Class Mounts: Rogue

*Spoiler alert: the post is Hexen’s diary, so if you plan to see rogue mount story in game with your own eyes, you may want to skip it.

Hexen – Rogue

So, you’re hanging out in your order hall, and then you’re briefed that Legion agents are now in faction capitals! Both Alliance and Horde.

What we’re gonna do? Assassinate them!

To make this fun, your order hall agents will get busy with YOUR faction cities all by themselves. And YOU are sent to the opposite faction capitals… Legion agents are corrupted citizens who look perfectly normal, and they have full support from the capital guards and maybe players – it’s a scenario, but in real PvP life.


My exploration experience and playing both factions pays off here at large scales. I know all the shortcuts, I know the exact plans of every capital and how to get there.

The quest requires exquisite rogue skills, or you just won’t be able to stab the guys in the back.

First my goblin goes to Exodar. Orgrimmar -> Felwood -> flight on my own wings to Rut’theran village -> a perfectly safe night elven ship gets you right to the city gate. Easy cake, there’s no one there except a low level draenei, and the city itself has more holes than cheese. The wandering draenei “priest” is accompanied by a large killing robot. We toss a distraction pebble, robot looks that way and lingers, but the priest continues walking, so he’s alone. Attack from the shadows – done!

I died once here – I didn’t know how deadly that robot was. VERY deadly, basically one shot me on my first attempt.

To Darnassus we go!


Sneaking through the portal and into the city with stealth was easy. It’s a pleasant straight walk to the city exit which opens into the woods.

There’s some enchanting lady among the THRONGS of weak mobs. Trying to AoE was a fat chance. Cemetery run across the whole tree from Dolanaar. This time it’s just three quick stabs and running like hell from the others. Done!

Teleport to Dalaran -> Orgrimmar -> Twilight Highlands -> pleasant flight over Khaz Modan to the mighty gates of Ironforge. The snitch is there, right in the throne room of the Three Hammers. He stands at the exit, but there are at least five guards which will run at you when you come out of shadows.

I’ve tried to kill him two times (and almost did), then I went to Wowhead for clues.


Turns out that you need to steal a key from him, then unlock his armor. And then he could be killed easily. Oh.

I steal the key, unlock the armor, and start killing him :) Even so it’s not an easy task, because he’s always starting to run away, and guards are running at you immediately.

But Subtlety has this very useful major hit which teleports you behind the victim’s back, and it’s also the strongest one. So I just kept using it – thus teleporting away from the guards with each stab and hitting the guy. Even so, not an easy kill.

Vanish, here we go to Stormwind. Via tram of course!


I was sneaking around Stormwind near midnight. Not too many people were around, but the Auction House and the market square were crowded! Our final goal is Stormwind’s auctioneer.

And it was easy.


The only reason I took this picture was my rushing nature. I just couldn’t wait until a detecting guard with a torch would pass by. By the way, how cool and immersing it is :) He holds a torch, and he saw me!

The second time I knew better. I sneak into the auction house, and it’s just one hit in the neck, when I finish my task. I wouldn’t bother with another cemetery run at this moment. But I didn’t even have to :) Vanished, sneaked to canals, and teleported back to Dalaran to claim my reward.

This mount was really well earned! Hails from Garona:


That idiot of an admiral (we hates him):


Kudos from Valeera Sanguinar and Taoshi (these two we likes)


And a gift from Ravenholdt Manor:



It’s big


Will you be my Valentine?


Yeah, we’re friends now


Off to the skies!


As you could have possibly guessed, the rogue mount quest is one of the most perfect among all classes. Despite consisting for 50% of cemetery runs, it was extremely fun and engaging. And the mount is… fine. Well, I wanted it more than ever judging by screenshots, but it bounces too much when you ride it.

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3 thoughts on “Class Mounts: Rogue

    • He’s fallen out of favor when I acquired the latest class follower at Broken Shore and went through the campaign quests with him. I know they wanted to make him a comic relief, but there’s a big difference between silly fun and stupid annoying.


  1. Wow, some classes really have gotten cool quest chains that involve abilities that are unique to them.
    I liked this mount too, but I do agree, it bounces instead of “gliding” more smoothly. My favorite is still the Hunters.

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