FFXIV & Genshin: A Quick Recap

FFXIV: My progress is on the rails, I'm in my routines - which is one of my happiest spots in MMOs. Not boring, exciting, and a palpable progress with every next day and week. Crafting/Gathering: I'm just a few days away from level cap: What I need is just a bit more leves, and I'm … Continue reading FFXIV & Genshin: A Quick Recap


FFXIV: My Long Term Goals… and Genshin Impact?

I've defined my road map for FFXIV activities, and it looks like it takes me at least until Summer - which is good :) Let's break it by activities. Weekly: Raid Clearing. Obviously, I'm going into Euphrosyne every week upon reset, as it's my primary gearing up and combat thing. I'm not excited about glams, … Continue reading FFXIV: My Long Term Goals… and Genshin Impact?