Class Mounts: Shaman

*Spoiler alert: the post is Schlitzchen’s diary, so if you plan to see shaman mount story in game with your own eyes, you may want to skip it.

Schlitzchen – Shaman

It’s one of the easiest quests among all.

We just need to set order in Air realm. Thunderaan says that there are some rebel genies, and we need to put a leash on them. So we travel to the Throne of Four Winds.


The place is always gorgeous.


Once you’re there, you need to replicate the raid encounter. It means that you need to beat all the shit out of three genies.


Apparently they replicate their raid abilities, only this time you’re on your own to cope with them.

And there’s nothing serious happening. Shaman characters in Legion are the squishiest of all: I just never notice how I lose my health even in the open world against common mobs. Like I’m just doing a world quest, and suddenly half of my health bar is gone! And we also have very few options to restore ourselves.

Even so, the encounters don’t pose a slightest problem. You just go and do your normal stuff: pour damage in the genie, don’t stand in fire, kill adds. And they die quickly.

Well, not die. They submit, we don’t want them dead.

Order is restored, and Thunderaan, instead of being our last trial, simply says “Thank you” :)


Back in your order hall, there’s a thunder ritual, and a majestic one!




Power overwhelming!



And everyone rejoiced :)



The blob is actually very nice. I never thought I would be riding it, but for now I do. It comes in three colors and even three textures: White Thunder for Enhancement, Fiery Storm for Elemental and Sea Green for Restoration.

A pleasant, quick and very beautiful questline, although not heavy in lore.

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