Dark Iron Dwarves and Mag’har Orcs: Class Choice

Blizzard’s official announcement about new Allies – Dark Irons and Mag’har Orcs – is up! Most importantly, the list of classes and racial abilities is published too. And it is high time to think about our new alts.

Dark Iron Dwarves


The Dark Irons can boast this set of classes:

  • Hunter
  • Mage
  • Monk
  • Paladin
  • Priest
  • Rogue
  • Shaman
  • Warlock
  • Warrior

The variety of classes is really stunning. Of course you could expect the darker and brutal options like Hunters (with bombastic guns), Mages (notably Fire), scheming Warlocks, Shaman (no race is THAT bound to Earth and Fire element), of course Warriors and Rogues. It is surprising to see Paladins… and Priests!

It’ll be really hard to choose the one class and spec from all.

Hunter – no option, it’s Marksmanship with my Gnome Baisa, and I’m not currently happy with the other specs.

Mage – I have toons for every mage spec: Frost – Gnome main, Arcane – Void Elf and Fire – lol, a Dwarf girl. Fire fits so well – but I prefer my Fire Mage to be a cheerful and adventurous ginger girl. Her lighter skin tone contrasts with the coal singed colors.

Monk – sorry, but I still think the idea of giving away monks to every next race is quite silly. Frankly I’d cut the class from most of them, dwarfs and dark irons too.

Paladin and Priest – mmm… nope. The Light thing doesn’t ring a bell with Dark Irons, although it could be justified with them joining Ironforge and learning these paths. Well, it just doesn’t. And as I’ve renounced shadow priesthood with my Gnome priest, shadow is not an option too.

Rogue – is just what we’ve seen the Dark Irons throughout questing in Khaz Modan lands. It fits so well, but I have two Rogues already which cover both specs I like – a highly competent elite criminal human Berringer currently in service of SI:7 (assassination), and a shadow blade political assassin nightborne Arkeona.

Shaman – both Elemental and Enhancement fit so good. As long as my Schlitzchen the Goblin drifts now into restoration, I would consider giving it a try. Most probably it will be Agility’s Enhancement, as Schlitzchen will share Intellect in Restoration/Elemental.

Warlock – probably no chance for me, spawning more pet classes :) I just don’t like pets. Although all the three specs are perfect options for a Drak Iron in my opinion.

Finally, Warrior. This is an awesome and solid option equal to Shaman. My warrior today is Oulu the Draenei girl, which I roleplay as a swift-blade rangari from alternate Draenor. She dual-wields twin axes, so Arms and Protection are opened options for my brand new Dark Iron Dwarf.

To sum it up, a Dark Iron toon is:

  • A must for me, I want this alt for roleplay sakes
  • It will be a brutal melee girl, just what it says on the picture above
  • I will choose between an Enhancement Shaman or Arms/Protection Warrior
  • If other class/specs weren’t already covered, my second best choice would be all kinds of rogues, all kinds of warlocks, or a fire mage.

Mag’har Orcs


Them, and Zandalari are not what I’m excited to play. Still let’s see what Blizzard offers us:

  • Hunter
  • Mage
  • Monk
  • Priest
  • Rogue
  • Shaman
  • Warrior

In short, Mag’har orcs are alternate timeline orcs which come under Grommash Hellscream’s command, and they obviously lack the hated fel option: Warlocks. The list of classes is as pure and close to nature as possible.

Every option has a strong bond with elements and/or is about good honest steel. Priest option is highly surprising though… I really need a lore explanation for this. Holy Light and Orcs are like… strawberry and fish. You can eat them together, but it’s not natural or tasty.

I’m not planning to roll a mag’har toon yet, but if I were, I would go for the honest Shaman, Warrior or Hunter. The basics.

What are your thoughts?


Leveling Allied Races


That’s right: my first Allied Race toon is now in Legion!

Myde the Void Arcane Mage skyrocketed to 101 just in few sits. After landing in Pandaria she just did the Valley of Four Winds, slowly progressing up to Tillers’ Exalted all the way 80-90. I think she wants herself a summer house, which means doing stuff till besties with Tina – she provides furniture :)

She also did almost every dungeon in Cataclysm and Pandaria. Again, it was a wide range of groups there. Just fascinating asshole tank and healer which managed to run past a couple of mob packs, leaving dps to die and blaming it all on them. Moreover, they wanted dps to manage the packs themselves afterwards even if it were a room behind! All dps including yours truly left the ‘group’ for good. Vice versa, just an amazing group in Blackrock Caverns which discussed tactics before pulls, trying bosses, wiping at first, and then killing them as smooth as possible when we got the strategy idea.

Needless to say, the groups like the second one come to the higher levels well prepared, sturdy, and experienced. Their time spent pays off.

Draenor was as swift as possible. I did some initiate quests in Shadowmoon Valley to get acccess for profession upgrades, and the rest was just doing extra quests (marked with crossed swords fill-the-bars) and continent exploration. I think it’s the best time to replay Draenor nowadays on your way to the top. The whole trip 90-100 took me like 3-4 hours, no dungeons.

Now Myde got her Aluneth weapon, did Legion assault quests in Highmountain (which brought her a whole level up), and worked through the Heart of Light questline, killing Velen’s son :) Ready for proper questlines now.

It’s high chance that this week she’ll be 110, and ready for Legion raids to start raising her ilvl up to planned 910-915. I don’t feel obliged to complete any of the questlines with her, be it main zones, Suramar, Broken Shore or Argus. My class champions have already defeated Legion! So allied races just explore Broken Isles and get ready for the Battle for Azeroth,

This strategy of taking one toon at a moment gives so much progress in no time. I think I’m sticking with it. My goal for May is leveling as much as possible – and the last month before pre-patch will be devoted to grind achievements. My timing seems perfect.

My Toon Roster Revision: Before and After Legion

The major result of the expansion is that I successfully mastered all 36 specs. I may not like playing some of them, but if any situation requires it, I could easily fill any role – be it tanking, healing or dps.

I had an interesting idea to revise my alts list before Legion – and what changes were made to my roster? Specs and even races were changed!

Here I’ll go class by class, revising my toons’ ways throughout expansion and making plans for the next one.


Micromantica still mains Frost, like it has always been. She had some very tough time in Suramar, and it wasn’t a walk in the park while leveling, but by the end of expansion she’s right at her place. A howling blizzard of raging ice, feeling quite powerful and confident.

I also mastered Fire and Arcane – now I have two more mages for the specs, the fun-leveled dwarf Faari and currently leveling void elf Myde respectively :)


Microfury was a Gnome, mastering Destruction when Legion dropped from the sky. She got tired of the warlock order hall, the mess, the brutality, and she retired to being a peaceful jeweller in Stormwind.

Faerella the Goblin picked up the banner, and she went as Affliction in the open world and raided Antorus in Destruction, because mana issues in Affliction is not fun in raids. Yes, there’s no trouble restoring mana in seconds, but it’s just not the thing I want to even think of. I’m eager to see Affliction changes in BfA, it’s my favorite spec nevertheless.


Aurinko the Gnome started in Legion as Shadow, and quickly got sick of it. She mastered both Holy and the tricky Discipline, opting for Discipline in the open world and Holy in raids. She will stick to the Light side in BfA.


Bons the Gnome started as Fury, and in mere weeks changed to the Arms/Protection for leveling. I could say she was the tanking toon throughout expansion, up to and through Tomb of Sargeras. She retired after killing Kil’Jaeden, and Antorus was stormed by my bloody rangari, Oulu the Draenei – in Fury spec only.

I like every warrior spec in Legion, so I’m thinking of making a warrior or two for the upcoming allied races.

Death Knight

Mindebad the Gnome started as Frost and mastered Unholy and Blood for fun, Unholy to perfection and Blood not so much. She abandoned these specs, DK = Frost to me.

No one knows what happened – she probably choked on a cookie on Argus, but Antorus is raided by Backston the Human – Frost, of course.


The vengeful Blood Elf Gardell disappeared in Suramar – they only found her corpse with sword wounds. Her replacement is Anibell the Human, who is a master of sword and shield. She’s bored to the bone being a vindicator, and healing doesn’t ring a bell with her. She’s a bastion against demons in The Nighthold, Tomb and Antorus – and she will protect the Alliance troops in BfA.

Kalaari the Lightforged is a Holy Paladin healer. She’s quite dim, but good-hearted, which is essential for a medic in the field of battle. So she’ll be in BfA.


Schlitzchen the Goblin entered the Broken Isles as Elemental, and she’s still pretty powerful and ready to travel to Zandalar as such. Yet since Tomb and through Antorus she tends to support her allies in Restoration. Most likely, I’m keeping this casting spec pair for open world/raids in BfA.


Lizgun the Goblin started as Survival and enjoyed it while leveling and attacking Emerald Nightmare and Helya’s domain. She retired from adventures, marrying a rich goblin in Orgrimmar – her loot is quite enough for a careless and rich life.

Enter Baisa, the skilled Gnome Sniper, which raids Tomb and Antorus, and doesn’t even think of changing specs in BfA. Marksmanship it is.


Paitsu started the Legion journey as a Windwalker, but quickly discovered the joys of tanking and healing. Her twin knuckles are collecting dust, and she’s mostly a Drunken Dodging Master now (although Tomb was healed through). She’ll enter BfA proudly wielding a staff and a keg.

Demon Hunter

Melaris the Night Elf started as Havoc, and she still sports her glaives as such. Needless to say, she easily mastered the Vengeance tanking spec as well, but she finds it pretty boring (fun fact: sickly yellow icons of Vengeance abilities are an argument cons playing a tank too). I plan to be a pure DPS in BfA, raids too.


Mayluna the Night Elf started as Feral, and she found her home in Dreamgrove. Helu the Tauen picked up, and she is equally skillful both in Balance and Restoration, ready to lend a hand in any of these roles in raids.

My new allied druid is a playful cat Jammu. She still keeps admiring the wondes of the world. She will join the Horde fight against Alliance… but she takes nothing seriously. You know, the type that stands in ranks and mocks the warchief’s battle speech in whisper.


Hexen the Goblin started as Assassination, and she retired after she stayed to collect heaps of ancient goods from the Tomb. She also lives in Orgrimmar with her sister Lizgun, but unlike her, she’s not into monogamy and prefers many admirers around her, being a lady of class.

Berringer the Human is now raiding Antorus in Assassination, being a quiet, stern and super effective criminal currently employed by SI:7.

My next rogue is also Arkeona the Nightborne, who is a political assassin and a shadow blade of Subtlety. Previously working for Elisande, she’s eager to receive orders from her new warchief, ready to infiltrate Alliance ranks and kill officers and people of power.

Zandalari Druid Forms

It’s just overwhelming.

You’ve probably seen the travel forms before:

Flying Zandalari Druid Form


Ground Zandalari Druid Form


Now just get ready to be knocked from your feet.

Moonkin Zandalari


Bear Zandalari


The only words I have for this is ‘Holy fuck!’

These are amazing. These are beyond amazing. You ever wanted to tank with a turtle – well here you go, and a badass one.

Too bad I already have two druids which I never want to abandon :) And I plan my Zandalari to be either a hunter or a warrior. But it’s such an awesome option for other players, and this would definitely drive troll character numbers to the top.

Cant’ wait to see the cat form… and I keep wondering if Blizzard would add more distinctive racial options for basic races. Because what I see with Zandalari it’s beyond imagination.

BfA Pre-Order Character Boost Effectively… Wasted

This 110 token was tingling my eye ever since I bought the new expansion, and I had to do something with it.

I’m merrily leveling my Allied Races, and as I want the achievements/transmogs/ whatever awaits me at the end of proper leveling, I’m not allowed to ding any of them.

I had this pandaren warrior started and abandoned at 25, but as I foresee a pair of warriors coming in BfA (Arms Zandalari and Protection Dark Iron), there’s no actual need to do so.

What I did after one of the raid runs this week was lazy scrolling through race/class combinations and thinking of what I may try yet.

It appeared that I actually don’t. Really, all race/class combinations were tried and tested. If one of my classes stops resonating with me, it undergoes a race change, and currently I’m quite happy with my major roster. They are just excellent!

I thought of spending my boost for a demon hunter, to make a blood elf, but it felt like an utter waste, considering they actually start in Legion, and only a couple of days separates me from 110.

The curves of my brain finally led me to making an undead death knight, and with a reason. When I previously explored blood and unholy specs, they could not settle with either my draenei, gnome or human (that was my DK’s race story). It always seemed to me too disgusting, and not appealing to any race. Frost – I could always do with it. Bringing the dead of winter on the tip of your runeblade was always awesome, a frozen warrior. But spreading worms and plague? No.

With an undead, the other two specs felt just right in place. A walking corpse is justified both in festering Unholy and flesh-eating, blood-drinking Blood.

On a testing toon, I liked how she has this stooping evil stance and how she deals the blows, so it’s all just fine.

I need to work on transmog yet, but here she is, the bloody ghoul:


Funny enough, she’s not meant to wander anywhere. I may want to try and master the tanking thing when nothing else is left to do before the expansion, but just after she entered Dalaran and her Order Hall, she was put on a standby mode. Maybe I’d like to spread plague someday – then she’ll be ready.

With my alts, I’m now at the point when I need no more class/race combinations – even to try them. So the free character boost was wasted without remorse and without regret :)


The post will be a short one.

Holiday routine is half of toons trying for Love Rocket in the morning, and half in the evening.

Sharing my time between leveling and raiding. Normally it’s one toon going to Antorus daily, trying for the missing slots, and when done, I switch to Allied Races.

Still picking the one of four Allied toons that I feel like playing tonight. Strangely enough, all my toons keep up, ranging 2-4 levels from each other. I tend to finish a quest hub on one toon and then switch to another. This toon change provides diversity, change of scenery and avoiding burnout.

Leveling is very rewarding and quick: for example, Arkeona, my Subtlety Nightborne Rogue, is only halfway through Arathi, and she’s 32. By the time she’ll have two zones done (Hillsbrad and Arathi), she’ll be 35 or up – quite a result.

Don’t ignore dungeons while leveling – at least a single run of each dungeon available would benefit you with decent experience from dungeon quests, as well as powerful XP contribution for killing trash and bosses.

I’m not a fan of datamined Zandalari, they’re kinda ugly (I’m rolling one by all means).

Datamined Dark Iron girls are just gorgeous though. Can’t wait to unlock them (click to enlarge):


Most probably she’s gonna be a protection or arms warrior, although I’ll know for sure when I’m at the character creation screen :)

Have a nice week!

Allied Races: Alliance

My journey continues, and Micromantica went and unlocked the available Alliance races: Void Elves and Lightforged Draenei.

Again, both questlines are linked with the Void. For Void Elves, you travel to Ghostlands to discover the diaries of exiled High Elves (Blood Elves), and then you find them in some void corrupted world. You free them from the void agents grasp, and this desolate and sad place becomes their base. The world itself is sad, just shards of stone and no vegetation. Despite the gorgeous skies, it’s as depressing as Legion-scorched worlds, albeit in dark violet colors instead of sickly fel greens.


For Lightforged Draenei, you accompany an acolyte on his journey to memories and fighting with darkness within him. The grounds are just gorgeous, and they are a complete and total replica of Zorammarsh in Tanaan Jungle, if with much better graphics. It was not specified, but it could be that this is Zorammarsh from the main timeline. The map of the ground and the map in alternate Draenor is exactly the same, as well as caves design.


It’s interesting that the race leaders are Alleria and Turalyon, with such a different approach to the void. Alleria claims we must harness the whispers in your head. Turalyon says to reject them completely. I’m eager to see the development of their relationship, a very interesting story it could be when we meet the void (which we probably would, as it’s present in every race storyline).

The draenei mount is some Lightforged Dumbo, clumsy and too big to ride. The void elf mount is a void chicken, funny and beautiful, but I haven’t yet found any use for the blood elf racial mounts.


And so, with the 4 slots added in the night, I’ve rolled the new toons at my main realm!

My morning was dedicated to creating the new toons, learning their main professions + First Aid and Cooking and delivering them to starting positions. Let me introduce them :)

Arkeona – Nightborne Subtlety Rogue


Arkeona was a spy and a blade master under Elisande’s reign. She was very keen on tracking the rebels, and working against Thalyssra’s devastating activities.

When Elisande lost the battle, Arkeona was captured by rebels and brought in front of Thalyssra. She managed to talk her way out of execution (her crimes were big, although it was just work for her), and convinced the Nightborne that she was wrong. It’s not that she really repented – she wanted to survive. Obviously frowned upon by the Nightborne, she gladly went to Kalimdor to win herself recognition among other Horde races.

  • Starting with: Hillsbrad Foothills
  • Professions: Alchemy – Herbalism

Jammu – Highmountain Tauren Feral Druid


Jammu is a playful young girl barely out of her teens. She chose a path of druid – cat druid – because she thinks that cats are cute. And this says practically everything about her.

She traveled to Kalimdor with eager – it promises to be very interesting. And she also wants to meet funny cow-druids of Kalimdor and learn from them.

  • Starting with: Ashenvale
  • Professions: Leatherworking – Skinning

Kalaari – Lightforged Draenei Holy Paladin


Kalaari is a healer. Considering class and spec, paladin healing is something I cannot fully understand and master, so I’ll be leveling her as Holy, and Holy only- it’s a sort of a challenge for me.

For the first time in my life I’m roleplaying my toon as a dimwit character :) She really is! She’s the one that will sit in a tavern and play cards with an unknown and very suspicious stranger. She cannot understand irony or many jokes, she’ll have to ask what people mean. The Azeroth journey will not be easy for her :)

  • Starting with: Wetlands
  • Professions: Blacksmithing – Mining

Mide – Void Elf Arcane Mage


I request help with writing her name in Latin letters :) It’s pronounced as “Mide” (“i” as in “mice”), but spelling doesn’t look very cool. I’ve got to think about it :)

Mide is a skilled arcane mage (even if I’m not so skilled playing arcane lol), and she’s pretty harsh and quick on the trigger. She has a very sharp mind, and if people are still trying to figure out if some person is a deceiver or a rascal, Mide will already have him killed and then explain her motives to slower minds. Sometimes it brings her trouble, but she manages to explain her actions quickly as well.

  • Starting with: Duskwood
  • Professions: Jewellery – Mining

Today is February 1, and this will be the starting point from which I would count leveling. We’ll see how quickly they will reach 110! As always, no heirloom gear, no buffs – just a fun leveling.

I’m excited and ready – the upcoming months won’t be dull :)