Leveling Dungeons: Stratholme

Today I had an hour and a half to level my new toons, and I logged in wth Jammu the Druid to continue her hopping around Un'Goro and also queue to some dungeons. Surprisingly for the morning, the queue popped up real fast after a pair of my quests, and the moose kitty entered Stratholme, … Continue reading Leveling Dungeons: Stratholme


Trivia: A Streak of Achievements

It was quite a week of my vacation devoted to WoW mostly. And I've advanced significantly on my way in different directions. Let's talk one by one. Holidays No mount this year - again. 13 tries daily, and no result. People advise to just quit trying any holiday mount! Not my thing, it provides some … Continue reading Trivia: A Streak of Achievements

Trivia: Mount Farm, Allied Races and More

Just a quick run on my whereabouts :) Antorus Mogging Persistence pays off! My cloth armor toons have valiantly won the last shoes from Imonar, and lo and behold! we have collected the full Mage set in addition to previously acquired Warlock one! What is more important, this is the set that I'm actually wearing … Continue reading Trivia: Mount Farm, Allied Races and More

Allied Races: Alliance

My journey continues, and Micromantica went and unlocked the available Alliance races: Void Elves and Lightforged Draenei. Again, both questlines are linked with the Void. For Void Elves, you travel to Ghostlands to discover the diaries of exiled High Elves (Blood Elves), and then you find them in some void corrupted world. You free them … Continue reading Allied Races: Alliance

Patch 7.3.5.: Silithus and Leveling

Oh my god, there's so much to talk about that I actually don't know where to start! Let's go in no particular order. A minor change, and for Russian players only, but it's actually very nice. Previously, Gnome and Dwarf females had the same race indication as males in the above panels. "Гном" & "Дворф" … Continue reading Patch 7.3.5.: Silithus and Leveling