8.2.: Music Leaks

Enjoy more than 2 hours of 8.2. patch music – new island expeditions, Nazjatar, raid and Mechagon:

Nazjatar has no bombastic themes like Tyrande’s Night Warrior, we’ll see how it plays out in game environment. It’s not uncommon for soundtrack to bloom when combined with visuals.

But Mechagon… it is simply fantastic by itself!!! Not only it is playful and a 100% gnomish, it also has amazing tribal rhythms. Clockpunk and shamanic, no more, no less.

The long Mechagon sequence first starts at 22:40, and theme by theme evolves in a devouring monster – give it a spin. The best one starts at 32:37.

Whatever the location itself would be in game, I’d be hanging out there. Music is one of the most important things which makes us like or dislike the location. I already love this one!


Not a Grind

My recent progress in WoW has been very notable.

In the raid camp: 

  • Leather BoD set is complete, Melaris and Pins are now on raid standby.
  • All BoD warrior weapons won! That makes it all BoD weapons.
  • Effectively it’s just warrior helmet left, and the raid is complete. It drops either from Jadefire or Jaina, so that makes it 8 attempts per week (two toons*two bosses*drop+bonus roll).
  • Restless Cabal dropped the healer staff to Jagda: minus three queues to Crucible.
  • I still have Uu’nat’s polearm to go – that is three attempts without bonus rolls.

Accidents may happen, but I’m pretty confident that I will close the current raids by 8.2. Only two items to get!

World Bosses/Warfronts

  • I’ve crossed out Ivus for cloth transmogs today: minus 4 toons worrying about him:)
  • Still need T’zane for leather toons to complete Uldir normal sets.
  • Still need those leather pants from rares to complete the last warfront set.
  • I may or may not farm a couple of mounts I’m missing – notably Blackpaw bear, a donkey from Overseer Crix and a Skullripper’s raptor. It’s a quick-shot, so I think I’ll just check-in if their world quests are running. Won’t hurt me much.

I don’t know about people whining about Artifact Power this expansion. It’s been barely a week since I’ve started paying attention to AP emissaries, and my toons suddenly find themselves at 44 level or up. I presume if I were doing it with an alt or two during the whole springtime, I’d be waving my 50 necklace for a long time already. And this is without a single island expedition.

Beside the AP, I’m busy with grinding reputations for newer toons. Mostly it’s Zandalari for 3 Horde toons to see the finale of Vol’jin story at Exalted, and Myrki’s 7th Legion to wrap up her War Campaign. Otherwise, we’re good. For completionist sakes (and profession recipes) I may drive them all to Exalted with all factions, but it’s really not that vital.

I not only see the end of the tunnel – I already breathe the air from it :) Come 8.2., I hope to have my hands free of all the previous responsibilities, no strings attached to the past content.

11 alts :) Here we go again.


Kargash was yesterday on a Defeat Jaina quest, and look what the cats dragged in:


As seen from screenshot, G.M.O.D. was acquired BEFORE looting, so probably wasting your bonus loot tokens for its drop is not the best idea.

The mount itself has a funny running animation, which I like. But granted we don’t see the driver, it’s probably not gonna be the one I will use often. I hope it can fly, because it does so during Gallywix questlines :)


I still got some Jaina encounters to go for leather feet and plate helmet transmogs, but I’m happy that this big thing is checked out :) Yay to Kargash the Mag’har Firebender!

P.S. Completing Vol’jin’s and War Campaign questlines could result in a time paradox:


Look carefully, and you can see two Talanjis present at the same time :) Also the G’huun defeat speech suddenly got more audience :)

Safe Haven: Dark Hidden Meaning

Everyone is happy with what lies on the surface of the Safe Haven cinematic. The Green Moses returns, Sylvanas signed herself a death sentence by putting a hit on Thrall, awesome Nagrand, awesome undead rogues with gameplay sounds, and overall Lok’Tar Ogar.

There is a dark hidden meaning though which reads between the lines. And this is: Thrall’s family is DEAD. Aggra and Durak, wife and son, ceased to be.


Here’s what makes me think so.

1. Saurfang and Thrall speak of his family:

Saurfang: Where is your family?
Thrall: (heavy pause) Not far.

This “Not far” sounds as bitter as possible. And not far sounds as in their graves are not far. He trusts Saurfang as himself, there’s no other reason to keep their whereabouts from him. Well, even a simple “hunting” could be enough. This vague answer could mean only one thing: it’s hard to talk about it.

2. Later in the dialogue “I’m no one’s savior” sounds even more bitter. Surely the context is they’re talking about the Horde, but he could mean his family as well.

3. Thrall’s home is a widower’s ruin.


It’s ragged, shattered, unattended. There’s no sign of attachment to it. It’s not a place where a happy family lives – even by orc standards. It means that Thrall is alone, and he doesn’t bother with fixing and cleaning anymore.

4. After the assassins attack, he shows no urge to check if his family was ok. Were they alive, his first urge would have been to find them and make sure they were not found by the undead first. He never speaks a word.

5. Were they alive, including them in the cinematic would have been the most obvious and almost obligatory move. His fear to lose them to assassins, him protecting them spectacularly – like catching a hand with the knife inch away from Aggra or Durak, or intercepting a fatal blow with his body… Did not happen.

6. After that, he is ready to go and leave everything behind right from spot, not a sign of I must consult or tell my wife and son. Granted how Aggra dragged him out of emotional abyss in Cataclysm, he would talk to her first – his most important and trusted being in the world.

7. The last thing is the overall calmness of a dying Nagrand. It’s peaceful, yet it reeks of decay. Both music and landscape are great indicators of what happens to Thrall’s soul.


All these small moments shape a bigger picture – where I see no Aggra or Durak. Thrall is alone in this world.

The reason is most likely famine. Thrall himself is exhausted, we could count all the ribs in his ribcage, and the fields are clearly dying – hence Draenor’s wildlife as well.


1. Crucible of Storms is pain. Nikkeli was trying for the Uu’nat’s polearm yesterday, and it took 4 wipes, with half a raid change after each of them to beat it. I keep explaining and bossing people around – because I want bosses killed – and frankly it’s not good for my blood pressure :)

The only thing that comforts me slightly is that each of the successful kills means 24 more people spreading winning strategy wisdom around the world. Hopefully some day we will see a majority of raid who know what to do.

2. World of Warcraft Classic is due on August 27. I’m still not planning to play the World of Squares and Triangles, but here’s some important news. Latest developers interview stated that one and the same team is busy with providing new releases, so it means that Classic and 8.2. releases will be separated in time. I’m predicting Nazjatar/Mechagon in 20s of June, or 13th of July.

3. This year’s anniversary celebrations will let players to queue via raid finder and defeat most notorious bosses throughout WoW history! The reward is your personal Deathwing mount. I think I know what I’ll be doing in November.


4. Warfront token mounts are shared! I’ve purchased a krolusk on an Alliance toon, and on Horde it became “already known”. Now, to farm 700 tokens for a moonsaber, and we’re done here.

Checklist Before Nazjatar

1,5 month away from the next content patch, it’s time to review my alts and set goals… which I like to do via spreadsheets :)


AP – I’d like it to be at 50 by the new patch, so I’m hurrying to grind the emissaries and world quests. It’s just you need to play a character: for example, I got naturally excited to play Nikkeli due to the race change, and he’s got 44 – the best result of all.

Item Level – I’d like my toons to step in Nazjatar and Mechagon 385-ish, but it’s not that vital with incoming gear tokens. Still, it will make the initiate running around easier, and we’re almost there anyways.

Darkshore -> Ivus columns are about transmogs. As scarce as this part of table may seem, it’s not that bad. Mostly it’s just one item to go, and it will cover several toons at once. For example, gaining a healer weapon from Cabal will provide “+” for Schlitzchen, Jellica and Jagda in Crucible section.

Jaina -> Baine are about completing the questlines – it requires Exalted with Honorbound/7th Legion and Zandalari.

Tools of Trade are a thing which may pass onto the next expansion due to required solo dungeon runs or tedious grinds on some of them. Still, the current goal is to get 150 in professions and acquiring the Tool recipes.

And cash! :) Raid tokens and otherwise standby gameplay left me roughly at 10k, so I’m not ignoring these emissaries as well. A leisure run for transmogs in older raids won’t hurt too.

Conclusion: with less and less raiding/story time my gameplay is now switching towards world quests. The good, old grind :)