Leyline Bling Achievement Guide

Today we are talking about Leyline Bling achievement.

The achievement requires you to open leyline feeds for Shal’Aran – the Nightfallen base. The result of opening all the feeds is:

  • Great advance of reputation with Nightfallen
  • Increased mana drop – you need the mana to fuel the withered scenario, feed the NPC and submit big chunks of it during the main questline
  • It reduces the cost of the most important mana buff from Valtrois – 10 against initial 50.
  • Finally, it’s required to complete Good Suramaritan – otherwise they don’t give you the last quests

Granted the mana importance in Suramar, you are bound to complete this achievement as fast as you can – priority number one.

You need to activate 8 beacons in whole, the first being Anora Hollow on introductory quest. That I will not mention as it’s easy to find following quest directions. The others require some tricky exploration and also mana submissions.

In this guide I will give you directions, exact mana costs/requirements and also some tips of when it is best to open the channels. As most of you have probably completed it on main toons – probably chaotically, the guide may prove useful to ease the job for your alts.

Let’s go.

*the picture is clickable – opens in new window


1 – Moon Guard. From northern flight point, you cross the river by bridge, turn right to the north. Pass the kittens, corrupted bears and satyrs and climb up north and to the waterfalls bank. You need to find a smooth grassy descend to the river: no jumping. The entrance is a ruined gate entwined with twigs.

Cost: 200 mana
Extra requirements: Collect 6 quest items by killing arcane elementals in the very same place 

2 – Moonwhisper Gulch. Start with northern flight point. Go east. Pass the wolves and find a wide dark ravine (it’s wide like a highway) with aggressive panthers and a dangerous ettin (avoid him – yet). Follow the highway towards the bridge. When you pass the last mountain on your left, turn left to the river and cross it – here’s the entrance.

Cost: 200 mana
Extra requirements: You take a quest at a pillar and return for ettin! He stole an item and we must retrieve it. Ettin is marked with a star on the map. He’s soloable.

3 – Falanaar North. I suggest you do it during The Light Below questline – the last leg for Nightfallen But Not Forgotten. If you already did it, return to Falanaar where you are falling from a great height to the water pool. Fall again :) Then ascend the only staircase (one flight) – and the beacon is straight ahead guarded by an easily killed elite mob.

Cost: 250 mana
Extra requirements: none

4 – Falanaar South. It probably requires a separate travel if you don’t want to get lost in Falanaar tunnels and kill hundreds of mobs. Just ride from Meredil and find this lush riverbank outside :) There are withered dudes swarming, but you ignore them and just find the ruined entwined entrance on the south riverbank. Enter, follow where the only path leads you, 5 to 10 mobs to kill on the way, and you’re there.

Cost: 250 mana
Extra requirements: none

5 – Soul Vaults. Ride from Meredil to the demon grounds. When down there, find the most western highway and follow it all the way down, ignoring all the demons – infernals too. At the very southern Legion enclave you will find some chained nightfallen, inquisitors and fel hounds – that’s the place. Entrance to the cave is guarded by a pair of fel guards.

Cost: 250 mana
Extra requirements: none

6 – Kel’Balor. From the Crimson Thicket flight point, follow west through all the manasabers and Suramar beast hunters (ignore them) until you fall into a narrow mobless ravine. The ravine ends with Kel’Balor entrance.

Cost: 200 mana
Extra requirements: You need to activate the second beacon just beside the pillar and survive for three waves of 3 withered mobs attacking you. No time for food between attacks, a certain class without self-heals may want to bring healing stuff. Needless to say, clear the roaming mobs first before launching the defense.   

7 – Elor’shan. It’s best done with Kel’balor as it’s in close proximity. From Crimson Thicket flight point, follow a tidbit south and fall, then seek for the entrance against the mountains – the very same entwined ruined gate.

Cost: 250 mana
Extra requirements: none

The overall Suramar tip is you should go open the next feed as long as you have enough mana to do so. And remember having a buff from Valtrois all times on you when you’re in the zone. Completing this achievement at an early stage will greatly ease your journey through Suramar questlines.

Happy hunting!


10 thoughts on “Leyline Bling Achievement Guide

  1. Wish I had this awhile back. I will say. There are some of those entrances I went past many many time and did not notice them. I had to go look up the locations to find them.

    I just completed the final quest prior to Nighthold. But it looks like there is still one focus in the basement we have yet to activate. I’m wondering if we eventually divert the feed from the city to the cave.


  2. I definitely opened the leylines up in a chaotic manner with Kam!
    I didn’t realize that completing the Leyline Bling achievement was a hidden requirement for Good Suramaritan — that’s good to know, thanks!
    I’d noticed that as I opened new leyline feeds, Valtrois would have a quests for me that gave me greater ability to collect ancient mana. I hadn’t been paying enough attention to notice that it also reduced how much ancient mana she needs when she’s starving.

    “A certain class without self heals”… oh dear, since I’m planning to main Suramar with my Mage, I guess I’d better bring some bandages along, or maybe take the talent that makes Ice Block heal you while you’re invulnerable when I go to do Kel’balor with her.


    • You need to kill a total of 9 withered coming in groups of three. You could test yourself fighting 3 withered at once in Meredil – these are the same common mobs. There is time to eat a bit, but not for 60% of health bar. Mage’s bread and butter is damage prevention: shields, freeze and blinking.


      • That’s a good idea, to test out strategies beforehand :)
        I always take Mirror Images in the talent row that it’s in, so that’ll be a good bit of burst and damage prevention for the first wave, and it might even be off CD again by the third wave.


    • Yes, I was at 20/21 rep where I was supposed to take the final questline, and Valtrois told me that the tree is not fed well enough yet :) So I had to go and find the final 2 feeds before proceeding.

      Starving dailies still cost 50 mana. But if you spend more than an hour in Suramar, you need to update the Valtrois buff, and that’s when it will cost 30, then only 10 mana depending on how many feeds are opened. Valtrois also grants you 200 rep quests with every 3 pillars.


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