Trivia: A Couple of Lull Months

As confirmed by Blizzard, Visions of N’Zoth will see light of the day somewhere in January, and now we’re basically left to do what we please.

I am 100% sure that I will be reminiscing my Warcraft III campaign experience with Reforged during winter holidays, with lots of time and chill mood (and the fact that it’s gonna be released by December 31), so November and December are all about finding things to do in WoW.

I’m not throwing Rustfeather off the grid – even in the least played days I somehow manage to pull off at least 5 kills. We have plenty of time for it, and I think I may leave several alts camping the spot even when Visions are live. Even if not, my Horde toons have the most convenient travel path there: less than one minute from Great Seal to Rustfeather, with a submarine insta-teleport to Mechagon from Dazar’Alor harbor. I’ve scouted the Alliance options, and it seems they only have to fly all the way from Boralus. If they have the same insta-travel thing from Boralus, let me know!

I’m itching to swap Blood Elf warrior -> Vulpera, both to the fact that I like the fox race a lot, and the fact that I hate Blood Elf fury warrior animations. To make up for that I’m making her work for the future vulpera, looting tons of warrior transmogs from older raids. The worst thing is that I actually need those specific Heart of Fear LFR wrists (yellowish “sand” recolor!) to complete the set and use on vulpera transmog… aaaand they are a world drop. I presume that it may be looted from either Mogu’shan, Heart of Fear or Terrace, so I’m diligently clearing up these LFRs with all my plate toons.

Micromantica has set off for Archaeology duties, and today’s 30 minutes brought her a second pristine item for display and more completed solves. I’m one solve away from the first BfA archaeology achievement (one of each kind of solves), so I’m gonna devote myself to the profession big time in the coming lull.

Of course, leveling allied races is on the time table. Backston the Kul Tiran Moonkin is 74 and 5-6 dungeons away from quitting Northrend/Outland area.


Zindari the Zandalari Shadow Priest is set 80 and may now run through Pandaria and Cataclysm group content.

124236819-mainI think that since Pandaria I’m heavily including quest leveling during queues, because it starts helping a lot.

Side note: Backston and Zindari are the names of my past toons, and this shows very well my attitude to the current characters. I’m never lazy to generate a unique identity for the characters I’m investing into, name involved. So usage of generic “lazy” names clearly states that their life-span is until 110, period. Still haven’t developed any bonds with them.


3 thoughts on “Trivia: A Couple of Lull Months

  1. There is Mechagon utrasafe transporter. Blueprint drops from Gear Checker Cogstar, which has a chance to appear every time as somebody kills a sentry machagnome. He does island-wide yell in chat.
    Once you acquire the blueprint, you can make 5 transporters per 1 crate and 2 energy cells. Sadly, they are soulbound (you need acquire blueprint for each character separately).


  2. I do something similar with names — I have a handful of names that I keep recycling for alts who either are intended to be shortlived (such as the toons I’ll create to explore the Allied Races DK starter zone and the new 1-10 starter zone in Shadowlands) or who end up being shortlived for other reaons — but I spend time choosing a new & unique name for a character who I intend to be a more permanent addition to my roster.

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