FFXIV: Reset Update

As expected, leveling slows down after 50 for a number of reasons. So, I've just managed Machinist, Monk and Scholar/Summoner through Heavensward, all jobs now hanging at 60 and waiting for another roulette level to be able to spam Stormblood dungeons. Leveling through Duty Support has its pros and cons. Pros: absent queue time, which … Continue reading FFXIV: Reset Update

FFXIV: Achievement Names Are Theme Songs!

I noticed it first in Stormblood, but it's more prominent in Endwalker, as in Stormblood "The Measure of His Reach" was alternating with other, non-song lines. If you read Endwalker questline achievement names - the ones that are given for finishing a story chapter - they make a song lyric together. https://www.youtube.com/embed/ikrNcwGRLvE Someone conveniently looped … Continue reading FFXIV: Achievement Names Are Theme Songs!