Class Mounts: Death Knight

*Spoiler alert: the post is Mindebad’s diary, so if you plan to see death knight mount story in game with your own eyes, you may want to skip it.

Mindebad – Death Knight

You are sent to the top of Acherus for a conference call with the Lich King.


Bolvar informs you that he spotted a strange activity in the north of Icecrown. Well, he dreamed of it. The undead are running into the sea:


Apparently it’s a big drake’s bones, and we need to learn what it is and how to use it in our favor.

So we set off to Wyrmrest Temple, and interrogate the dragons. Naturally all the dragons say is “Feck off!”, because they don’t want to help the undead knights and Bolvar. They leave us no choice, and we go to Ruby Sanctum for clues… and slaughter.

Of course we need to slay the guards, but we don’t have to kill all of them… unless we want an achievement. Normally you could finish all the task in 2 minutes and little blood, but of course you run around and slay everything on the ground and in the sky for 20 minutes. Every last dragon in the area, whelps, adults and big lizards. There’s nothing too awful a player wouldn’t do for a hidden achievement:


Last one.


Blizzard thought they went too far, so this achievement is removed with 7.2.5. patch and from the records as well. We’re heartless undead, but we’re also heroes, right?..

Anyways, we obtain the clues, and it leads us to the same place in Icecrown where we’ve just been. I mean, couldn’t we guess that before?

Also this slaughter means nothing to red dragons, business is business, so I can still use a taxi :) Heh-heh. But why the dragon is so happy?


So, we arrive to the north again, and there’s a secret island. We walk through blizzards and ice fields, slaying disturbed undead on the way.


Btw, you can’t eat, your supplies are frozen. So you’re supposed to heal yourself with self-healing strike. Not that I need it anyway, the mobs don’t hit very hard. And it’s also in my rotation.


Then you come to the remnants of the dragon, swarming with undead. They feast on its blood and magic, so we kill them to drain all the dragon power into oursellves.


Yay, everything’s dead and the blood is ours. So, the questline is basically a grind which feels fitting, because we’re killing machines. And we can do ritual now:


The ritual is spectacular:


Really, it’s the most stunning cinematic among all class mounts, and I’ve seen all of them:






It’s alive!


Erh… Toby? Who’s a good boy?


It will do.


The drake is one of the few multicolored mounts since the beginning:







It has a cool coffin on its back (to sleep in) and a throne of skulls for a saddle.

The only problem is the classic dragon mount problem: their flight feels like crawling. Very slow. So, apart from the cool design, the mount is no use except for parades. Not for the field.

But I love its looks :)

You may read another mount stories for all classes: 


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