Ilmari – The Spear of Silvermoon

The Blood Elf Paladin Ilmari was my very first melee char to travel through Azeroth lands. As I’m accustomed to kill the creatures without them reaching me, I was a bit afraid to start a character who will spend most of his life face-to-face with monsters – and inside the melee range of deadliest boss abilities (for which my ranged DPS never cared about). You know what? It appeared to be fun! Though I decided to have a small back-up and chose a melee class with self-healing abilities. A warrior seemed too fragile choice back then.

The name is Finnish variation of “Ilmar”. As Tolkien based his elvish languages on Finnish, this name of course sounds like one. At least my Blood Elf feels himtself quite comfortable and at home when at Silvermoon.

Ilmari is also unique in the way that he’s the only male character of mine among the girls. Well, I just like girls more. And he was born only because my girlfriend asked for a “long-haired man character, better an elf”.

And now, to what Ilmari himself is about to tell us:

Ilmari – the Viper of Holy Light


Most common rumor in Azeroth about races is that Blood Elves are… let’s say, not mating much with the opposite sex. What could you say on the matter?

That is the most common delusion of lesser races. A weak mind often mixes up aristocratic manners with what you’ve mentioned. And while they at the same time want to *with disgusted expression* “mate” with the women of our kind, they probably forget that our gracious females are not greeting the thought of dealing closely with bulky, stinking, loutish peasant brutes but rather prefer an equal pair. Equal both in intellect, manners and stature.

Why retribution paladin?

The Holy Light that burns within is a blade, and I’m its bringer. While other Paladins choose to heal and protect, I’d rather use my blade to punish the Evil that stands in my paths. There’s a lot of Evil I’ve come across, and lot to be yet eliminated.

What’s your weapon choice?

Polearms by all means. You have to master it to be effective even in the narrowest caves or inside the buildings. It’s a challenge to use it when a rogue pack suddenly starts a brawl in a tavern: it seems there’s no chance with a spear against a dozen swift knives, but it’s only until you haven’t mastered it yet properly. And when the venomous beauty of polearms combines with the grace of our kind, you haven’t seen anything more deadly and beautiful – it’s a stinging viper that fights you.

How do you earn your piece of bread?

Blacksmithing and mining ores. Have you seen what the other Horde races offer you to wear and swing with? By the Light, it looks like they barely use a hammer smaller than an oversized boulder. Of course you can’t wear that if you’re seeing the most beautiful things since childhood. The only decent pieces of bending ores into something suitable are made by elven kind. And I was also surprised that funny Pandaren developed their own quite interesting curves in armor and weapons. Unusual, they’re still worth paying my attention. They can even combine a convenient robe outfit with plates – that’s what an Elven fighter will sell his soul for. And magic.

After you retire, what’s gonna be your home? Please name your favourite places in Azeroth.

I would gladly help to restore Silvermoon to its glory. There’s no place like that in whole Azeroth: all our golden gardens and magnificent spires. We should arrange more portals to different parts of the world too. The only working portal to cloacas of Undercity is just embarassing for our civilisation.

There’s no such magnificent place in Eastern Kingdoms.

Tell us about your biggest challenge so far

It seems that Eastern Kingdoms are running out of ores. When I was practicing my blacksmithing skills, I had some difficult times mining silver, iron and gold. Paying the double- and triple sums at goblin auctions is insulting.

What’s your agenda?

As I’ve already told you, I’m enchanted by the ways the Pandaren work with metal (though they maybe owe that to Mogu Empire times). At Binan village, I’m now mastering my skills with the local blacksmith, the Metal Paw.  We have a big supply of trillium ore that I’m learning to craft to the finest pieces of armor (mixing elven and pandaren styles of course).

Binan Village
Binan Village – Yaungols gone, it is now a tranquil place.

By the time an Undead acquaintance warrior of mine reaches Pandaria, I hope to be able to present her some of my works. And this village has suffered a lot fro the Bataari Yaungol raids. With apothecary Cheng I pay my debt for the local hospitality by helping to heal the wounded ones.




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