My Toons

Realm: EU-Twintania

  • Sanya Ginsu (mi’qote): GBR, AST, DRG, SAM, DNC, RDM
  • Lolo Poppa (lalafell): WAR, PLD, WHM, NIN, BRD, BLM
  • Styrgeim Selwyn (roegadyn): DRK, SGE, SCH, RPR, MNK, MCH, SMN

Realm: EU-Doomhammer


  • Micromantica – Gnome Frost Mage
  • Jellica – Gnome Holy Priest
  • Myrki – Gnome Destruction Warlock
  • Pins – Gnome Subtlety/Assassination Rogue
  • Paitsu – Gnome Windwalker Monk
  • Mindebad – Gnome Frost Death Knight
  • Rikkit – Gnome Fury/Arms Warrior
  • Maylune – Night Elf Balance Druid
  • Myde – Night Elf Marksmanship Hunter
  • Kalaari – Draenei Survival Hunter
  • Oluu – Lightforged Retribution Paladin


  • Schlitzchen – Goblin Enhancement/Elemental Shaman
  • Lizgun – Goblin Marksmanship Hunter
  • Heltzen – Goblin Fire Mage
  • Melaris – Blood Elf Havoc Demon Hunter


I am playing both Horde and Alliance, because through leveling they unveil both sides of Warcraft lore and different approach to the same events.


Unlike many players for whom an alt means just a source of resources or just a grinding sack of pixels, my characters are Characters. My toons are traveling through Azeroth by their own unique paths, playing a unique role. As a writer likes his heroes, I like my toons equally.


Micromantica is my ‘main’ character. It means she works on achievements and reputations, digs Archaeology and does all this time-consuming stuff. But all my toons are equally developed considering gear and raiding in LFRs. I move them forward like chess pieces, one by one, so they all keep up to the current content.

Micromantica by Donya, BattleTag Olvar#2463

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