Z & Cinder’s Blog Challenge: What is Your Favourite Mount, and Why?


Another theme for Z & Cinder’s Blog Challenge is mounts :)

Let’s start with denial first. I will never, ever ride any bulky mount, which won’t fit many doors and/or feels clumsy and slow, even if the speed is the same.

This includes pandaren serpents, yeti, gronns, warframes, elekks, hippos, and every dragon available. Banned!

Now, to the ones that I like :)

Shared Mounts Among All Toons

My basic pair for every toon is of course this:


Water striders are a great utility, and even my druid uses them. I have both colors, azure blue and red, and I assign them according to the character vibe. For example, Oulu, being a fury warrior, will have color red, while Micromantica the Ice Mage’s choice is of course the blue one.


This baby. It was the best spent 120k gold coins during my whole history of playing WoW. It’s the first mount I put on my panel for a new toon.

It provides transmog on demand, as well as gear repairs and a vendor to sell trash items to. I can’t imagine myself nowadays running in not-fitting armor, so this yak comes to my call after every new item that I get.

Funny enough, this mount doesn’t actually ride anywhere. It’s summoned and then dismissed at the same spot :)

Flying Mounts

Most of my Alliance toons have a baseline ultimate mount, and these are Stormwind gryphons. I tend to choose the one with faction colors, blue and gold:


It has everything I ever want from a mount: the feeling of speed, awesome size fitting every door or even tent, nice looks, and the faction attunement.

Their Horde counterpart, wyverns, seem too ugly to me to ride. Luckily I don’t happen to use them. Both of my Druids use their flight forms (obviously), my Warlock Goblin rides her class mount, and my Shaman Goblin is also an Engineer, which is enhanced by her choice (built with her own hands):


This bombshell is just awesome, compact, swift and mobile, and fits well both to goblin and engineer.

The only class mount that is used airborne-only is Hunter’s mount for Baisa. I’m enjoying its looks, the feel of how it flies, its speed and size, and well, of course the piercing Gnome yell which is required to summon it :)


Ground Mounts

There’s a little more variety here, and I tend to play with class and race a lot.

All my Mages, Micromantica, Faari and Myde, drive their class mount – an awesome disc – both on ground and in the air:


It’s super mobile and has stunning animations which vary on the spec.

Both Paladins, Anibell and Kalaari, ride their class steed with blue/gold Alliance tints, on air and ground:


Faerella the Goblin Warlock also uses her class mount both to ride and fly. The tint of choice is the purple one, I can’t stand fel anymore, and I don’t want to sit on flames:


Two of my Gnomes, Aurinko the Priest and Baisa the Hunter, agreed that riding an Ironforge ram is just a hit of a season:


Paitsu, the Gnome monk, disagrees. As an adept of Pandaren culture and a professional weeaboo, she uses a goat which apparently can carry the whole kitchen plus brewery tied to its back. Which doesn’t mean it’s slow!


Backston and Berringer, the human girls, like horses. With a minor difference, as Backston is a Death Knight:

Finally, Melaris is my Demon Hunter. She openly scorns Illidan and all the sacrifice business. What she wants most of all is rebonding with the Night Elven people. So her steed of choice is sabertooth.


And this is it for tonight :)


Class Mount Tints and Perks


As I’ve already got Concordance on most of my artifact weapons, I’ve decided to scrap the missing tint options or other bonuses. Here’s the list:

Warrior, Shaman, Priest – get no bonuses and they have tints for every spec from the very beginning.

Druids have neither bonuses nor tints.

Demon Hunter gets a Pepe toy which looks like a demon hunter on your head. Obtained from the mission table room nearby quartermasters. No tints for their felbat.

Monk gets a cub of their class mount – essentially a pet. Obtained from a Pandaren lady inside a hut, left and down the slope from the mission table. No tints for Ban Lu mount – because it’s more of a person and it’s unique.

Death Knight has all tints since the beginning, but they get three dragon pets, recolored due to specs. Need Concordance on the weapon for the matching pet (ice blue, plague green and blood red). Sold by a ghoul in the “ice” section of the lower Order Hall room.

Hunter gets two more mount tints for Survival and Marksmanship upon reaching Concordance, and once you’re at 52 with Beast Mastery, you can obtain a tome which lets your to tame hippogryphs, gryphons and birdies alike. Sold by Stable Master in Order Hall.

Mage gets all mount tints at once, but they can buy a toy which lets a summoned pet fly by you on a disc. When you enter your order hall, rise one flight of stairs straight ahead and there will be this troll vendor.

Rogues get three more tints for every weapon – making it four class mounts in whole. Obtained from a Gnome vendor in the meeting room – he lurks behind the table where the class leaders sit. Need Concordance for every tint.

Paladins also get three more tints for every weapon’s Concordance. Obtained from a Dwarf vendor which stands to the left by the mission table.

Finally, Warlocks have two more tints. The first tint is purchased from Calydus in your order hall, and for the second one (see post picture) you need to kill and loot Lord Hel’nurath – a nathrezim rare – in Broken Shore. Just check for the green skull on the map near your major Broken Shore camp. No Concordance required on weapons to get them.

Every next tint, pet or toy will cost you 1000 order hall resources.

I’ve got almost every bonus and tint yesterday, stalled only by lacking Concordance at few weapons, so it’s easy.

Trivia: Anticipation

With Tomb of Sargeras out yesterday, I can’t yet put my nose into it until the next week (because LFR).

As much as I’m anticipating the new raid environment, I’m not being lazy. I have lots of things to do. And here’s what happens:

  1. My toons are now diligent about carrying sacks full of loot from both Emerald Nightmare and The Nighthold. I’m starting to finish my Nighthold model sets, and the rest of toons are lacking just 1 to 3 pieces.
  2. I’m exploring the role that I’ve largely ignored before: HEALING, and on every available class now. I got the general idea of every healing spec aside discipline priest, and I’m running the raids as a healer with big pleasure. It’s strangely relaxing compared to tanks or even dps. Maybe I’m gonna even try healing Tomb of Sargeras. On top of all, the queues for healers are smaller.
  3. Midsummer holiday is up, and there are four new achievements with bonfires: added in Draenor and Broken Isles. Got them quickly, and earned 150 flame flowers in process. I rummaged through the holiday goods list, and I saw that I lack one pet and one toy. So I’ll be getting them during weekend.
  4. New Archaeology project is up this week, and although I have an artifact appearance for the 8 solves, I’m heading to the bigger achievement. So one more thing to do on weekend.
  5. My reputation race is on, and Team Valar’jar/Highmountain (Micromantica, Aurinko, Bons, Paitsu) was the first to obtain a faction mount from bonus chest! Aurinko won a Highmountain moose.


  • Now I can safely ignore Highmountain emissary days – I just got myself a weekend from world quests :) The same is gonna happen with other factions.

Class Mounts: Priest

*Spoiler alert: the post is Aurinko’s diary, so if you plan to see priest mount story in game with your own eyes, you may want to skip it.

Aurinko – Priest

Priest story is the most intriguing considering lore. You go to Azsuna shore to join Magni Bronzebeard, Brann Bronzebeard and a dwarven priest girl on their errand to discover a secret Titan vault!

It’s hidden underwater near the Maelstorm, so we go there by submarine:


Here we are, and we go deeper.  Meanwhile Brann asks his brother how Azeroth talks to him (yes, the planet contains a Titan’s soul and she talks to Magni).


And we’re here, deep underwater. Brann looks for a lever, but the doors open by Magni’s tricks, as he knows many secrets now, and is supernatural.


We enter a cool hall, combining the beauty of Vash’jir outside and the Titan godlike architecture inside:


These balls of light encapsulate the only three sentinel birds left. We are briefed about it by a friendly mechagnome.


We must prove that we’re pure of heart and not submitting to the void lords and old gods by fighting the huge throng of titan creatures! Yeah, right… not submitted to Old Gods when one of my cooldowns throws me into madness :)

The encounter is long, contains many-many mobs, and requires running, positioning, dpsing, and mass dispelling some enemies. The fight was extremely interesting and fun. And strangely… it was very soothing and calming. I think it’s because we’re fighting very clean creatures and constructs of light rather than your common fire puddles and tendrils. And the room is very nice too.


Yay, we’re pure of heart! We can take the birdies home. But of course there would be a ceremony.



Here comes:



They also come in three colors:


The cutest things ever. I am and will be riding it.


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Class Mounts: Shaman

*Spoiler alert: the post is Schlitzchen’s diary, so if you plan to see shaman mount story in game with your own eyes, you may want to skip it.

Schlitzchen – Shaman

It’s one of the easiest quests among all.

We just need to set order in Air realm. Thunderaan says that there are some rebel genies, and we need to put a leash on them. So we travel to the Throne of Four Winds.


The place is always gorgeous.


Once you’re there, you need to replicate the raid encounter. It means that you need to beat all the shit out of three genies.


Apparently they replicate their raid abilities, only this time you’re on your own to cope with them.

And there’s nothing serious happening. Shaman characters in Legion are the squishiest of all: I just never notice how I lose my health even in the open world against common mobs. Like I’m just doing a world quest, and suddenly half of my health bar is gone! And we also have very few options to restore ourselves.

Even so, the encounters don’t pose a slightest problem. You just go and do your normal stuff: pour damage in the genie, don’t stand in fire, kill adds. And they die quickly.

Well, not die. They submit, we don’t want them dead.

Order is restored, and Thunderaan, instead of being our last trial, simply says “Thank you” :)


Back in your order hall, there’s a thunder ritual, and a majestic one!




Power overwhelming!



And everyone rejoiced :)



The blob is actually very nice. I never thought I would be riding it, but for now I do. It comes in three colors and even three textures: White Thunder for Enhancement, Fiery Storm for Elemental and Sea Green for Restoration.

A pleasant, quick and very beautiful questline, although not heavy in lore.

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Class Mounts: Rogue

*Spoiler alert: the post is Hexen’s diary, so if you plan to see rogue mount story in game with your own eyes, you may want to skip it.

Hexen – Rogue

So, you’re hanging out in your order hall, and then you’re briefed that Legion agents are now in faction capitals! Both Alliance and Horde.

What we’re gonna do? Assassinate them!

To make this fun, your order hall agents will get busy with YOUR faction cities all by themselves. And YOU are sent to the opposite faction capitals… Legion agents are corrupted citizens who look perfectly normal, and they have full support from the capital guards and maybe players – it’s a scenario, but in real PvP life.


My exploration experience and playing both factions pays off here at large scales. I know all the shortcuts, I know the exact plans of every capital and how to get there.

The quest requires exquisite rogue skills, or you just won’t be able to stab the guys in the back.

First my goblin goes to Exodar. Orgrimmar -> Felwood -> flight on my own wings to Rut’theran village -> a perfectly safe night elven ship gets you right to the city gate. Easy cake, there’s no one there except a low level draenei, and the city itself has more holes than cheese. The wandering draenei “priest” is accompanied by a large killing robot. We toss a distraction pebble, robot looks that way and lingers, but the priest continues walking, so he’s alone. Attack from the shadows – done!

I died once here – I didn’t know how deadly that robot was. VERY deadly, basically one shot me on my first attempt.

To Darnassus we go!


Sneaking through the portal and into the city with stealth was easy. It’s a pleasant straight walk to the city exit which opens into the woods.

There’s some enchanting lady among the THRONGS of weak mobs. Trying to AoE was a fat chance. Cemetery run across the whole tree from Dolanaar. This time it’s just three quick stabs and running like hell from the others. Done!

Teleport to Dalaran -> Orgrimmar -> Twilight Highlands -> pleasant flight over Khaz Modan to the mighty gates of Ironforge. The snitch is there, right in the throne room of the Three Hammers. He stands at the exit, but there are at least five guards which will run at you when you come out of shadows.

I’ve tried to kill him two times (and almost did), then I went to Wowhead for clues.


Turns out that you need to steal a key from him, then unlock his armor. And then he could be killed easily. Oh.

I steal the key, unlock the armor, and start killing him :) Even so it’s not an easy task, because he’s always starting to run away, and guards are running at you immediately.

But Subtlety has this very useful major hit which teleports you behind the victim’s back, and it’s also the strongest one. So I just kept using it – thus teleporting away from the guards with each stab and hitting the guy. Even so, not an easy kill.

Vanish, here we go to Stormwind. Via tram of course!


I was sneaking around Stormwind near midnight. Not too many people were around, but the Auction House and the market square were crowded! Our final goal is Stormwind’s auctioneer.

And it was easy.


The only reason I took this picture was my rushing nature. I just couldn’t wait until a detecting guard with a torch would pass by. By the way, how cool and immersing it is :) He holds a torch, and he saw me!

The second time I knew better. I sneak into the auction house, and it’s just one hit in the neck, when I finish my task. I wouldn’t bother with another cemetery run at this moment. But I didn’t even have to :) Vanished, sneaked to canals, and teleported back to Dalaran to claim my reward.

This mount was really well earned! Hails from Garona:


That idiot of an admiral (we hates him):


Kudos from Valeera Sanguinar and Taoshi (these two we likes)


And a gift from Ravenholdt Manor:



It’s big


Will you be my Valentine?


Yeah, we’re friends now


Off to the skies!


As you could have possibly guessed, the rogue mount quest is one of the most perfect among all classes. Despite consisting for 50% of cemetery runs, it was extremely fun and engaging. And the mount is… fine. Well, I wanted it more than ever judging by screenshots, but it bounces too much when you ride it.

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Class Mounts: Warrior

*Spoiler alert: the post is Bons’s diary, so if you plan to see warrior mount story in game with your own eyes, you may want to skip it.

Bons – Warrior

You’ll never know what you have to do in warrior’s scenario! Any guesses?

Yeah, you have to PROVE yourself to Odyn. Again. And again. And again.


Seriously, orc overdose in WoD was not that tiresome. And it was at least justified. But there’s not a single reason for vrykul overdose in Legion.

From since you enter Stormheim to a pair of dungeons to world quests to raid, spruced by Warrior order hall campaign (if you happen to play one) – you are proving yourself to Odyn. It’s all the same boring shit. It’s like a damaged vinyl when needle jumps over and over to repeat one and the same song. And the song is not even nice.

I was surprised I was not sent to Helheim to collect some valarjar soul stones, Helya’s lantern or whatever thing because they could do that, no kidding.

Lore aside, it actually appeared to be quite fun. Warrior’s mount quest is three encounters against only three challengers. And this is it:


The first comes a hard hitting drogbar, followed by a swift blade master of Shal’dorei and then a valar’jar girl with some heavy Light attacks.


The encounters were very much fun. They were hard  enough, and I had to calculate some strategies. Even if you’re in Protection, you won’t survive the whole fight without correct moving and positioning. The last girl gave me some hard times, and I had to think and move like a fly.

Odyn is really bored of all this PROVING shit himself:


But the guy just doesn’t have any fantasy. Here goes the proud victor:


It’s time for your reward, champion!


And I give you… this.


Erh… isn’t it just the first thing that you caught in Stormheim? No bother? Really?

Here’s my happy face:


Oh look, Odyn is bored again:


Get a life, man.

These trivial mounts at least come in three colors due to specs. There’s purple, red and black options. Not that it makes them any cooler.



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