Salash – Where the Wild Boars Roam

Salash is my pioneer from the Horde faction. She had to grind her way up from the start, with no help and gold from other chars which perfectly suited the harsh ways of Durotar warriors. She’s a bit grim but good-hearted: fascism of Kor’Kron strongly contradicts her ways of life so she gladly joined the uprising led by Vol’jin.

The name can’t be explained in her interview. It’s a pun from Russian child’s short story about summer vacation with a small mistake: “We built a hovel”. Hovel in russian is “shalash”, but the kid wrote it as “salash” which sounded very cute. Those who don’t know the story see a cool orcish name.

For the Horde!

Why so proud being an orc?

Have you seen Orgrimmar? From being exiles and nomads in Kalimdor we’ve become the core of the Horde and developed a strong flourishing society which easily rivals the Alliance now. No pity for Garrosh, he ruined our bonds with other races which weakened us greatly. I’m not that happy that Vol’jin is the leader now (an orc is of course more suitable as a warchief), but we’ll see what we’ll see. Lok’tar ogar!

Why marksmanship hunter?

Tracking my prey and then killing it with one precise shot is the true nature of hunter. Can’t fully understand why others rely on traps or fellow beasts. They are helpful to some extent, but my faithful bow is what I need to explore dangerous paths.

Your pet choice? 

Diretail, my wolf, accompanies me since Durotar. We’ve been to all continents of Azeroth and beyond. But when a big bad guy needs to be killed quickly, I summon a pack of 4 stinky boars from all parts of the earth. That’s worth seeing! One of them is undead, the other has crystal spikes… all diffferent, but all deadly.

You can’t mock a swine pack. Ever.

How do you earn your piece of bread?

There’s no other way for a hunter but skinning and leatherworking. Nothing should be left in vain when you kill a wild creature.

After you retire, what’s gonna be your home? Please name your favourite places in Azeroth.

Orgrimmar now becomes a peaceful city once again. A cave near the tauren community will be nice, though winds sometimes bring oily stench from goblins quarter. And I’ll occasionally visit Thunder Bluff and run with pets at Mulgore by all means.

Tell us about your biggest challenge

The biggest challenge was all this kor’kron mess in Orgrimmar for the past few years. It’s the biggest discomfort, watching them abusing the tauren, the trolls and the goblins, not to speak of the undead and the blood elves.

Kill ’em all!

You just can’t do anything, and that’s a venom sting that weakens you. Luckily I got an opportunity to shoot the bastards right in the eye.

What’s your agenda?

After we’ve downed Garrosh regime, I’m residing in Halfhill. Flytraps at my farm provide me enough skins to work on my porch. A troll friend of mine is gonna be in Pandaria soon, so I will get some leather scraps for her to wear. There’s a pandaren, Sho, who visits Halfhill market from time to time.

Doesn’t speak much. That’s what makes a good stalker.

I always find a minute to chat with her – unlike others here, she knows about roaming in the wild.





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