Class Mounts: Monk

*Spoiler alert: the post is Paitsu’s diary, so if you plan to see monk mount story in game with your own eyes, you may want to skip it.

Paitsu – Monk

The biggest challenge in all of the monk mount story is… logistics!

You need to go to a tavern from you class order hall, and you just can’t figure this out. You don’t know how to get there!

Answer is: note these portals in the temple – there are two of them, and they bring you to different tiers of the building. From where you proceed by the bridge to the quest giver.


When there, you encounter another challenge of typically Pandaren type: relax and enjoy the cool story that a wandering master tells you.


The story is about a cool tiger Ban-Lu, son of Xu’en, the grand White Tiger, who is deeply depressed after his master perished during the Legion destruction of Peak of Serenity. Of course it’s gonna be our new mount!

We travel to Pandaria and Kun Lai Summit on our own to find the whereabouts of Ban Lu.

There we meet this Pandaren again, and we do 4 favors to Pandaria people in exchange for clues:

  1. First we track the tiger’s tracks near Peak of Serenity.
  2. Our next stop is a grummle’s camp where one of them sends us to find three parts of his “luckydo” stolen by hozen. It’s naturally a kill-me-ten quest, and an easy one. Also hilarious: the grummle’s sack is burning, and he decides to leave it like that because it will be his luckydo ever since :)
  3. Then we proceed to Shado-Pan Monastery to aid cleanse the remnants of sha – it’s not grindy but very fun.
  4. The last stop is bringing water lilies to a jinyu which resides near Binan village – in that jinyu settlement.

The jinyu sends us just to the neighbourhood pool, and here’s your plot twist: your quest giver Pandaren is Ban Lu itself! Sneaky weretiger. Or werepanda?


These quests you’ve already done appear to be all trials: persistence, kindness, and other useful things. But of course you have to prove yourself in battle as well – with Ban Lu itself. It was long and boring for my Brewmaster spec, just avoid the jade spheres, and all’s well.

Hooray! Yet again we have a chance to see a stunningly beautiful Pandaria cinematic with its awesome music:




Ban Lu is our pal now.

There are two bad things about this mount:

1. This is the appearance for Brewmaster, Mistweaver and Windwalker specs:


In other words: nothing changes, at least without Concordance.

2. It chats like a radio DJ, and it just won’t shut up! It tells jokes, Pandaren wisdom, everything! It even says “Bye!” when you dismount. It’s goddamn annoying already :) I’m not sure I’ll be riding this pal for long.

I liked the story very much for revisiting Pandaria and meeting its people. Also the fact that you solve everything within Kun Lai Summit location, so you don’t have to travel many distances.

You may read another mount stories for all classes: 


One thought on “Class Mounts: Monk

  1. Aw, these sound so cool! I did like the Druid one of course, but there wasnt really “much to it” with the granting of the form and such.


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