Class Mounts: Demon Hunter

*Spoiler alert: the post is Melaris’ diary, so if you plan to see demon hunter mount story in game with your own eyes, you may want to skip it.

Melaris – Demon Hunter

The mount quest for demon hunters is probably the easiest and fastest of all, because I don’t know how to make it even easier. You need no mats, no pre-quests – it’s just a scenario.

You are informed that a felbat nest was spotted in Mardum among other interesting things, and there’s one particularly vicious beast we could use. You talk to a flight master (there is one in your order hall, yes, although you don’t fly anywhere), and she sends you to the grounds.

The felbat is immediately here, and you beat the shit out of it until 30% are gone. It escapes, leaving the trail of fel blood that you follow. They tell you to use your spectral vision to track the bat, but I didn’t find any use for it. The blood drops are perfectly seen with your normal sight, and you don’t get lost.

You pass a bit, sometimes gliding from cliffs – although not necessary, or am I just natural with double jumps and wings? Well, no bottomless pits or high grounds worth mentioning anyways. And you also beat some ordinary bats on your way. Then a second encounter, and you take out 30% hit points more, it escapes. You follow the trail through more ordinary felbats, and then you need to glide to the felbat’s back from a cliff.


You mount it naturally without any clicking, and your toon beats it in the ear all by herself while it lands. Then you beat 30% hit points more, and it’s yours to claim.

Easy, isn’t it?

Cinematic is about taming, and it’s pretty awesome:


It says: “Grrr!’


You get to see yourself through the beast’s spectral vision! This is how all demons see us!


Enough with games, let’s tame it:


And it’s ours! People around you tell that no grown-up felbat has been tamed before.


Quite a cool mount:


And its ground walk is something hilarious – see my Twitter post for video :) I has a rabbit.

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One thought on “Class Mounts: Demon Hunter

  1. Thank you for sharing! I have no time for more than one character, so chances are, I will never see these other class quests, nice with some screenshots and story of it :)


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