Trivia: Legionfall & Reputations

Breaking news: to complete the latest Legionfall campaign step, you need to complete 3 order hall missions in Broken Shore.

Bad news: some Broken Shore missions don’t count into the quest for reasons unknown.

Tip: 100% proof are missions for Legionfal resources and Legionfall reputation tokens.

And now to something interesting.


I’m beginning my faction mount game today! To see how it works, let’s have a look at the chart.


  1. I have 12 toons
  2. I have 6 factions I need to work on for extra caches and a chance for mount: Valarjar, Highmountain, Dreamweavers, Farondis, Wardens and Nightfallen.
  3. When every toon is Exalted with a faction (orange color in my chart), I assign four of them to work for a specific pair of factions. All the rest will be sending them the appropriate rep tokens they earn from missions.
  4. Important thing is that I paint toons not on the team blank. It means that I let it go and stop worrying, for example, how many points are there with Wardens for Aurinko?

For example, all of my toons are Exalted with Wardens and Nightfallen. From now on, I’ve assigned Mindebad, Anibell, Backston and Melaris to do their emissaries until I get the mount. This means 16 WQ (4×4) per day, and it’s gonna be completed in an hour, very quickly indeed.

So, my teams are:

Micromantica, Aurinko, Bons, Paitsu – Team Valarjar & Highmountain. The tense cliffs are perfect for casters and a pair of tanks.

Mindebad, Anibell, Backston, Melaris – Team Wardens & Nightfallen. Three tanks and a hunter will be awesome for engaging in elite or multiple Suramar skirmishes.

Helu, Shlitzchen, Hexen, Faerella – Team Dreamweavers & Farondis. The squishy toons fit well for open spaces in Azsuna and Val’sharah (also they’re my Horde four).

Whichever team gets their mounts first, wins :)


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