believe in aliens? 

I’d like to know if something supernatural or aliens existed :) But it’s unlikely that aliens were so technologically advanced to reach the Earth and not wipe us out without an effort as a nuisance – I mean, what could we possibly offer or how we oppose them in that case? Doesn’t stop me from enjoying games and movies though.

I don’t think that I need a big fatherly entity to look up to, but I’d definitely wish there was some secret fairy folk to spice up the mundane :)

17. Favorite sport?

Swimming on a leisure basis, I also ride a scooter this summer.

18. How do you relax after a long day? 

WoW, obviously :) Or watching something with my wife (often while I’m playing WoW – it’s called ‘peeking’, and I claim that I watched a movie nevertheless).

19. If you had to be a teacher, what subject would you teach?

Languages, obviously. And foreign culture. Other option – psychology of relations.

21. Describe your perfect day.

Option one – a weekend. Wake up early, play WoW with a cup of cofee for 4-5 hours while my wife is still asleep, then eat a late lunch along with a favorite series episode, go out together for a walk/grocery, return home and watch a couple of movies (while playing WoW heh))

Option two – travel. Wake up in a hotel at 10 in an unexplored foreign city, go to exlore all the sights, then groceries and souvenir shops, end up with a rock/metal show in a local club and drink there until morning :)

22. Describe yourself in a sentence. 

Too much to tell :)

23. Who makes you laugh the most? 

I’m into all types of humor, from utterly crude, cynical, politically incorrect or disgusting jokes to the most intricate and clever absurdistic examples. The only criteria is that a joke must be actually funny :)

24. What superpower would you choose?

Invincibility or healing – to cope with unexpected circumstances.

25. Favorite animal?

Cats, obviously. Also everything fluffy and/or cute.

26. Biggest accomplishment? 

My band is my life’s project.

27. A picture of yourself?..

And I know you didn’t ask, but a picture would be nice :) Be like Alunaria and show yourself! :)

I had a short haircut this summer, cause my hair’s thinning, and my previous metal mane didn’t look that good anymore :) So now I look like this:


And this one is with one of my fluffies, Lis (‘fox’ in Russian).


And this one’s Jeeves (as in ‘Jeeves and Wooster’, although he’s nothing wise like his prototype).