Trivia: World Quests and Antorus Plate Armor Sets

The week started just cool with Anibell acquiring her set cuirass from Eonar encounter. And this means that plate armors from Antorus are now all done!

I have only 3 leather sets to collect now. Demon Hunter lacks a pair of things, I also need wrists for Rogue. And the worst of all – I have only 2/9 pieces for monk. Bad luck for Paitsu :)

My theory still is that you get mostly secondary items on your first runs for the toon – like trinkets, relics, rings, capes and wrists. On her latest run Paitsu has got 3 relics and a ring. We shall see what the current week brings us.

My 110 toons are all in world quests, frantically completing 20 WQ quest for 5k order hall resources which will signify at least a month of sitting on their butts in order halls and earning rep tokens :)

I still need to get many mounts from paragon rep: Farondis, Dreamweavers, Nightfallen and 2/3 Army of Light.

Like official Blizzard public pages reminded us, it’s also a good time to boost your rep to acquire allied races – for 50% increase in reputation earned. But you all are probably exalted by now :)



Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge: Best Dressed


Topic 17 is about transmogs, and I’ll be glad to share some of mine :)

Transmogs have become relevant with me since Draenor. Before WoD I was quite happy with my current items, and used transmog only as a tweak here and there. But WoD armor and weapons were ugly. So since May 2015 I’m spending much gold for transmog itself and transmog items in auction house.

Changing Sets for Class Fantasy

I like to think about class fantasy, and if a certain one stops resonating with me, there goes a complete revamp from head to toes:

Aurinko was a Shadow Priest with a badass torture dungeon style. Pretty Black Metal:


Then she tried healing, and she liked it. Her current mogging is based on Legion raid sets, and it perfectly fits what I call a Battle Medic. Medic is important, because there’s not much spirit involved – just science:


Bons went for a barbaric style in Draenor – an all-exposed berserk:



Her current incarnation, influenced much by Legion invasion, is totally “For the Alliance” – up to eleven. The greatest catch was a dwarven silver hammer which made her image complete:


She’s sharing the looks approach with Anibell, my paladin. For now they’re both Alliance fighters, and they’re both paladins in classic meaning: the warriors in shining armor. The core element is the lion-head cuirass from Trial of Crusader:


Special Designs

In WoD I went through special mogging designs which could take me weeks of tuning this or that item until I was finally happy. The best were:

Kellers – my ex-mage. The theme is cinders and ash, charcoal black and orange flames:


Hedersen – my ex-rogue


Her theme was pirate, so my current rogue Hexen inherited the looks. The basic element are these wavy pants, and color red:


Salash – my ex-hunter – had probably the craziest transmog ever – Satanic Firebat from Hell:

Rottenshield – my ex-warrior – had moderately successful composition of sewer-drained, rusty and molded armor, straight from the depths of Undercity:

Oluu – my ex-monk – was the designer of this awesome Outland-themed monk set:


…which is happily used by Paitsu here and then:


This is War

But I’m not for the shiny, decorated and outstanding outfits nowadays in Legion! My modern mogging is mostly based on being comfy. I want to convey class fantasy, and at the same time not to be a shiny hero in diamonds and flames, but rather your next-door working horse. Like they said in Terry Pratchett’s novel – if you can’t milk goats in your witch cloak, it’s not a witch cloak.

It’s war. It’s dirty, and you have to be practical, and not be afraid to lose a diamond off your cape:

This is it for transmogrification talks for today!

Trivia: Professions, Mogging, New Armory & Reputations

A quick weekend summary is starting… now!



  • Blue: Honored
  • Cyan: Revered
  • Orange: Exalted & Counting
  • Italic: current emissary to complete

I’m on fire with emissaries :) The chase to Exalted is very exciting, and I think I’m gonna be there by the end of May. Then I could split my toons into teams and slowly farm the chests for faction mounts.

I’m not doing Broken Shore dailies except main story quests. Micromantica will hit Exalted and more when the storyline will be complete with not a single extra WQ in Broken Shore. The other toons are now bound in Sentinax part.

I’ve did at least one invasion on every toon, and I have Cathedral dungeon to run yet on two toons – for the quest.

All in all I plan Broken Shore to be my relaxed activity between raids in June.



Suddenly I’ve realized that The Nighthold’s class mogging set could – and should – be composed of both Emerald Nightmare and The Nighthold itself. And what is better: I could farm for certain items on several toons of the same armor type. For example, my demon hunter lacks wrists, so my monk, druid, rogue and demon hunter would run the same boss – which makes it 8 attempts if you count coin tosses too.

So, the last cooldown was dedicated to leather & mail toons, and this week it’s gonna be the same. When I’m done with them, then cloth and plate toons come into action.

I’ve realized that I don’t need the set bonuses or gearing up. I’m more than ready for the next LFR with my 860-880+ ilvls, so it’s just hungry wardrobe that makes me run these raids :)

Talking about mogging, there’s a brand new armory which you have probably checked out already.

It makes perfect sense to enhance the class rather than race. Many people prefer to play just elves, or mostly tauren, or humans, or gnomes of course. But people mostly roll a new toon to try a new class, so here’s variety for you.

I’ve checked out every armory of course as I have every class. My personal favorites are monk, shaman – and I could never believe it – the fel colors of demon hunter.





Profession Bonanza

It’s Darkmoon Faire, and it was time to revise the mats I’ve collected during the month and level up.

I’ve led toons through many dungeons on profession quests – the long forgotten ones. Obviously I’ve done profession quests in DMF. And I’ve spent enormous amounts of mats, mercilessly for raising my skill level.

I got Resourceful, Working the Isles, and Legion Cook achievements.

What is left is First Aid – which is a separate thing. And there’s Blacksmith to do to get Legion Master of All. It’s only 5 points to go, and what do I need: Mindebad is less than 1k from Exalted with Valar’jar – who will grant her the next stars – which will allow to go through those 5 points :)


My profession goals today are learning as much schemes and recipes as I can, craft whatever mogging, toys and stuff, and have a rest. I love crafting, but it’s been awful in Legion. I want to end it, and I see the finish line.

Invasion Transmog Weapons

Oh my. And here’s your next reason to run invasions! Just look at these transmogs which drop from the last bosses.

I would sell my soul for the staff at 2:53.

Meanwhile, Azsuna, Val’sharah and Stormheim are complete :) I expect Highmountain to be active since 4 p.m. – so I may finish the achievement when I’m home from work :)

Transmog Before Legion

Official WoW social profile asked subscribers to share their mogging at their public pages, so I thought it was a good topic for my blog.

Now that Blizzard made a huge step to moggers with their new wardrobe feature, even more people would try and create their sets.

I use mogging A LOT since May 2015. Draenor armor and weapons were so awful that I finally made very close friends with transmog ethereals. To the extent that I don’t have a single un-mogged toon now. I’ve spent thousands of gold for mogging items ever since, and worked out some rules:

  • No capes, no helmets. They just don’t fit.
  • Nothing too flashy or too extreme. I need a beautiful, balanced but plain enough outfit. You could achieve a distinct image by simpler means.

I’m totally proud of all my toons, but I just want to share the best ones in my opinion.

Bons – Fury Warrior


Lizgun – Survival Hunter


Hedersen – Outlaw Rogue


Kellers – Fire Mage


Gardell – Retribution Paladin


Oluu – Brewmaster Monk


What is your way of using transmog?

Transmog: Need A Light?

I’ve already boasted everywhere, but not in my blog. That I’m gonna fix now!

I didn’t really appreciate gear transmogrification for a long time, I was just gearing up and happy with my current armor. I liked how it transformed from simpletons of first levels to bright caleidoscope of Burning Crusade to grim and brutal Northrend to scorched Cataclysm to curly Pandarian armor and weapons.

What made me mogging is when I found a really cool piece – for example, a kilt-skirt for Schlitzchen the Shaman or Mayluna the Druid. Armored underpants or cool swords of course also went to the bank slots.


I didn’t use these pants but I KNEW I must keep them xD 

Before Draenor, I used mogging only in few cases, mostly for weapons. I was never a mogging set-chaser. Normally some slots were transmogged into some of the items I already had and kept.

And so, now we got Draenor. And Draenor became infamous with presenting the ugliest armor sets in whole WoW. Seriously, be it questing items, dungeon items or raid items, it’s rarely when I want to wield a weapon or put the armor pieces on.

Thanks to Salvage Yard, I began to try some old clothes on, and soon I discovered that I rather prefer to sit at an Auction and dig through possible items to wear than wear any of Draenor stuff.

And that finally led me to collecting my first intentional mogging set:


Salash Mog

Shoulder: Brittle Flamereaver Pauldrons. It has this stalker’s vibe, it has 4 engraved hordish faces, 2 burning. First I got them from Salvage Yard, and these shoulders required many red and flaming stuff from AH.

Chest: Double Link Tunic. I chose a black one although I tried many reddish ones, but they were pinkish rather than flaming. I needed the torso to be calm rathere than bright and eccentric.

Belt: Heavy Scorpid Belt. It’s also black, because I wanted to reduce the flames a bit in the middle. Not a clown here xD

Gloves: Battleforge Gauntlets – Legs: Blood Knight Greaves – Feet: Blood Knight Boots. These 3 go well together and actually make me a Firebat. These boot-tops and glove-tops are purely hunter’s vibe, I like them very much.

Gun: Taoren, The Soul Burner. I never could imagine that I would somewhen wear this Sha-touched too-bright weapon, but I kept it in the bank. You just don’t throw away stuff like this. And wow, I found the use for it! It fitted perfectly.


I think Salash now will be very noticeable among fellow LFRs. She’s all stylish and flaming-bright, with much aristocratic black in her gear. There’s also a decent amount of sexiness: I suppose, there’s not that much body exposed to call her a slut – or you know, sometimes you put on armor underpants and bra and then your toon freezes at Frostwall Garrison or Icecrown xD. And at the same time she’s not packed in armor like a canned sprat, revealing she’s a woman :=) It’s a nice result.

Salash Mog2

Salash Mog1

 I’m definitely gonna repeat the mogging experiment with other toons.

“The Best Of…” – Mogging Issues At Draenor

The post will be mostly screenshot-bound. This time there will be few highlights – related to gear from Draenor. Draenor armor and weapon designs are sometimes very weird, sometimes very cool, so I want to share some of the most amusing examples.

Best Paladin Set Ever: Obtained From Spires of Arak Quests 


It requires only a cool hammer you get from Omor at Hellfire Ramparts, and you’re done. It’s pure light, but touched by battles. Isn’t it perfect?

Best Druidic Staff For Mogging


I like this branch! It’s most nature-related of all that I’ve seen. Wild, carnivourous and with no lavender-soap scent of common blossoming druidic sticks.


Seriously, compare it to this ugly bush. Mayluna can’t even hold it without disgust.

The Strangest Warhammers

WoWScrnShot_011115_235952 WoWScrnShot_011115_235942

Swaying this hammer has very, very ridiculous vibe. If only we could turn the beak-side forward… If you’re interested, it’s obtained from Arrakoa Archaeology Project and is account-bound. They say Terokk used the hammer to smash the beaks. When used, you will get not a broken beak but a nice round blood puddle.


And these hammers were definitely stolen from a hardware store. But they’re so elegant that feel just perfect. Still, can’t help myself thinking that they better fit for construction site rather than battleground.


P.S. While traveling to Outland for Omor’s hammer, Ilmari took a nice retrospective shot of The Two Towers: