My Toons

Character names are armory links, so you’re welcome to check their portaits, transmog and gear.

Realm: EU-Doomhammer


I am playing both Horde and Alliance, because through leveling they unveil both sides of Warcraft lore and different approach to the same events.


It could be obvious that I’m a fan of Gnomes & Goblins. Generally I prefer intellect and spirit to bestiality, and I like to play small races.


Legion encourages me to explore new specs, so I switch between them due to different game situations.


Unlike many players for whom an alt means just a source of resources or just a grinding sack of pixels, my characters are Characters. My toons are traveling through Azeroth by their own unique paths, playing a unique role. As a writer likes his heroes, I like my toons equally.


Micromantica is my ‘main’ character. It means she works on achievements and reputations, digs Archaeology and does all this time-consuming stuff. But all my toons are equally developed considering gear and raiding in LFRs. I move them forward like chess pieces, one by one, so they all keep up to the current content.

Micromantica by Donya, BattleTag Olvar#2463


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