Trivia: My Alt Character Policy Throughout Expansions

My alt roster has always been on-and-off as expansions followed one another. In general, my toon numbers significantly grow during lulls for obvious reasons - lots of spare time when everything is said and done, and a sort of fatigue from rotations and faces of current toons during raid and open world grinds. So I … Continue reading Trivia: My Alt Character Policy Throughout Expansions


Leveling Trivia: Propelling Through Pandaria

Once you take your toons through the long and tedious 20 levels of Outland/Northrend, you step in the magnificent world of later expansions leveling. My allied toons simply swooshed through it during weekend. Mark you, it was not even the full leveling days: the weather is nice and warm, so the major Saturday timing was … Continue reading Leveling Trivia: Propelling Through Pandaria

Big Project: Archaeology of Pandaria

My next Big Project came to an end: I have collected the last pristine object, the rarest Mantid banner, and completed all achievements! Archaeology of Pandaria consists of three big parts. You must collect all the types of objects, but you complete it pretty soon. That was done way ago. You must collect 20 of … Continue reading Big Project: Archaeology of Pandaria

Farewell, Halfhill – Sunsong Ranch and Tillers

On weekend while looking for group for final LFR runs I also finished the complete Best Friends Tiller journey for all of my 10 chars. It was actually a fun ride, required plenty of cooking, not missing dailies and flying around the farmlands for dark soil blobs that grant you extra rep :=) Not the worst … Continue reading Farewell, Halfhill – Sunsong Ranch and Tillers

Farewell, Halfhill – The Ironpaws!

We now say farewell to Pandaria, and as you probably liked the Sunsong Ranch and Halfhill like I did, I suggest to say goodbye to the Pandaren there in person. And here we're also recalling what we did for them and expressing your attitudes:=) The first post will be about your cooking guides - THE IRONPAWS For … Continue reading Farewell, Halfhill – The Ironpaws!

Things Before WoD: Updated-2

One more glance at my Things Before WoD to-do-list, and here's what we see. 1. Professions. All my chars now maxed their main professions up to 600. All my chars now are Zen Masters in First Aid and their respective Cooking Ways. Most of them have completed their realistic goals to craft what has to … Continue reading Things Before WoD: Updated-2

Iron Tide: Washes Away Your Plans (Patch 6.0.2. Release Date)

And this happened: dear Blizzes announced the pre-patch event. While I'm shaking with excitement (literally!) thinking about that on Wednesday I will see my toons renewed models IN-GAME, I'm of course at the same time very anxious about my dear plans about dressing up my toons and finishing at least once the LFR raids with them. … Continue reading Iron Tide: Washes Away Your Plans (Patch 6.0.2. Release Date)