Hyper-Borean Leveling

My badass frost girl Gaella is propelling to the tops at insane speed. Today's couple of hours in the morning saw her entering Pandaria and reaching level 83. I wonder if she will be in BfA on the other side of the weekend? Quite possible! The reason of the post is actually musing about questing … Continue reading Hyper-Borean Leveling


Trivia: A Couple of Lull Months

As confirmed by Blizzard, Visions of N'Zoth will see light of the day somewhere in January, and now we're basically left to do what we please. I am 100% sure that I will be reminiscing my Warcraft III campaign experience with Reforged during winter holidays, with lots of time and chill mood (and the fact … Continue reading Trivia: A Couple of Lull Months

Alt Leveling: Writing Your Own Canon

Since the release of Warcraft Chronicles, we are aware that not all of the events were experienced by our heroes. For example, the Alliance was the only faction to storm the Lady Vashj domain in Zangarmarsh, while the Horde canonically laid waste to the red orcs of Hellfire Citadel and put an end to Magtheridon. … Continue reading Alt Leveling: Writing Your Own Canon

Lightforged Leveling Done

That's right, the achievement is mine :) Kalaari finished Azsuna and Val'sharah questlines along with their dungeons. The rest came from bits of Paladin campaign, blacksmithing/mining quests and bonus objectives (which you can grab much like in Draenor - with no actual storyline questing running). She sits with an admission to Emerald Nightmare now, so … Continue reading Lightforged Leveling Done

Leveling Trivia: Propelling Through Pandaria

Once you take your toons through the long and tedious 20 levels of Outland/Northrend, you step in the magnificent world of later expansions leveling. My allied toons simply swooshed through it during weekend. Mark you, it was not even the full leveling days: the weather is nice and warm, so the major Saturday timing was … Continue reading Leveling Trivia: Propelling Through Pandaria

Roleplay: Older Content Lore and Leveling Your Character

I hope you're ready to have your mind blown, cause it's the craziest idea I've had recently, and it explains everything. While leveling my new toons, I can't help but asking myself: how does it really work with the lore? See for yourself: for example, a Nightborne character could have entered Azeroth only after Elisande's … Continue reading Roleplay: Older Content Lore and Leveling Your Character

Antorus Sets & Leveling

I will start the post with my next step towards Legion goals. Baisa the Hunter was not lucky this week - literally no drops during her raid run. Compensated by Schlitzchen the Shaman: she finished both chainmail sets, and without extra coin drops! Well done, and no more Antorus runs for them both :) Legion … Continue reading Antorus Sets & Leveling