Roleplay: Exploring the Evil Side

I’ve been thinking about the place my new toons could have in my character roster. Just leveling them for achievement sakes is definitely fun in the process, especially during lull. But leveling what would be a THIRD cap level fire mage and deleting it afterwards ultimately feels like like a waste.

I’ve found the answer in roleplay. It struck me hard as a sledgehammer: I’ve always been extremely enjoying the NPC parties, banded up from completely different individuals. They are of a different race, class and everything. It is important that they are individuals: not the Twilight Hammer mooks, but characters having a name. We will have this kind of boss in Dazar’Alor: I believe it’s a monk and a fire mage (an orc and a blood elf for the Horde side).

When I come across this kind of a party in the wilds or in dungeons, it always intrigues me to learn their backgrounds. How did they meet, what are their goals, how they started to cooperate – the presumably hostile, suspicious and egoistic persons from different factions?

I thought it’s a great idea to roleplay my three under-120 toons as this kind of party!

Let me remind you about them:

Melaris – the Havoc Demon Hunter (110)


Jagda – the Elemental Shaman (60)


Kargash – the Fire Mage (33)


I haven’t woven their common story yet (this happens on the shores of Kul Tiras and Zandalar), and not even their individual stories yet. I’m carving their ways on the surface of Azeroth, and only starting to think of their backgrounds and what led them to evil.

My major alt roster is generally good. This means that they support their faction efforts (more or less willingly depending on the toon), eager to fight the big bad to save the planet.

But this. This would be the ruthless trio, pursuing their own goals, loyal only to themselves and their band mates. They will never ever work for greater good, seeing the big bad and faction war mess only as means to make themselves rich and powerul. Ambushes, betrayals, deserting, assasinations – everything necessary, the goals justifies the means.

I’m pretty excited about leveling them and weave this kind of story into my experience :)

The binding theme for all the three is flame. Fire mage orc, fel fire demon hunter, and a naturally attuned dark iron lava shaman. This calls for a badass name, and I’m excited to think of it too :)

See, hype doesn’t come only from the game itself, but comes from inside your head too :) I am hyped. On to the speedy leveling!


Make Loh Go – All Puzzle Solutions

‘Make Loh Go’ is one of the few Tortollan quests and my absolute favorite. It’s somehow similar to Legion’s mage puzzles (remember the magic cube?), yet it’s not a memory game.

It’s relatively easy to solve. Yet for those who find it challenging, here are the solutions for all the puzzles.

There are four ‘Make Loh Go’ puzzles in total: in Vol’dun, Zuldazar, Stormsong Valley, and Tiragarde Sound. The patterns do not vary, so it is safe to use the following solves.

Enough chatting, let’s make Loh go :)

Make Loh Go – Vol’dun

Original puzzle:




Make Loh Go – Zuldazar

Original puzzle:




Make Loh Go – Stormsong Valley

Original puzzle:




Make Loh Go – Tiragarde Sound

Original puzzle:




Have fun! :)


Battle for Azeroth: Story Development and Next Expansion

I’ve commented about this in several blogs already, and I think my speculation deserves a special post.


Remember how Genn said to Anduin in the latest Saurfang cinematic that these were the last troops? They would be recruiting farmers – farmers, and the war has barely started.

They would waste their fleets – and even their new shining Kul Tiran/Zandalari fleets – during the upcoming Siege of Zandalar. There are two warfronts – Darkshore and Arathi. We are running out of manpower. All of us – both Alliance and Horde.

Not only us, but all the people of Azeroth may be wondering why are we fighting now.

The war may be senseless for people, but not in the eyes of the Old Gods.

I think we will see that it was the Old Gods who whispered Vol’jin to make Sylvanas a warchief.

She is a warmongering bitch, and they simply knew that she she will immediately start a war. It was meant to be a senseless, brutal and devastating war to weaken both factions. Because when both factions work together – they bring down the Old Gods, two examples already – C’thun and Yogg-Saron.

And that is why Blizzard wants us to wait and see. We do not understand why we’re fighting, but we’re engulfed in rage and hatred – from Teldrassil, loss of honor, mutual casualties. We just won’t stop. And we’ve been played with.

And that is why the war makes perfect sense in the long run.

We are just puppets. Deal with it.

Like it or not, us and our feelings are part of the plot, of the grand scheme.

Let’s play our role, would we?

What of the next expansion? 

Sylvanas is seeing her last expansion as a warchief, that’s crystal clear. But I don’t think that we will kill her or explore the Void/Light theme further, nor travel to another planets. Not yet.

We are looking into the revival of the Death and Ice themes.

Death Knights have seen Bolvar in Legion, and he’s not your sacrificial nice guy which we left at the Frozen Throne. He’s already quite menacing and definitely not kind.

We’ve been introduced to Bwonsamdi, who claims he has another entity for a death boss. We have Gorak Tul and Thros – a local death dimension, but it’s a death dimension. We know that Helya is not dead. There’s Kalia Menethil, Arthas’ sister, now undead priest of Light.

Have we got enough lead-ins? Well, here’s one more.

Christie Golden was not being vain describing the talk of Anduin and Genn about his probable mate. Anduin stated that he does not simply need a noble match, it must be someone he would love.


In BfA Blizzard has introduced Taelia Fordragon – an action girl, a perfect match for the king. What is more important, they leave to talk after the Alliance campaign – presumably about her father, but it’s perfectly possible that some feelings will grow from this. Surely it would be awesome to end the grim expansion on a positive note – like wedding :)


The most important thing is: Taelia is Bolvar’s daughter.

It’s not a Chekhov’s gun, it’s a Chekhov’s bazooka now hanging from the wall.

And what could make more drama and epicness than the new Lich King and the new Queen of the Alliance clashed in a fight of all good vs all evil?

I’m thrilled to see it.

Trivia: Digging, Digging Hole

Yeah, I know you love my spreadsheets :)


1. My reps now range between Honored (blue) and Revered (purple), and I’m starting to hit Exalted. Micromantica has bought a couple of Exalted steeds, and these horsies are gorgeous:


2. War Campaign depends on rep, so it’s just there for the sake of why not. Not the thing I should be tracking.

3. I’ve covered Exploration on every alt and opened every flight point.

4. I’ve decided to complete Jaina/Vol’jin questlines on every alt. Jaina requires a couple more Siege of Boralus runs, and Vol’jin’s questline, besides normal questing, requires completing 1 dungeon and killing G’huun on any difficulty. Waiting for the raid reset which is tonight.

5. Speaking of raids, I’ve been busy during weekend and carried a heap of transmogs out of Uldir. More to go, and no complete sets yet, plus weapons.

6. I’ve been clearing the quest logs, and some of my toons can boast with almost empty ones.

7. Speaking of quests, there is an interesting Ruin Has Come questline available both to Horde and Alliance – check the starting note in Brennadam/Warfang Hold, the quest also visible on a major map. It drives you to the island by the Shrine of the Storm. After you do the initiate quests, there is a new one after a while – I haven’t detected yet what are the conditions – is it time-gated, or rep-based, or both?

The next and quite new quest, Trinkets and Baubles, requires clearing the same caves in the island. The questgiver says dark things about sanity, resolve and being prepared. It’s clearly a build-up for the upcoming 2-boss raid here, linked to the Old Gods and Azshara – we’ll see how this unrolls further, I hope it won’t be about clearing the same caves again and again.

The Future of Allied Races: Possible Options

An interesting thought has struck me considering Allied Races, and it’s so simple. Here goes: every current race receives an allied version. 

Check out my list:


Humans – Kul Tirans (Drust)
Dwarves – Dark Irons
Gnomes – Mechagnomes (from 8.2.)
Night Elves – Void Elves (with Blood Elf models)
Draenei – Lightforged
Worgen – ?


Orcs – Mag’har
Trolls – Zandalari
Tauren – Highmountain
Undead – ? (Dark Rangers?)
Blood Elves – Nightborne (with Night Elf models)
Goblins – Vulpera (same skeleton and animations)

Considering that 4 races of every faction are already done, we might as well take it as reality.

Your thoughts? :) And I’m most intrigued about the Undead and Worgen.

My Hands Are Full

Now that I’m all in endgame, I’m feeling stretched thin.

Here’s the list of my activities:

  • Cover emissary on all six toons – better not put it off for the next day, because you’ll be overwhelmed. Quick, but time consuming due to several alts.
  • Cover warfronts activities – either warfront scenario for 370 drop, or doing weekly quests to get resources to spend during the next warfront iteration at mission table and a 340 item.
  • Kill a world boss on every alt – for a gear upgrade/transmog chance and for achievement.

Having 2-3 hours to play during workdays, this pretty much consumes all my time. I’m adding Uldir on weekends to hunt for transmogs. Needless to say, I don’t cover the LFR wings weekly on all alts, or even most of them.

And still I have an arm-long list of normal questing. I have to see the Vol’jin questline for the Horde toons. I have gathering quests. I have Siege of Boralus to complete Jaina’s questline on three alts. I have scattered one-time rare kill quests – for 250 rep each – across continents. I have small side questlines for additional reputation (like Tortollans in the south of Zandalar – the one with murlocs and naga). I have an introduction questline for the upcoming tidesage/q’thir raid (Ruin to Come questline in Stormsong). I have dungeon runs to complete for some of the mentioned things. I have no idea when I’m gonna do this all :) And I don’t even mention my new shaman – most probably she will be left out until these things are resolved.

Surely practice makes perfect – for example, it’s only 5 toons today to run 7th Legion/Honorbound, as Micromantica is already Exalted. And reputation is most important to force today, before Blizzard drops something new on our heads. Besides, chasing it is fun to me, adding numbers to my spreadsheet with every emissary completed and literally seeing my daily progress on the same page.

Are we out of content? I don’t think so.

Dark Irons: Introduction Questline

…Through dungeons deep and caverns old
We must away, ‘ere break of day…

*warning: the post contains spoilers about Dark Iron questline

As you know, I’m not a fan of deliberate grind of any sorts. And yet Micromantica, my main, has spent two sessions of clearing Zandalar from all the world quests – even pet battles :) The reason was simple – Exalted with 7th Legion and access to the Dark Irons! Lo and behold, this is my first Exalted reputation in Battle for Azeroth:


Yet acquiring access to Dark Irons is not that easy. First you need to quest a bit.

No one informs you about the Dark Irons upon Exalted with 7th Legion, so you have to guess that the questline naturally waits for you at the Allied Races embassy in Stormwind.

Upon arrival, Moira Thaurissan invites you to check out what they did to azerite by King Anduin’s command in Blackrock Depths. It must be said that there is no travel on your own during the whole questline, cause Dark Irons have mole machines at your service :)

So, the first step is watching Thaelin and Anvil-Thane forging a piece of azerite and defending them from a batch of azerite elementals. Then a dwarf comes running and informs you that goblins invaded BRD to steal azerite. You clear many of them and confront the boss – Rixxa, further the third boss from Motherlode (!!!!!!!!!). She has 1500k health, and you need to cope with 400k or so, then she runs for it.

It appears that the goblins in Motherlode (!!!!!!!) are from Venture Co, and they stole some important ancient hammer. They send you to the dungeon to claim it – could be completed on any difficulty, so I queued for both normal and heroic, whichever pops first.

Then we need a piece of Molten Core to repair the Dark Anvil. We are sent to the Molten Core raid, and we clear it… in a tank! You just need to drive straight from the entrance to Ragnaros chamber, eradicating the elementals with your ice cannon :) That was super cool. In the Ragnaros pool you fight a guardian, and he grants you a piece of Molten Core.

Said piece must be reinforced, and we are sent to Firelands raid to do so. We arrive by the bridge to Fandral Staghelm with Anvil-Thane only to be attacked by cultists and elementals:


It’s not a surprise what the cultists want:


Exactly this, resurrecting the fallen Firelord and selling all the Dark Iron’s asses to him. The paladin on the pic above is the ultimate boss, and you should be real quick to step out of the hammers he drops on you during the encounter, they hit like a truck.

Hooray, now we can boost our MoltenCore fragment, and return to Moira. She praises you for active participation – come on, during your what was meant to be a tourist trip you’ve defended them from the goblins, reclaimed an ancient hammer, fixed an anvil and unveiled the plot in their ranks! There is a little speech – King Anduin formally accepts the Dark Irons as part of the Alliance, and Moira states that wtf, this is just a formality, because they already are.

The achievement is yours, and yours is the ability to roll a Dark Iron toon!

Which I did immediately. There was small thinking whether it would be a Fire Mage or an Elemental Shaman, and it was Shaman. I like the idea of wearing a shield – moreover when my warrior is Fury, and there’s no paladin in my ranks. And here she is –


Jagda reads in Scandinavian manner (YUG-duh), and I’m so happy the name was not taken yet, because otherwise we’d be in big trouble :)

The introduction cinematic is super cool, we get an ultimate inspiring speech from Moira, and we’re more than motivated to play a Dark Iron afterwards.

I chose her jewels/mining. The other option was a blacksmith, but neither of my Allies wears plate armor, so this could be a waste of professions. Jewels fits second best for the dark iron dwarves.

By all means I’m leveling her, and I’m eager to play her actively, casting shaman is one of my favorite specs in game.

So, one more thing to do during expansion – as a distraction from world quests and raiding :)

I’m eager to see the Mag’har questline for lore sakes (evil crusader Yrel intrigues me to the bones), but I’m not rolling one afterwards. But the Dark Iron… yes, please. She’ll be in her rightful and equal place among my alts.

P.S. The questline is filled with important lore scraps. We learn about the deep bond of Dark Irons to Fire, Earth and Azeroth core. We now also know that Blackrock, cleared of all abominations, orcs and dragons, belongs to the Dark Irons (to the Alliance) and the whole mountain is now obviously friendly.