Class Mounts: Warlock

*Spoiler alert: the post is Faerella’s diary, so if you plan to see warlock mount story in game with your own eyes, you may want to skip it.

Faerella – Warlock

While demon hunter’s mount is the easiest to obtain, warlock’s one is the most complex.

The lore story is your new Xoroth steed. While warlocks use regular Xoroth mounts by default, this one is an experiment of Hel’nurath. Apparently it’s bigger and more fierce. They tell that only one experiment was successful, so we need to snitch this horse from a Xoroth viceroy eredar. And for that we need a complex portal.

So, for the first part you just set off to grind.

  • First, you need three gems (crafting mats). Again, lucky me, Faerella is a jeweller so she had these on her already.
  • Second, you need to grind moonkin blood in Val’sharah. Those very moonkins in south which are mad and turning dryads into bony puddles (a side questline and also a world quest spot). Took me 5 minutes upon arrival.
  • Third, you need a fel core…. which drops from a last boss of Legion assault. I got lucky, and Legion invasion started right when I took the quest, so I immediately went there to Azsuna and completed the assault, earning a mogging chest appearance on my way :) But it could be a time gate for other people.

Isn’t it too much compared to other classes?

It’s not the end: then you travel to Broken Shore and need to acquire a summoning stone. For this, you need to summon your regular succubus demon and use her special ability on specific mobs. They give away the whereabouts of their master, you slay her next door and get your stone. Finally everything’s ready to open a portal to Xoroth.

And only now the scenario starts.


The warlock/questgiver from your order hall opens the portal, and you try to use the summoning stone to summon the horse. Eredar lord is enraged, and sends three waves of his guards to fight you:

First it’s summoner warlocks which have shields. You have to dispel the shields, but I just burned them through with my DPS, was not hard.

Second come three mounted knights – a piece of cake, and I didn’t even use a Voidwalker to tank them.

For the third wave come summoners and knights together. Also down with little effort.

And then comes the mounted eredar, on your supposed horse. He hits hard, and summons LOTS of imps, so you have to burn him quickly, but also deal with imps too, or even your powerful self-heals won’t cope with it. I was on the verge of dying when I had to make a quick choice between disposing of more imps and balance my received damage with self-heals, or risking to burn the remnants of the eredar’s health down. Chose the latter, won!

But the battle is not over: even after the eredar’s death the horse keeps kicking you. The guys from Harvest crew arrive and tell you to tame the beast. Yes, I have that spell in my arsenal, submitting demons to my will…


Only that it’s hidden in the farthest corner of my spellbook due to its complete uselessness in open world.


So I banish the steed for a while  (warlocks can do that too))) and leaf through the pages :)


Aha, there it is! I use it on the mount, and phew, scenario is over.


During cinematic the Harvest crew try to restrain the steed, but it knocks them all out with a single effort. And then your warlock enslaves it single-handed. Your crew rejoice.


You may read another mount stories for all classes: 


4 thoughts on “Class Mounts: Warlock

    • Exactly half (6 toons). And they have only kill-100-demons part before their scenarios :)

      My sixth was my hunter, and there are lots of emotions to write about. Only I forgot the cool screenshots at home, so I’ll write about it the other day :)

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    • Thank you good sir, fixed the post!

      It’s been a fair mistake, as I played the game in Russian language during Legion. “X” was transcribed as “z” letter in Cyrillic, so that it reads correctly.


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