My Hands Are Full

Now that I'm all in endgame, I'm feeling stretched thin. Here's the list of my activities: Cover emissary on all six toons - better not put it off for the next day, because you'll be overwhelmed. Quick, but time consuming due to several alts. Cover warfronts activities - either warfront scenario for 370 drop, or … Continue reading My Hands Are Full


How to Get Your Class Mounts: Breaching the Tomb Guide

There's one more lore achievement in Legion, and I've decided to introduce a guide for it's completion. Which also results in getting access to your class mount quests! So, Breaching the Tomb. Lorewise, we've helped the good people all over the Broken Isles and eradicated possible Legion threats and corruption. We even chased Gul'dan himself … Continue reading How to Get Your Class Mounts: Breaching the Tomb Guide

Trivia: Every Little Thing We Do

Insurrection Completion & Further Plans My Insurrection project comes to an end. I have 2 toons left to complete this questline. Melaris the Demon Hunter is today at step 9 (final), and Mayluna the Druid has completed the second and last intermission of 5 order hall missions, so she's ready to whoosh through steps 7-9 … Continue reading Trivia: Every Little Thing We Do