Chitsuro – Roundhouse Kicks and Chi Balls

As all of WoW experience before Pandaria was devoted to clashing of blades and hurling balls of magic into everything in sight, the players eagerly clutched the ability to beat the shit out of enemies with bare knuckles and toes. Oh my god! I can really level up as a ninja?

The opportunity is especially most dear to those who had their childhood in 80s and 90s. Back then, it was a cult of ninjas and martial arts fighters. With TMNT, Mortal Kombat, Jackie Chan and Van Damme on screen, each kid was obsessed with trying to kick their friends with roundhouse kicks in the street and crafting crooked shurikens from beer cans. And now you don’t need to seek a ninja RPG but you can start a char in your favourite WoW. Wow!

Of course I had to check out Pandaren starting quest stories, so it wasn’t even a question which race for me will be a monk (and it’s also very lore-ish). With the name, it never took so long but the result was curious.

It had to be a Chinese or a Japanese name of course, and as I like Japan more, I just made up something that sounded Japanese. It came out to be a bit embarassing, and that’s why: in Russian I have her name spelled as “Titsuro”. But we have a different spelling (and pronouncing) tradition of the same words than English-speaking world does. So I follow the English transcription here, and in English she will be “Chitsuro”. And you better not put it in English-Japanese Google Translator. I warned you :)

So, meet the naughty Windwalker!

Chitsuro – The Furry Steel Paws

The most common question to a Pandaren – why did you choose a Tushui path?

That was a hard choice. I think the answer came to me from my inner self, I just listened to my feelings when I decided to go to Stormwind. I never regret of this choice, especially when I heard what the Horde did to their very first Pandaren ally – Ji Firepaw. It’s awful! King Varian would never allow the same, I’m sure.

Why Windwalker Monk?

The opportunity of pummeling the bad guys is strongly motivating. I know that some monks prefer the “Drunk Master” style, but I was never a beer drinker. It could be deceiving, going drunk into combat. After the battle ends – give me 5 bottles of your best wine and I show you how to party!

How do you earn your piece of bread?

I’m quite far now from earning some money, but I’m trying to master leatherworking and skinning animals to provide my supply of skins. So far I manage only to dress myself. Mayluna, a Night Elf friend of mine, asked if I could craft a good leather outfit for a druid, but I don’t do that yet. Pretty embarassing, if you ask me.

After you retire, what’s gonna be your home? Please name your favourite places in Azeroth.

I have much to see yet… Oh, I know: I loved Stranglethorn and Nagrand – especially when I was hunting beasts with Hemet Nesingwary family! Now I’m strongly wanting to proceed – they say that not far from where I am now is a lush warm valley, and Nesingwary’s already there!

Green Hills of Stranglethorn

And the mushrooms of Zangarmarsh are totally mesmerizing. I’m a fan of this place, will visit it again by all means. No, I’m not feeling sick in marshlands with all its vapours.

Tell us about your biggest challenge

It is happening now. I’m travelling around Northrend, and while many creatures need my help here, it-t-t-t’s freaking chilly. I grew up on a turtle that swims in South Seas! So I try to stick extra fur scraps in all of clothes they can offer here. But it’s never enough. I’m chilled to the bone each time I’m not close to a campfire.

Chitsuro fighting Undead
Native population is scary and not friendly here in Northrend!
Chilly Northrend
And that’s what they call “a warm camp”. My tail turns to an icicle here!

What’s your agenda?

I’m wishing to see the land of my ancestors, Pandaria, very much. But I’m afraid it’s happening only in few months. And I’m worried: how they will accept me? I’m an outlander.




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