Lightforged Leveling Done


That’s right, the achievement is mine :)

Kalaari finished Azsuna and Val’sharah questlines along with their dungeons. The rest came from bits of Paladin campaign, blacksmithing/mining quests and bonus objectives (which you can grab much like in Draenor – with no actual storyline questing running).

She sits with an admission to Emerald Nightmare now, so a journey of gearing up awaits. The best way for me is tracking the world quests which grant you upgrade gear, and also doing emissaries to fish out the legendaries. Argus argunite items also help.

Like I wrote in the previous post, Kalaari is not meant to be active in BfA, so her gearing up to 915-ish is purely a leisure activity during lull.

Her current transmog is Lightforged Pretorian, the legacy armor for the achievement pretty much sucks :)


Now we have a Nightborne and a Highmountain to finish their leveling in Broken Isles :)



Leveling Trivia: Propelling Through Pandaria

Once you take your toons through the long and tedious 20 levels of Outland/Northrend, you step in the magnificent world of later expansions leveling.

My allied toons simply swooshed through it during weekend. Mark you, it was not even the full leveling days: the weather is nice and warm, so the major Saturday timing was devoted to walking, having a party with friends and whatnot. Still I brought Jammu and Arkeona to their Draenor Garrison, and Kalaari is at her 84 now.


The questing is plenty and non-linear – you have Pandaria and Cataclysm to choose from. My obligatory part is the Halfhill thing – it’s very quick and rewarding considering experience, plus after 85 you get those introduction cooking quests which grant you 10 tokens -> food fridge bag.

Otherwise, Jammu chose to do some initiate Jade Forest, and then she switched to completing the whole Twilight Highlands – Horde part. I haven’t seen the storyline yet, and it’s quite different from the Alliance. To my liking, Alliance does a perfect questing job throughout the zone, they even have their version of Romeo/Juliet in Wildhammer camp. The Horde does an excellent zone introduction with Dragonmaw clan, way more exciting than Alliance, but then they deflate significantly, and their personal part throughout the zone is outright boring. Still, it brought Jammu exactly to 90.

Arkeona did 2/3 of Vash’jir – when they propel you up there for a gulp of fresh air, you don’t want to return back :) Few bits of Halfhill and Kun Lai made her 90, along with frantic dungeon queueing.

By the way, it’s nice to have a water mount choice besides the sea horse:


You don’t want to ignore exploration – while waiting for dungeon queues, I also fly and open the maps of the current expansion. Your common flight around every Pandaria zone grants you a whole level!

Dungeons were brutal. In Cataclysm/Pandaria you really have to follow the boss tactics (and learn them), so wipes were not uncommon. Your success totally depends on the ability – and desire – of your group to learn, otherwise it’s hell on earth. I’ve seen the dungeons which we swiped through in a single breath, and I’ve seen the dungeons with 7 tries of the last boss. As always, the coolest ones were where people wiped, discussed, and were persistent enough not to rage quit (blaming everyone else ofc), but to learn and execute the strategy to win. Kalaari’s The Vortex Pinnacle was a mere pleasure as such – despite 5 wipes along the way, we did beat it, and we were so pleased with the experience and the group members.

Shall I do more dungeons with her? By all means.

My leveling is now closing to an end, the Draenor and Broken Isles are as quick as possible.

P.S. 100% Legion quest achivements:



Roleplay: Older Content Lore and Leveling Your Character

I hope you’re ready to have your mind blown, cause it’s the craziest idea I’ve had recently, and it explains everything.


While leveling my new toons, I can’t help but asking myself: how does it really work with the lore?

See for yourself: for example, a Nightborne character could have entered Azeroth only after Elisande’s fall – a rehabilitated Elisande follower or a cured Nightfallen. He or she could only participate in Tomb of Sargeras onslaught and Argus campaign. Your Lightforged Draenei’s experience is even smaller: basically it’s Argus/Antorus where your toon could have participated, and that’s it.

Your Zandalar could have participated in Mists of Pandaria events (on the wrong side), and your Mag’har orc was probably fighting in Draenor – again, if not a Frostwolf, on the wrong side.

How could they repel gnoll attacks in Elwynn woods? How could they be struggling in Stonetalon mountains towards the destruction of the night elf druid enclave? How could they help the Undead working on the blight strain for the Wrathgate disaster? And how could they heal the fires of Hyjal during Cataclysm events? Chasing Anduin during Pandaria events? Placing a final blow upon Archimonde?

The answer is so simple that it’s overwhelming: they did not. 

There are two simple things you should understand.

First, your toon could be mentioned as “hero” in the chapter of Warcraft Chronicles if he/she really did took part in the corresponding expansion. Doing dailies, struggling with talent trees and rotations, making its way to the final villain in raids.

Take my mage Micromantica, my first toon on the current account. She started in Cataclysm, and while she surely worked her way healing Hyjal via multiple dailies in the endgame content, she didn’t have a chance to raid. So she wasn’t the one to be present at Al’Akir, Cho’gall or Deathwing defeat (even if she visited the raids later). But! She surely was there in Siege of Orgrimmar, and she witnessed the fall of Garrosh with her own eyes. She was called commander and admiral in Draenor, and she witnessed how Sargeras plunged his sword deep in our planet.

In other words – your character is a hero of a legend that was current for him/her. If you start an alt today, it cannot be a veteran of Wrathgate or Draenor campaign.

Second – how does it work with the lore? As your Highmountain or Dark Iron, or a common Gnome, Worgen or Troll has to play through the old content.

The answer is also simple: this is a retrospective – an illusion, a history book that went live. You do not actually participate in the said events – you’re given a chance to relive the adventures of Azeroth heroes of the past. You get acquainted with the epic battles, making yourself proud of your faction, knowing what this all is about, and how did we get to where we are now.

And that explains how a demon hunter is able to defeat Illidan, or a Pandaren striking down the Lich King, or a Nightborne cracking open the Deathwing’s spine. It is not your journey. It’s a thing of the past.

The concept may resemble Caverns of Time, but with a significant difference. In Caverns of Time you’re actually participating in the events, trying to keep the timelines intact. Remember how you’re transformed into a dwarf, a human or a gnome if you’re Horde and you’re culling Stratholme?

During your leveling, you still can be a Pandaren killing the Lich King. The events… are not real for you. You just relive the memories and the stories of the past.

Understanding this, I’m finally at peace with having my Void Elf in vrykul fortresses, and my Lightforged in Zangarmarsh :) I’m finally at peace with leveling through broken timelines (like you level in Cataclysm events 1-60, then you go back to Outland, etc.). I’m at peace with getting an errand from Varian or Vol’jin. You’re not committing hero acts. You’re actually sitting in the library – and use your imagination, potions, or both to see the events of the past.

All your leveling until current content is nothing but a quality hallucination.

Deal with it! :)

Leveling Allied Races


That’s right: my first Allied Race toon is now in Legion!

Myde the Void Arcane Mage skyrocketed to 101 just in few sits. After landing in Pandaria she just did the Valley of Four Winds, slowly progressing up to Tillers’ Exalted all the way 80-90. I think she wants herself a summer house, which means doing stuff till besties with Tina – she provides furniture :)

She also did almost every dungeon in Cataclysm and Pandaria. Again, it was a wide range of groups there. Just fascinating asshole tank and healer which managed to run past a couple of mob packs, leaving dps to die and blaming it all on them. Moreover, they wanted dps to manage the packs themselves afterwards even if it were a room behind! All dps including yours truly left the ‘group’ for good. Vice versa, just an amazing group in Blackrock Caverns which discussed tactics before pulls, trying bosses, wiping at first, and then killing them as smooth as possible when we got the strategy idea.

Needless to say, the groups like the second one come to the higher levels well prepared, sturdy, and experienced. Their time spent pays off.

Draenor was as swift as possible. I did some initiate quests in Shadowmoon Valley to get acccess for profession upgrades, and the rest was just doing extra quests (marked with crossed swords fill-the-bars) and continent exploration. I think it’s the best time to replay Draenor nowadays on your way to the top. The whole trip 90-100 took me like 3-4 hours, no dungeons.

Now Myde got her Aluneth weapon, did Legion assault quests in Highmountain (which brought her a whole level up), and worked through the Heart of Light questline, killing Velen’s son :) Ready for proper questlines now.

It’s high chance that this week she’ll be 110, and ready for Legion raids to start raising her ilvl up to planned 910-915. I don’t feel obliged to complete any of the questlines with her, be it main zones, Suramar, Broken Shore or Argus. My class champions have already defeated Legion! So allied races just explore Broken Isles and get ready for the Battle for Azeroth,

This strategy of taking one toon at a moment gives so much progress in no time. I think I’m sticking with it. My goal for May is leveling as much as possible – and the last month before pre-patch will be devoted to grind achievements. My timing seems perfect.

Trivia: A Weekly Summary

Lots of stuff is happening in many directions, so I’ll give just a quick summary.

Antorus Mogging

My plate armor toons have successfully run the needed bosses, winning two more items in process. Now they all have 1-2 items to go, which is a success.

The best strategy considering transmogs and extra roll coins is using them for the last bosses of the wing. This would mean that after drop you are required to go just the first one or the first two, reducing your raid time.

As there are less and less bosses to run with every acquired item, I also have time for leather toons as well. Melaris the Demon Hunter won a cape off the High Command, which means no more first wing runs for her :)

But yet I need to finish the plate toons first.

Grinding Goals

I had a desire to do a certain leisure grind on weekend, and Micromantica has acquired 1 more bar towards the fishing wizard rep. She also got the remaining 4 rare fishes, and got an access to the fishing artifact weapon!

The scenario was fun, but then I learnt what is requiered to level up this artifact, and no, I’m not gonna do it :) Yet I got the artifact, saw its bonuses and the acquiring scenario, and it was worth t.

Considering fishing, I may need the reputation achievements, and this is gonna be it.


I may reconsider my leveling routines. Quests only are insufficient for leveling up, and I’ll be queueing dungeons from now on. What was thought as the last zones planned in Vanilla zones, appeared to lack 4-7 levels until I’m ready for BC and Lich King dungeons and questing.

Take Myde, my Arcane Mage Void Elf. She did Duskwood, Redridge, both Stranglethorns, Badlands, Burning Steppes, Swamp of Sorrows and Blasted Lands – and she’s yet to be 57. Basically she missed only Westfall and Searing Gorge from the southern part of Eastern Kingdoms – so you need to quest at least half a continent. I’ll dungeon her through to 58, as the zone choice is obviously about the order in which you complete them, but not the number of zones.

My strategy for further leveling from now on is always queuing to all the dungeons (not just the selected ones), and choosing the zones with quests that are, a) plenty and b) require many mobs to kill to enhance the amount of XP.

The side bonus for leveling is acquiring lots of mogging items, from dungeons and random drops. I end up a zone sending at least 5 missing models to the appropriate armor type toons, and my mogging collection grows. Despite being Vanilla lo-fi models, there are some very cool items which could be used for transmogs. I’m already planning a Zandalari-golden set for my shaman based on an awesome chest I’ve just got.

My top goal today is leading my Allied Races up from Vanilla – it feels really old for me today, and almost every zone is covered. I’m not sure how and where I would be leveling my Dark Iron, because every questline is learnt by heart today :)

New Allied Races?

That’s right, with a question mark. Currently I’m enjoying the vibe of my new toons, but I don’t think I would be leveling many allied races from now on. Even for an achievement and armor.

From now on, it’s gonna be just races that I really want to play. There’s actually no desire to play Zandalari, Kul Tiran humans or Maghar orcs for me. Dark Iron – yes, they’re very badass. And from possible racial ideas I would definitely play a Tuskarr and an Ogre. We shall see, but I could say that the paradigm of leveling every allied race is not so cool as it seemed at first. Even my altoholism has some limits :)

This is it for the day, and my routines continue :)

Antorus Sets & Leveling

I will start the post with my next step towards Legion goals.

Baisa the Hunter was not lucky this week – literally no drops during her raid run. Compensated by Schlitzchen the Shaman: she finished both chainmail sets, and without extra coin drops!



Well done, and no more Antorus runs for them both :) Legion is officially on standby mode for Baisa and Schlitzchen, waiting for the next expansion.

My next goal is plate armor toons – Oulu, Backston and Anibell have not so many items left to farm. And then to catastrophic leather-armored: for example, Paitsu the Monk has only two items so far.

As planned, those items that are trash-drops only will be skipped. Luckily these are just wrists for a Death Knight and for a Druid – which don’t influence the looks at all.


The notable events happened in Ghostlands with Arkeona, the Nightborne Rogue. First of all, I did some cool screenshots and recalled Warcraft III experience :)


Yet again, and I never cease saying that, these are not merely background – but the buildings with a meaning. Could be that I built that ziggurat myself, carving Arthas’ path to Sunwell! These ziggurats, the soul-collecting buildings, serve as farms for Undead army (enhancing the number of units you may have), and could also be upgraded to serve as the main defensive building for the Scourge. This crystal appears above the building when you arm it, and it’s ready to fire at every approaching enemy, hurling the howling spirits at hostile forces.

Guys, playing earlier RTS does enhance your WoW experience!

Second, I came across amusing Amani trolls models:


Just look at their faces! I know that there’s a huge difference between top-notch today’s models, but these do have a certain charm, and are kinda unique. There were also some interesting high elves.

This model is also exactly inherited from Warcraft 2 RTS. Back then I thought that trolls are red-faced, and wear some sort of a jumpsuit. It appeared to be a warpaint :)

Third – I failed to do the last quest of the zone, and this would be my first time in the revamped 7.3.5. when I came across a real difficulty. It requires killing a major villain, and the quest actually advises you to gather a mob of 5 people.

Yes, it’s impossible for a rogue to do that solo. I’ve cleared the trash in his room dying 2 times, and even if the boss was now alone, and all my resources and cooldowns fully charged, it was merely impossible. He had some 52k, and my best shot was leaving him with 29k. I may have struggled with a hunter or a warlock, but it’s not an option for a rogue. Shame :)

I’ll return later when I’m really above him by my level. It’s a vendetta now :) I remember having that sort of a thing with my fire mage, who couldn’t kill a werewolf boss in Grizzly Hills – I returned after 20 levels to finish the job. Now it’s personal :)

For all the leveling toons, several more zones are covered, and I’m closing in to 50. I really need to queue the dungeons, as zones grant 2-4 levels now. I’m already eager to go into the next expansions to level, and much yet to be completed.

Leveling Dungeons: Stratholme


Today I had an hour and a half to level my new toons, and I logged in wth Jammu the Druid to continue her hopping around Un’Goro and also queue to some dungeons.

Surprisingly for the morning, the queue popped up real fast after a pair of my quests, and the moose kitty entered Stratholme, the wing with Scarlet Crusade.

After a pair of packs the tank aggroed two of them at once, got dead, and immediately quit without saying a word. I suggested to become a bear, did so, and we cleared the dungeon in a group of four till the end.

Oh my, it was brutal. We obviously lacked the third DPS, and the fights were long, even with trash mobs. I went with care and precision, but we wiped nevertheless. The dungeon has some patrols walking which are happy to join the fight, quite unnoticed ‘peaceful citizen’ ghosts which I can’t avoid due to my 2/3 attack abilities being AoE, and brutal boss mechanics. When our healer missed the fact that her ability she clicked on was on cooldown, a ghoul boss kicked my ass in 3 seconds, despite I pressed BOTH of my defensive abilities at once.

It was more like a raid. We actively talked and discussed mechanics and strategy after every wipe. We were reading boss abilities before pull. Both of our DPS (luckily mages), healer and myself used crowd controls – actively and with almost every pack! Sheeps, roots and whatever our priest had.

We had this postman boss which wiped us in front of the monastery complex, and we could skip him, but we killed him nevertheless – with strategy.

The most important thing was that all the people were stout, never whined and were cooperative and friendly. The dungeon took us more than an hour, and all of us stayed until the end. One of mages said that ‘I’m never queueing to any dungeons for leveling anymore’, yet I disagree. The dungeon appeared to be a real challenge for 4 good guys, an excellent training for all of us – crowd controls, emergency healing and my off-spec tanking. It was quite a dangerous adventure, but adventure it was. And I’m writing a whole blog post about a rather trivial thing like a leveling dungeon.

7.3.5. made it possible.