This Much…


…is left considering leveling questing :) Yes, it’s just Jammu, and it’s just one hub for 30 minutes of playtime.

Frankly, leveling left me exhausted this time. I may think deeper into expansion if I really want this amount of alts to proceed.

My altoholism started with Pandaria, trying as many new classes as possible – to see if anything awesome was being left out and untouched. And I frantically leveled and LFR-raided during the lull before Draenor – up to the WoD release, I barely managed to make it.

Draenor was played through with a draw – 5 Alliance, 5 Horde, and I’ve tried different specs and classes too, my alt roster grew up to 17 toons – up to I had to cut them to 12 before Legion.

In Legion having this many classes was justified – unique stories and artifact weapons, unique order halls, unique mounts all added up to the experience and lore, lore, lore, my favorite lore.

In BfA I left 10 – disposing of my least favorite demon hunter and death knight. And this now feels like a bit too much.

If I considered my next alt culling, this would leave me with:

  • Micromantica the Mage – no doubt it’s my major toon no matter what.
  • Jellica the Priest – I enjoy the character, and healing is one of the nice activities.
  • Pins the Rogue – being a stealthy blade is highly enjoyable.
  • Baisa the Hunter – is under question. Not really a fan of current spec versions, but it’s the most relaxed class gameplay to me, and I need that from time to time.
  • Schlitzchen the Shaman – as the one for the Horde side, and the character that I feel highly attached to.

Having leveled through BfA, I finally decide that druid and warlock I’m not a fan of at all, neither of the specs, and paladin, monk and warrior are ok, powerful as DPS, easy to play, but not that appealing, no strings attached to the classes. Still, this leaves me with no plate armor toons – and I want to see and collect its transmogs :) Maybe a warrior should stay?

Is it time for the next culling? Cause ten alts definitely feels too much today. And thinking of getting busy with all of their reputations and mission tables and what not feels like a doom :)


7 thoughts on “This Much…

  1. I like to level my alts all up evry expansion. And add another alt to the roster if I feel up to it. But I never focus on gearing and repping and keeping them up to date. Beyond my main, and maybe one or 2 other alts I’ll keep up with LFR level gear.

    Your perseverance and dedication to your alts in the past is quite amazing! Even if you culled it down to 5 thats still quite an undertaking in my eyes.

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    • Don’t exactly get the first phrase. Could you re-phrase please?

      Yes, plate class would be nice. I think I would try to start a goblin for warrior, if it works, I would reroll my orc.

      Looking back, Draenor and Pandaria had significant lulls where I had plenty of time to level another toons. Legion was quite tight to keep it up. I guess it just burned me out a bit with many alts following the same paths.

      Besides, I’ve tried it all, I played in every spec possible in Legion – so why not focus on my most loved ones now? :)

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