Enough is Enough

Microfury stood on the shards of a broken demon world. Fumes from the fel pools made her eyes water, and the air was dry and tasted of oil, ash and acid fumes. The girl licked her lips. She was watching the chained Pit Lord that she and other warlocks enslaved to gain control of these lifeless … Continue reading Enough is Enough


Tuning More Faces – Final Leg (Gnome Warlock)

The last character that wasn't good enough for me was my Gnome Warlock - Microfury. Still, her new face was very sinister and solemn. It didn't feel like "Microfury" with each login: So, I spent half an hour at barbershop again. Here go the changes: 1. Face - I chose the turqoise-eyed model. It reminds me … Continue reading Tuning More Faces – Final Leg (Gnome Warlock)

Microfury – The Newest Strains of Demonic Affliction

Strange enough, I tend to start my caster characters at Alliance while Horde is more about simpler ways of clawing through the calamities of the world. Thus when I thought of trying a warlock, I chose another girl from my favourite Gnome race. Meet Microfury! Do you think gnomes are fitting warlock ways best? Warlock paths … Continue reading Microfury – The Newest Strains of Demonic Affliction