Tomb of Sargeras – Solo Farming Guide in Shadowlands and Beyond

As of Shadowlands, you can easily solo Legion raids up to Emerald Nightmare – The Nighthold – Tomb of Sargeras Heroic mode with every class and spec. While the first two raids, Nighthold and Nightmare, are currently hit-them-with-a-stick runs, the Tomb still has some tactics to care about and certain wipe prospects, besides being very tricky to navigate, so I cobbled up a small guide on soloing the Tomb.

Complete bosses in the following order:

Goroth Solo. Ignore everything and nuke asap before the stacks pile up.

Demonic Inquisition Solo. You still have a torment scale – as it fills, you need to press the action button, travel downstairs and beat the Soul mob until you have enought spheres to collect, reduce the scale to zero, and use action button again to return. While the encounter is totally wipe-safe, you want to reduce the number of annoying travels to the torture chamber. Avoid as many special boss attacks as you can, cleave and DoT them, don’t come close to the caster. Don’t forget to click a pillar of creation in the middle of the room when you’re done.

Return to the Goroth room and follow downstairs through the fel breach.

Harjatan Solo. Ignore everything and just nuke. You can ignore the adds.

Mistress Sasszine Solo. Just nuke her down. You may only need to avoid the jellyfish circle not to get stunned – it’s safe, but annoying. Don’t forget to click a pillar of creation in the middle of the room when you’re done.

Go a bit back and turn right to the big statue room. Climb the stairs to the top, then follow the corridor through the doors. Avoid the purple circle traps in temple trash rooms – they stun you for 20 sec and spawn a boss health value elemental.

Sisters of the Moon Solo. Just nuke them down one by one, it’s totally wipe-safe.

Desolate Host Solo. This one is tricky as it may reset at a random condition that I haven’t figured out yet. Always start with the Engine of Souls, not the soul world. Nuke the three add guys, then nuke Engine. If you get dragged in the spirit world, focus the priestess boss. Once the Desolate Host spawns at 30%, drop eveyrhting you’ve been doing and nuke it asap. I think the key to non-resets was always the DPS. Don’t forget to click a pillar of creation in the middle of the room when you’re done.

When done, go to the edge, jump and die – this immediately brings you back to the central room. Go to Aegwynn and Co as she opens the door to proceed further.

Maiden of Vigilance Solo. Stay by the wall, with your back to the wall. Nuke asap. If she enters an intermission phase with emitting many light-fel balls, make sure you take off her shield, interrupt the cast, then nuke her down. If you don’t interrupt, the boss will die, but you die too.

You may skip the elevator waiting and use teleporter pad which is across the hall, opposite from the entrance.

Avatar of Sargeras Solo. Kite Maiden add to the green beam line so she catches it, not the Avatar. Nuke Maiden, then nuke Avatar, ignore everything else. Once he reaches 100 energy, you drop down. Go to the edge of the platform, finish the boss. Note: you still get full size damage from fall damage and swimming in the fel pool, so don’t stand in the lava and use shield spells/healing spells/potions if needed.

You don’t need to wait for Kil’Jaeden, Velen and Illidan finish their talks, go straight to them and jump in the portal.

Trash before Kil’jaeden. A successful cast of Agony from the orc warlocks will get you a stacking, undispelled DoT which will soon kill you. So orc warlocks are a priority – kill them asap. Interrupt Agony cast if you can. If you got the debuff, try to finish all the trash while it lasts, die, then engage the boss.

Kil’jaeden Solo. He still hits pretty hard with his multiple attacks, stacks and casts. Ignore all the pools and nuke him until intermission where he flies. In the intermission, stand still and use shield spells/healing spells/potions if needed. As he gets back on the ground, use all burst cooldowns you have. Intermission in the dark – run the circle by the edge of the room to find Illidan and get demon sight which allows to see further and hit the souls with less missing. Sight or no sight, kill the souls you come across. Once they’re dead, the darkness ends, and it’s totally safe now to finish the boss.

Hopefully the guide saves you from a number of my frustrations, resets, wipes, navigation and stuff :)

Happy farming!

P.S. Starting post picture by the brilliant Dark Legacy Comics – check them out and subscribe asap if you haven’t done it yet!


4 thoughts on “Tomb of Sargeras – Solo Farming Guide in Shadowlands and Beyond

  1. Avatar of Sargares is pretty impossible for 235 frost mage. I don’t know if it’s a glitch but the island you fall to loses chunks right off the bat and then plus his huge island demolishing ability is pretty much the end of it.


    • Weird, I had no problem on either class and spec :)

      My main’s a frost mage 219, and I soloed it before 9.1. with zero trouble. We have ice block, shields, feather – that should cope with the initiate fall, and then just pull him to the edge so he doesn’t destroy all platform, then blink out of the blast, again, shields and feather if he tosses you up. It’s also cool to save time warp for the second phase.


  2. 240+ Havoc DH – out going damage on kj on normal is really high right now, no way to keep self up during the first intermission with all the stuff that hit the ground.


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