How to Get Your Class Mounts: Breaching the Tomb Guide

There’s one more lore achievement in Legion, and I’ve decided to introduce a guide for it’s completion. Which also results in getting access to your class mount quests!

So, Breaching the Tomb.

Lorewise, we’ve helped the good people all over the Broken Isles and eradicated possible Legion threats and corruption. We even chased Gul’dan himself in a corner and finished him, resurrecting Illidan in the process.

As of now, Kil’Jaeden is mad at another failure and now launches a full scale invasion rather than trying to corrupt some factions in the region. This results in swarming demons all over Broken Shore which are preparing to strike at Dalaran directly along with their flagship Sentinax, and also attempts to invade Broken Shore regions during so called assaults.

Not relying on Alliance or Horde, Khadgar puts forward class orders which work together to eradicate the immediate threat and then breach into Tomb of Sargeras to seal the portals to Twisting Nether.


Right after cinematic where Khadgar talks to the class order leaders, the hero is given a task to lead the first assault. You start at Dalaran, and with a careful guidance you do a one-man scenario in Broken Shore and then disembowel and break their ship (you’ll be doing WQ in its debris afterwhile). There’s nothing too complex about its completion for any class.


This part is introducing Broken Shore terrains to you and opens flight points. You need to visit two points and also complete a small kill-me-some quest at the latter.

If you don’t have flights yet, I suggest you travel with water strider and avoid every enemy on the way. I found this the easiest and the fastest way to complete on alts:


If you are doing Seeking Lost Knowledge  simultaneously – it opens traits over 35 for your artifact weapon – then the route should be like this:


First you open Aalgen flight point, then you grab a tome at an elven shrine around the corner near slag pools. Then you return to Aalgen and follow the stream up until you find a ramp up to the mountains. Just ride past fel guards and ignore them. Grab a tome at the second shrine at the top and follow the stone road to find the next shrine. Then you can jump down and proceed by the sea to Illidari fly point.

UPDATED: since Shadowlands you do not require Pathfinder to unlock flights anymore, so you can just visit the points by air.


Just donate 100 Legionfall resources to the command table and any building. Mostly they are earned from World Quests: 25 per quest, so it’s 4 quests at most if you have zero resources on you.


All you have to do is wait for another Legion assault in any of four zones (Azsuna, Val’sharah, Highmountain or Stormheim) and complete it. This includes doing four assault world quests, then completing a pair of quests more and completing a scenario for 3 people.


This is a class-unique questline, and I found them awesome. You need to complete a small round of quests to acquire a new class champion. The important thing here is that different classes find their champions in different corners of Azeroth, but the last quest is always on Broken Shore. Every class order hall strikes demons in a specific area of Broken Shore, so if you did every class quest chain you see how class order halls attack demons from all sides.


Yeah, well Khadgar asks you to bring him 2500 nether shards, a Broken Shore currency. The easiest way to get them is completing Legion assaults, so if you didn’t waste them you probably already have them.


Sentinax is a big flagship of the Legion which looms over Broken Shore. It’s seen on the map, so you may go to that area.

To get badges of Sentinax for the quest, you need to kill Sentinax demons. To kill Sentinax demons, you need to summon portals under Sentinax’ current location. To summon demon portals, you need beacons. The beacons drop with a 100% chance from elite demons in Broken Shore (marked with big green skull on the map), and with a small chance off the common mobs under Sentinax.

Here’s what you do: go to Sentinax area and use a group finder. There’s always “Sentinax Farm” group on, and if not, start one. Collect five people or less (don’t turn the group into a raid), and just use the beacons to summon portals and kill everything until you collect enough marks for the quest.

  • Tip: the elite summoned demons drop LOTS of badges. The whole enterprise could take you from 15 to 30 minutes. Me myself have completed this step for six alts in under 2 hours.
  • Tip: you could start a group or join one even without beacons in your bags. You are not lazy, you contribute your DPS or healing or tanking! And when the group slays demons, you’ll get some beacons from loot by all means, and then you will use them too. If still worried, kill an elite (green skull on the map) – there’s a 100% chance of beacon drop from them.


This one’s easy. Velen would ask you to complete 8 world quests in Broken Shore. Just do them :) You can complete this in one day.


Grindy! Maiev would ask you to slay 50 demons either in Suramar or Azsuna Legion camps. You know, the ones with trademark scorched black and fel green terramorphing.

Just fly to Illidari point in Faronaar, Azsuna. And in the neighbourhood to the south there’s a vast area of pools where you could find imps. The respawn is pretty great, so just spam your instant and AoE spells.



This is the most annoying quest in all the campaign. You need to find and loot 10 wyrmtongue caches. They are marked on mini-map, but respawn is shitty, and you may fly around the whole Broken Shore three times and never find one.

How to complete it:

  • Caches have a respawn rate of 15-20 minutes
  • They work like ore or herb nodes: several people can loot them, but they disappear soon enough after first loot.
  • Hover at the middle of Broken Shore.
  • Wait 15-20 minutes until the caches spawn and you see them on mini-map.
  • QUICKLY make a circle (Circle 1) in the central area, and grab every chest you see avoiding the mob fights as possible. With any luck, you will get 4-6 caches.
  • Make a bigger circle (Circle 2) all over the whole Broken Shore to see if there are more caches. You could grab from 1 to 3 extra caches.
  • Return to the center and wait for another respawn.
  • UPDATED: Blizzard nerfed the requirements, so you need only 3 caches to collect now.


Basically the quest is a time-killer. And when caches spawn, you have to be quick! Because you have competition from other players.


Easy. Find a big green skull at the Broken Shore map, follow there, see a 45-60 health elite mob. Wait until other players arrive and slay it. Certain classes may even solo them.

You will need to kill three elites.

  • Tip: a kill will also count if you are in group with a guildmate.


Probably the easiest step after this week’s nerf. Go to your order hall, send your followers to complete one of the missions with Broken Shore destination. Some missions in Broken Shore don’t count for reasons unknown. So to make it a sure thing, choose the ones with Legionfall resources or Legionfall reputation token rewards.


Just slay 100 demons in Broken Shore, and you will get the achievement.

  • Tip: try to choose an area where a world quest is running – it provides a quick respawn
  • Tip: try to choose a world quest like with water elemental or death knight drake bombardment – those quick kills with quest action buttons count as well

After you give in this last quest to Maiev, look around: there will be one of your order hall champions with a big exclamation mark. This starts your class mount questline.

You may also read all the class mount stories for all classes (spoiler alert): 


12 thoughts on “How to Get Your Class Mounts: Breaching the Tomb Guide

  1. Helpful guide :)
    Oh, we are quite close to getting it! Heh, its fun, the “work” involved in getting this seems so little when we have just one single step every week.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Excellent! I did the stupid chests yesterday – the best way I found (I still can’t fly!) Is to camp the small island on the south west where there are 3 chests and minimal mobs… less dying and less fruitless running around. Perfect for my lazy bum ;)

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  3. If you are doing this in 2020, some changes has been made:


    World quests are sped up and you can usually do all 8 within a work day. Check again every couple of hours.


    You now only need to kill 50 demons.


    You now only need to loot 3 wyrmtongue chests.

    Step 13 – TAKE OUT THE HEAD

    If you can’t see any/enough green skulls on your Broken Shore map, they spawn at:

    /way 51,9, 78,2 Aqueux
    /way 39,6, 28,9 Brood Mother Nix – found inside the cave
    /way 78, 39 Brother Badatin – potentially need to loot chest to spawn
    /way 60, 53 Corrupted Bonebreaker
    /way 49, 38 Doombringer Zar’thoz – path begins 47,35
    /way 57,8, 30,1 Dreadblade Annihilator
    /way 41, 79 Dreadeye
    /way 78,1, 27,9 Duke Sithizi
    /way 51, 45 Emberfire – patrols
    /way 67, 35 Eye of Gurgh – in cave at water level
    /way 58,3, 49,6 Felbringer Xar’thok
    /way 88,3, 29,8 Felcaller Zelthae
    /way 39, 42 Felmaw Emberfiend – world quest objective
    /way 39,5, 60 Flllurlokkr – in cave on beach
    /way 77,8, 23,9 Grossir
    /way 61, 44 Imp Mother Bruva
    /way 61,1, 39,5 Inquisitor Chillbane – inside building
    /way 41, 16 Lady Eldrathe
    /way 45, 51,3 Lord Hel’Nurath
    /way 56, 27,3 Malgrazoth – end of cave on beach
    /way 42, 42 Malorus the Soulkeeper
    /way 55,3, 56,7 Potionmaster Gloop – at top of crashed ship
    /way 65, 30 Salethan the Broodwalker – path starts 67, 34
    /way 32, 60 Somber Dawn – runs in circle
    /way 49,2, 48,4 Xorogun the Flamecarver – inside building

    You will need to kill three of them. The quests says to kill 3 RARE elites, but as long as you kill any of the above, even if they’re showing as elite or rare elite, they still count.


    More missions now cover the requirements, so any order hall mission set on Broken Shore will count, which is nice for those of us doing this on several alts, because we don’t have to gear/level up our followers for only this one quest.

    Step 15 – STRIKE THEM DOWN

    This is my next quest, so not sure if we are still required to kill 100 demons, but I presume it’s nerfed to 50 demons like in step 11.

    Final words: If you no-life this, it’s doable in 2-3 days. Perhaps even faster. The gating is still annoying, but it still doesn’t compare to all the weeks I spent doing this on my main in Legion.

    Don’t bother tracking the “Breaching the Tomb” achievement and doing things out of order. You will not get credit for most (all?) of it and time gating will kick you in the nuts. I tried to do a legion assault before I had the quest to do it and got zero credit/no achies, then I had to wait until the next day for another legion assault when I got the quest for it. Same can happen if you do too many world quests right before step 10. I recommend saving all of them for later.

    Another tip: Do not send your followers on missions unless a quest told you to do so. There will be several parts in class campaign and Legionfall campaign where you need to do 5 missions for this and that, so keep your followers free for those. You will also aquire several level 45 followers in the two chains and will have to deactivate other low-level followers because you gain too many, so don’t bother training/leveling/gearing your followers anymore. Whatever you have will get things done. Missions are also nerfed to take like 1 hour, and some 7 in stead of 16, even though they still say it will take 16 hours before you start the missions.


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