Alt Leveling: Writing Your Own Canon


Since the release of Warcraft Chronicles, we are aware that not all of the events were experienced by our heroes. For example, the Alliance was the only faction to storm the Lady Vashj domain in Zangarmarsh, while the Horde canonically laid waste to the red orcs of Hellfire Citadel and put an end to Magtheridon.

Which left me wondering: what if our alts did not participate in all of the events, but shared the experience among them?

Surely due to gameplay conventions you play them one by one, and through all the questlines. And yet, the ‘canonical reality’ maybe different.

I’ve come up with this story experience layout among my alts:


  • She’s the leader of my Alliance alts. So she talks to the major lore figures like Cyrus, and Genn, and Anduin, and makes strategic decisions for all of alts.
  • As a water/ice attuned person, she solved the whole Stormsong business, including Anglepoint in Tiragarde and storming the Shrine dungeon.
  • She also repelled the naga invasion in Fort Daelin.
  • She was the one saving Jaina – her mentor and teacher!


  • My gnome rogue was the one to investigate the plot of Ashvane along with Flynn, including the grand reveal at the Prooudmoore Admiralty.
  • She put a dagger through Harlan Sweete’s healthy eye.
  • She found the treasure in Deadwash in Stormsong Valley.
  • She also helped tortollans with Venture Co., as long as she was nearby.

Aurinka and Anibell 

  • The gnome priest and the human paladin traveled together through the grim forests of Drustvar to fight the witches’ curse, and stormed Waycrest Manor.
  • They also struck at Algerson Timber Yard in Tiragarde to eliminate the witch presence once and for all.
  • Anibell went for an extra horseback training and saved Norwington Estate from troggs.


  • As a seasoned gnome hunter, she traveled through the Tiragarde hunting grounds with pleasure. Kennings Lodge and Roughnecks hubs were her responsibility.
  • She also hunted the sirens in Tiragarde.
  • She helped to fight off the ettin in Stormsong’s mill hamlet.
  • She and Paitsu fought off the Horde invasion and attacked the Clearcut together.
  • And she hunted the BIGGEST GAME EVER! in Zuldazar with her old pals from Nesingwary’s company.


  • The gnome monk had some really good fight on her hands :)
  • The Horde invasion in Stormsong was mentioned already.
  • She was the one to enter Briarback Kraul and leave with multiple scratches on her fists, but very much alive.
  • And then she solved the mystery of Mildenhall Meadery.

All of my Alliance toons took part in Siege of Boralus and Arathi Warfront.


  • The shaman’s ultimate quest was in Vol’dun, solving the great Mythrax mystery and putting General Jakrazet to nail.
  • She also learnt something new about calling the lightning power from sethraki.
  • She stormed the Temple of Sethraliss.
  • She was the one to investigate and explore the war campaign story.
  • She participated in Arathi Warfront, desperately trying to win the wild elemental circles favor and eventually losing to the Alliance.


  • My goblin warlock’s life purpose is search for fun and pleasure.
  • She found the troll pirate treasure.
  • And the treasures of the lost temples along with vulpera.
  • She helped the goblin azerite mining operation in Vol’dun for little to no profit.
  • She traveled to Warbeast Kraal and had extreme fun educating a small direhorn.
  • She also participated in digsite operation in Xibala.
  • And helped the tortollans in the south.
  • King’s Rest was rumored to hold many treasures, so it was a natural lure.


  • The orc warrior was solving the plot around king Rastakhan in Zuldazar, in the city of Dazar’Alor and surrounding territories.
  • Naturally, Atal’Dazar dungeon was her final endeavour.
  • She made many friends among the loyal city guard.
  • She also fought against the Alliance in Talanji’s Rebuke.
  • She participated in Arathi Warfront (on the winning side).


  • The highmountain druid was greatly disturbed with unnatural ongoings in Nazmir.
  • She befriended many loa and even had to kill one.
  • She was down there in Underrot, putting an end to corruption.
  • Now besties with Talanji the princess, she brought the news of blood corruption to Baine.

All of my Horde toons joined forces in the battle by Blood Gate and answered to Talanji’s rally for Uldir.



6 thoughts on “Alt Leveling: Writing Your Own Canon

  1. This is excellent! I recently did something similar for all my alts. I wrote down short backstories and motivations and what they’ve participated in. But I havent decided yet on who goes into BFA yet.

    Also I noticed your guys have all been in the warfronts but have none of them gone on to an island expedition? 😂


    • Expeditions are for sillies, everyone knows that!

      My lightforged draenei died from sepsis when she scratched her finger with a wooden tankard, or else she would totally go there and die from a malarial mosquito bite instead.

      It is interesting how my alt roster changes drastically expansion to expansion (Schlitzchen and Micromantica being the only two that are still in the deck since Mists).

      I think this makes an awesome story – some characters proceed, some characters retire – or die, that happened to some of my toons too.

      For example, my warrior toon was around since Mists, but it was Backston the Human who stormed Orgrimmar in MoP and Foundry in WoD (she’s dead during Icecrown trip), it was Bons the Gnome who looked Archimonde in the eye and earned Odyn’s praise (retired, now a grim drunkard in a Stormwind tavern), and it was Oulu the Draenei who saw the end of Argus (she stayed at Vindicaar). Now it is Gorhaug the Orc protecting Dazar’Alor.


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