Class Mounts: Warrior

*Spoiler alert: the post is Bons’s diary, so if you plan to see warrior mount story in game with your own eyes, you may want to skip it.

Bons – Warrior

You’ll never know what you have to do in warrior’s scenario! Any guesses?

Yeah, you have to PROVE yourself to Odyn. Again. And again. And again.


Seriously, orc overdose in WoD was not that tiresome. And it was at least justified. But there’s not a single reason for vrykul overdose in Legion.

From since you enter Stormheim to a pair of dungeons to world quests to raid, spruced by Warrior order hall campaign (if you happen to play one) – you are proving yourself to Odyn. It’s all the same boring shit. It’s like a damaged vinyl when needle jumps over and over to repeat one and the same song. And the song is not even nice.

I was surprised I was not sent to Helheim to collect some valarjar soul stones, Helya’s lantern or whatever thing because they could do that, no kidding.

Lore aside, it actually appeared to be quite fun. Warrior’s mount quest is three encounters against only three challengers. And this is it:


The first comes a hard hitting drogbar, followed by a swift blade master of Shal’dorei and then a valar’jar girl with some heavy Light attacks.


The encounters were very much fun. They were hard  enough, and I had to calculate some strategies. Even if you’re in Protection, you won’t survive the whole fight without correct moving and positioning. The last girl gave me some hard times, and I had to think and move like a fly.

Odyn is really bored of all this PROVING shit himself:


But the guy just doesn’t have any fantasy. Here goes the proud victor:


It’s time for your reward, champion!


And I give you… this.


Erh… isn’t it just the first thing that you caught in Stormheim? No bother? Really?

Here’s my happy face:


Oh look, Odyn is bored again:


Get a life, man.

These trivial mounts at least come in three colors due to specs. There’s purple, red and black options. Not that it makes them any cooler.



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