Argus & Demon Worlds

*This post is inspired by leaked Demon Hunters’ starting quest chain and pictures of Mardum.*

We all know what Legion does to the worlds it conquers: the sole purpose of demons is fel corruption and destruction of Titans’ work.

We have seen the perfect examples of demonic influence: visit Shadowmoon Valley in Outland, Legion camps in Nagrand or Blade’s Edge Mountains, Throne of Kil’Jaeden in Hellfire Peninsula or see the results of a SINGLE, 30-second spell performed by Gul’dan in Tanaan Jungle.

For all we know, Argus, the Draenei homeland, was conquered by the Burning Legion. It has been under demons for hundreds of years. Say, do you really crave to play for 1,5-2 years in the whole new world which looks like THIS?

Shadowmoon_TBC There could be NO exception. All zones and all continents will be fel green and black ash.

To hell with Argus. You don’t want it, really.

Repgrind for TBC

In October – November I took my pleasure to go for a bit of the WotLK content, doing some dungeon/raid achievements.

Also there was a severe rep grind – and now my reputation table for WotLK looks like this:


*Sholazar wolves and froggies were Exalted 1 by one too, but they don’t look that good on chart, so I didn’t include them.

Well, now I’m going for TBC and actually there’s not much left.

There’s Shattered Sun Offensive with an immense amount of dailies: ~15 quests and you get 3200 reputation per day. I’m doing them very fast and effective, takes me 30 minutes to complete the whole batch. Shame that the rewards will be only some mogging stuff, no mounts or anything.

Then there’s goddamn ogres of Ogri’la. 4 dailies, and no options. And Shatari Sky Defence – I’m not doing them before I finish Ogres, because 2 ogre dailies grant 850 reputation for Shatari too, and I don’t want this go in vain :) Exalted for Shatari means +6 or so mounts, but I’m not in a hurry for them.

For perfectionist sakes, I need one more run through Black Temple to make it not 480/999, but 999/999 for Ashtongue Deathsworn. Well, I’m doing it anyways, because I need to farm some pets there.

That and Archaeology is basically all my business in WoW nowadays. No desire to go for dungeons or raids specially for Valor, let it burn in hell :)

Starcraft II – Legacy of the Boredom: Opinion

Spoiler Alert: this blog post contains an immense amount of spoilers for Stacraft II: Legacy of the Void. You have been warned!


And so, yesterday in the middle of the night I have finished the Starcraft saga. This time it’s arch enemy, cosmology, revelation, happy end and of course Protoss.

The focus of this Starcraft II Review/Opinion will be the story, the characters and the campaign missions.


I never expected that now, with those amazing Wings of Liberty and Heart of the Swarm parts of Starcraft II, the epic conclusion of the whole story would end with a paradise of boring shite.



Look at Kerrigan and Raynor: they are uneasy, they are struggling with their dark side, they evolve and make important decisions throughout their campaigns. Well, now they give us Artanis. Seriously, each and every briefing and cutscene are the same. His agenda throughout the campaign is one and the same babbling about “we will endure” and “we must unite”. He does so with a single intonation aka enthusiastic dreamy teenager. He doesn’t get angry or bored or sad or happy, he’s always looking at the stars and juggling the same 3 phrases which are apparently enough to unite Protoss and win the game.

Protoss have always been the most boring race in all of Starcraft. But you know, we had at least self-sacrifice of Protoss heroes and these sneaky Dark Templar in Starcraft I – everyone likes good-hearted rogues and exiles. They had clashes, betrayals, life. In Starcraft II, nothing happens.

We have Karax. One more “dwarf tinker” character – Terran Rory Swann was the first one. He’s calm and doesn’t care for anything but science. His ascension to Templar was so unnatural. No-more-castes – it’s a good idea for plot, yes. But Karax openly says: I fuck your Templar war thing in nostrils, even if you say I’m Templar now. Let me craft my toys and my cogwheels, whatever you call me.

Isn’t it great? All the pathos of “unity” and “new world” and “templars” is ruined. There’s the ceremony. He shrugs his shoulders: “Whatever you want me to do”. He’s not excited at all about becoming a Templar. Why should we?

And being the “tinker” character, Karax doesn’t seem to care too much about neither Artifact/Keystone nor Solar Core. I didn’t feel his devotion to machines and experiments except that he told us so.

Then we have Fenix and Vorazun. There’s nothing happening to them as well. Click on them before any mission – you get the same talk in other words. These aren’t characters, these are answerphones. They all are expressing their small worries only to listen to Artanis, open-mouthed, as he repeats the same old shit again and again. It’s like a pre-arranged press conference or a lesson in school visited by superintendants: all the Q&A are rehearsed and unnatural.

The only bright spot in this realm of plastic dolls is Alarak, the leader of Tal’darim. He’s the only one here to have more than 1 intonation and his own opinion. He’s the only one that doesn’t play a flat one-dimensional role. He has feelings and emotions.


Yes, there were purest pearls among the 19 missions: the ones when you join Raynor or Kerrigan armies on the battlefield, the push & pull Rak’Shir fight, the moving platform (!) and of course several Heroes-of-the-Storm missions – everyone likes one-man-army levels, come on :)

But most of the game, when you are teleported to battlefield, they will show you 3 to 5 pillars or gates or stones you will have to destroy. If you want to get somewhere, destroy 3 pillars. If you want to leave the planet, destroy 3 pillars. If you want to defend, destroy 3 pillars. If you want to make yourself a sandwich, destroy 3 pillars.


There are Three Pillars of Boredom in Legacy of the Void:

  1. Plastic “characters”
  2. Missions themselves
  3. Chaotic flight across the universe with no epic enemies or resistance

The story was as illogical and fragmentary as possible. If Aiur was our climax point (which is fair), why should we start with it only to fail there in the first place?

While Amon behaved as stupid as he could. His forces are spread across the universe, and they never have enough firepower or presence to pose any threat to one stupid spaceship with Protoss remnants. WTF? Dude, make a citadel. He gains his body on Aiur – well, ok, cause he forges it from Overmind’s leftovers. But he does it in the last moment. He doesn’t seem to care if his forces are destroyed in small groups. He didn’t build any defence, although he had much time.

Mind you, he’s tracking Artanis through Rohana, he constantly tells the Protoss how scary and powerful he and his plan are. By the middle of the game, it’s just an annoying buzz. Because we come to the next planet, lazily collect information or extra boring warriors for our army, we leave. We’re not in a rush: Amon’s forces are said to be terrorizing the worlds, but when we come to the next planet, it’s just a next roaming bunch of thugs, colored red, with no guidance or goals. And Radio Amon online.

Amon never cared for Keystone, Spear of Adun or any plan. Amon’s thugs just broke windows, turned over trash bins and tagged the walls of Koprulu sector with bad words, until all these gangs were busted and all their base and loot are belong to us. Couldn’t he collect enough firepower, build a citadel, perform some plan? No, everything he did was maniacally stalking Artanis through the radio till the end – why not Kerrigan or Raynor… ah, whatevs. And then he tried to build himself a body – WHY? Why does he stalk Artanis for 17 missions and then he tries to build a body only when Artanis finally comes for him?

It would be unfair not to mention really good parts of Legacy of the Void: cosmic conspiracy about Khala, Xel’Naga and betrayal was very, very cool. And when Kerrigan & Raynor joined the fight – the story suddenly becomes vivid and fun. 


If you want to write a comment, destroy 3 pillars.

About Class Changes in Legion

I’m playing 11 different classes/specs very actively, all 11 toons are at maximum level and were raiding throughout Draenor. So I kept my eyes peeled for all the class preview articles. I guess I don’t have only priests among my toons. They didn’t survive long, didn’t like healing or their shadow thing which is a sort of warlock to me.

Let’s me say I’m very excited about the changes and all that Blizzard announced is very tempting. Bringing more fantasy back sounds very great. So, I’ll speak of classes one by one in alphabetical order.

Death Knights

My Death Knight is the Draenei girl Melaris, and she’s obivously Frost. No changes worth mentioning here.


My Druid is the Night Elf girl Mayluna, and she’s Balance with a Guardian off-spec for fun.

For Balance, Blizzard destroys the previous rolling energy scale and transforms it into usual builder/spender type. Ok, maybe we did pay too much attention to the UI instead of battlefield, although it was unique mechanic which I liked.

I have the only question: how would I or anyone choose between Lunar Strike and Solar Wrath cast now? For 30 seconds of cast, you get the same amount of energy (I guess that damage is also balanced the same way). But Wrath is a faster cast, which makes you more mobile, less vulnerable for interrupts and stuns, and it also provides some little AoE. Why should I ever need or use Lunar Strike then?

For Guardian, the changes are nice. No dodging, just a heap of fur and muscles with lots of health. Fits me well, although I’m not a seasoned Guardian player, just making my first steps.


My Hunter is the Orc girl Salash, and she is Marksmanship. I feel good what they did to Marksmanship, as I took the Lone Wolf talent immediately after reaching 100 level. Pets are annoying, although I use a wolf from time to time for soloing old raid achievements. Moreover, Marksmanship class fantasy for me is an Orc in bright colors, who defends the city walls. She keeps her heavy gun well-oiled and in dry arsenal, not enjoying forest stalking. In battlefield, she’s the one to support the melee corps, a strong backup.

As for shooting abilities, I see that focus building/spending is reworked, but I need to see this in action of course. By now, it’s constant wait for cooldowns and two similar strong focus spending shots which is a confusion. Of course I’m using the one which is instant cast.

Survival sounds extremely interesting for me, that’s stalker fantasy. You are the one covered in sweat and blood, fighting side by side with your pet.

One more big news: Gnomes will be Hunters too! I would have given us Paladins as well, and be done with it.


My main is the Gnome Mage Micromantica, and she was always a devoted Jaina’s pupil, which means ICE! It seems they don’t change Ice Mage much – and it’s good, because in Pandaria and in Draenor I learned to play mage from a scratch. Snails and turtles killed me, because I couldn’t understand how it works, this batch of new abilities. This time, it looks like it will be more or less alike my previous rotation.


My monk is the Gnome girl Paitsu, and she’s Windwalker. Nothing changes drastically with her, but there is a pair of nice additions. First, Earth, Wind and Fire – the clone ability – will be instant and more comprehendable, because I didn’t get at all how previous version worked. Second, they make us shuffle the abilities, not repeating two same blows in a row EVER, if we want to provide increased damage. Which sounds like a vivid ninja: roundhouse kick, slap, punch, kick – just what we need.


My Paladin is the Blood Elf guy Ilmari, and he is Retribution. There’s little to be changed in Legion for Retribution Paladins, although described changes are confusing. Introduction text says: “many of the Retribution Paladin’s abilities were ranged spells that they started to feel more like a caster than a melee crusader”. Well, I can say it was Judgement and a finishing move. Now they add a spell called Blade of Justice. Ok, we want you to be a melee crusader, so here’s one more ranged ability. WUT?


My Rogue is the Goblin girl Hexen, and she was Assassination from her start. I’ve tested Subtlety and Combat, but they didn’t feel special. Now I’m tempted to try these extra specs: come on, a pirate with a gunshot! a ninja which will be diving in and out of the shadows! Still I think the choice will be between Subtlety and Poisons. Rogues are mischievous killers rather than brawlers.


My Shaman is the Goblin girl Schlitzchen, and she is Enhancement, the only attractive Shaman spec for me. Mana was useless for her (it was used only for healing spell) – now mana is gone, and here comes the builder-spender scheme which fits better. It seems they also give us not-totem-bound elementals, ability to put several totems at once (means farewell, totem choice) and they also give us 2 ranged attack spells. As far as I see it, Schlitzchen will get her an amazing mobility, even more so than now. I need to test if builder-spender scheme will slow up the axe play, but it looks very promising. What I need from my Shaman is a meat grinder enhanced by elements.


My Warlock is the Gnome girl Microfury, and she has always been Affliction. Playing Affliction, you put 3-4 DoTs on your target and then use your “beam” filler.

By now, we have essentially 2 of them: the main filler and the Drain Life which you are supposed to use when you need to heal a bit with low dps. Obviously no one used Drain Life: you have your Demon Tank in the field or a proper tank player in raid to take damage for you. And if you were silly enough to aggro a dozen of mobs, or if you stand in the fire, or boss turns his eye on you, Drain Life is not a life-saving option. You have a pack of life-saving cooldowns, and you want to finish mobs FAST while this CDs work.

In Legion, Drain Life becomes our main filler, and it makes sense, because it will provide both good DPS and a small self-heal simultaneously.

I also like the new Demonology idea of juggling many demons. Sounds tempting. Nothing good to be said about Destruction: it’s basically a recolored Fire Mage vibe, always been that.


I have two Warriors: it’s the Gnome girl Bons which is Fury and it’s the Tauren guy Gottenbar who is Protection with Gladiator talent (DPS).

Well, Gottenbar is bummed out. They have no resources to make Gladiator a separate spec for Legion, but they won’t leave it as it is. I guess I will have to try and tank with him in Legion. Don’t like Arms much. Although I would prefer to play Gladiator, and I don’t care if it is nerfed to the ground and provides worst DPS ever.

As for Fury, Blizzard likes the spec. We became meat grinders in Warlords of Draenor, in Legion it’s meat grinders of industrial scale. Bons will be happy!

That’s all for class previews I have to say for now :)

Blizzcon 2015: Trailers


I happened to watch most of the panels at Blizzcon, and as soon as there’s a ton of Class news coming these days, I must not keep my Blizzcon post longer. While I don’t have much time now, I will better split one big Blizzcon post into several themes.

So, the first highlight for me was:


I was awaiting for them most of all things at Blizzcon. I cannot say I was dissappointed.

Warcraft Movie trailer was… ok. I saw few higlights in a teaser few days before, I saw some pictures, so I didn’t feel like I was hyped up to eleven. Still it was nice.

What’s new: they are going to insert a love story between Garona and Lothar obviously. They are going to kill Durotan in the movie, because Thrall was sent away Moses-style. Durotan will betray the Horde and try to negotiate with Humans.

Although it contradicts lore, I’m not very much against this. It will work for the movie, and it could have been in the official lore as well.

Fairly noticed: Alliance armor looks too shiny and polished, more like a cosplay.  Of course Warcraft is not Lord of the Rings which was greyish and greenish, Warcraft is all about bright colors, but still. We shall see if it works in the movie.

WoW: Legion trailer was awesome! It is a cool introduction to what are we going to do next. The threat was previously revealed, and now we’re coming for it. I liked how they showed us Varian – his first appearance in a cinematic was very natural.

– Who’s that cute woman in his medallion?
– It’s his son Anduin, you stupid.
(c) Trailer discussion

Yes, as we have seen in Pandaria’s campaign, Anduin is already around 17-18 years old, he has a man’s face and stature, and Varian has a 12-year old boy’s portrait. It’s a bit weird, but, lorewise, it maybe the portrait of a boy who yet could have become a fighter (like his father wanted), not healer, priest and peacekeeper like he is now.

Sylvanas was the coolest thing about the trailer. Everything she did was priceless, from first to last second.

Still, the trailer lacked some new stuff, maybe?

In BC and Lich, they showed us Arthas and Illidan – the long-awaited dudes. In Cataclysm, we saw Deathwing and how he destroyed BARRENS, Loch Modan, and other dear places. Pandaria presented us how a bare-handed plush toy can beat a pair of seasoned warriors – and a stunning look at the monastery with training monks. Draenor – here are 3 legendary dudes in a clash with each other (Guldan, Grommash and Mannoroth), Garrosh – hello, dude – and Epic Threat of a building Dark Portal.

There was nothing new in Legion trailer. We knew that both sides are heading to the invasion point (and we know how invasion point looks like from the previous video), we knew they will take aircraft and fleet there (Pandaria gave us two invasion-force examples throughout campaign – Jade Forest arrival and Krasarang), and we saw Varian kill the same old demons which we have slain in packs throughout expansions.

The trailer approved the big role of Varian and Sylvanas in Legion lore, showed them in action, but ended with a sort of daily-mob skirmish… It wasn’t played through to epic climax – show us the Legion, the Alliance/Horde armies, or make a fast camera fly through beyond the demon ranks and show us the masterminds, at least Guldan. That would have made a deal.

A Piece of Guildchat About Legion

While I’m collecting my thoughts to write a big post about Legion and Blizzcon in general, I want to share a piece of guildchat. We were discussing Legion’s upgrades, and it was hilarious. So, your Monday morning’s piece of good mood starts here:

– …and they also said: you will feel Fishing like an adventure, you won’t stare at another screen while fishing.

– Oh my! Will they finally allow fishing nets and dynamite?

– I hope so… What we really need dynamite for is Archaeology.

– Yeah, call it Goblin Archaeology or whatever, but you need to blast a bomb once at the excavation site and then just go and collect the artifact pieces.

– Even better, you login with your morning coffee, you have only 10 minutes in the whole day to play the game, so you just launch a bomb and then fly your 10 minutes in the world, collecting piles of resources, archaeology pieces, half-dead pets ready for free catch and boss loot.

– Yeah, and if you couldn’t play Legion at all, then on the last day of Legion expansion you launch a bomb and get all the Legion achievements in one day. Because “our focus is to make every person feel up-to-date, even if he has few time to play”.

– Wait. And what about people who play throughout expansion?

– Why, but they grind, of course. Immersement!

Blizzcon 2015

I’m ashamed but I must have courage to admit that I behaved exactly like whining forum guys. You know, the ones who are posting AWFUL THREATS that if Blizzard nerfs their favourite spell, they leave WoW and never come back. Of course they never leave.

So, Blizzcon. My frustration with Blizzcon 2014 – you could read it here – was so big that I vowed to never ever buy a virtual ticket again. It lasted for a year and I still have some battle rage when I remember my feelings. Today I did buy a ticket though :)

The reason is not the nice content they offer (trailers, ahem) – interviews and other videos will be in the net within an hour after broadcast. And not the pet or any other gifts. It’s the feeling of hype I’m buying, the feeling of community who are there at Anaheim or having a small holiday at their homes in front of their screens.

I’ll be there then tomorrow. Sitting for Legion, the movie, Overwatch and Starcraft: LotV panels. Hyped :)