Zindari – The Blades of Tropic Jungle

In the newest history Zindari the Troll Rogue was the last char that I created. This is strange, cause rogues have always been one of my favourite classes. Three reasons why they’re even cooler to play now:

1. Massive powerful class upgrades. From the times that I tried rogues first they’ve become ultimate assassins. Now it’s really a killer class, coping with a normal enemy with 2-4 precise punctures. Stab in the back, slash, finish him. Plus, I can easily cope face-to-face with 3-4 mobs at once (with my very first rogue every occasional extra pull meant cemetery-run). Plus, now I don’t have to crawl back behind all the party in dungeons (cause I move as fast in shadows as everyone else) and one of the abilities lets me join the combat equally fast as a hunter, right after tank’s pull.

2. They do it from behind and they do it in shadows. Only druids with their cat-rogue form can understand what a relief this is when leveling up. It’s a tiny bit easier with the Cataclysm’s re-boot of many questlines, but there are still magnificent idiots among NPC! Here’s how it goes:

– Go kill me 10 spiders in the cave. Ok, thanks, here’s your 10 silver coins. I forgot something: bring me my bags that I left there. You have to kill 20 spiders more, cause them bags are shoved in all the farthest corners of the cave? Wait, don’t go away: it’s dangerous to dungeon queue without this green trinket (lol, you’re in Northrend and still have your epic Un’goro item of lv 54). Ah, my bags are here! Now: it just came to my mind that spiders also have their matriarch in the core. Come again? You’ve already seen her twice? What’s the word you just used? *sighs* So, you don’t want this epic blue sword which is way better than this rusty shit of yours… You do? So how about another spider safari! And this time it better be 30 spiders, cause you’ll DEFINITELY meet a friend of mine who’s stuck in the webs and needs some fresh air. Of course he can’t walk faster! He never saw a spider pack hatch!

With rogues and feral druid forms, these exciting journeys are limited to “sneak, kill, get your reward”. Absolutely fantastic perk.

3. Small perks like poisons, picking pockets and lockpicking which make the game fun!

Trolls appeared to be a perfect race choice: they’re very slim and agile and it’s simply cool to watch her fighting with knives. “Zindari” is a made-up Zandali name with no specific reference, but it sounds very trollish.

Zindari – Venomous Shadow Walker

Now that trolls have their own new home at Echo Isles, how did it influence on your bonds with the Horde?

You don’t mean Garrosh’s Horde, do you, mon? It’s a perfect home for our tribe, definitely. At last it’s not some slums or outskirts, all our voodoo and raptor training stuff can be done properly without regarding what Tauren and Orcs could think of it. There’s still some prejudice about our ways of living, especially after the recent Zandalari invasion in the South. And even with Vol’jin having to seat in the dusty choking Orgrimmar, we’d strongly prefer the hot, moist air of the jungle. OUR jungle, mon.

Why Assassination Rogue?

Walking in shadows is one of the most desirable paths for a troll. And no one knows as much about poisons as a jungle-dweller does. From being a toddler you learn to tell dangerous vines and thorns from harmless ones. Or you just don’t survive long. So learning to use their juices on your killer’s blades is just a question of time.

How do you earn your piece of bread?

Good old grasses and how to make them work for you. It’s extremely dangerous to work with herbs and extract their blood to turn into potions and poisons. People say that’s not a decent fighter’s path. I saw a big Tauren fighter crumble down with one tiny petal occasionally dropped in his tea. It’s a point of who survives to tell the story,

After you retire, what’s gonna be your home? Please name your favourite places in Azeroth.

No retiring, not yet. But Stranglethorn is extremely and dangerously attractive, along with their warm, salty pirate city at the cape. So much to see, so many to meet there. Coolest harbour, and don’t forget they have regular ships from next-door Ratchet to Booty Bay.

Booty Bay
Magnificent lagoon and extraordinary nightlife.

Tell us about your biggest challenge

Haven’t yet met my equal match.

What’s your agenda?

I’m heading to Zul’Drak. Frost trolls are an interesting branch of trolls, not at all alike Amani and Gurubashi tribes. If not entirely devoured by Scourge, I’ll try and make some bonds with them.




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