Prepared for Legion: Feat of Strength Team

I've set up an ultimate team of champions among my alts to complete Class Order Hall campaigns and get the Feat of Strength. The goal for the Feat of Strength is: you need to finish the Class Order lore for every available class in the game. All my alts are now at level 100, ilvl … Continue reading Prepared for Legion: Feat of Strength Team


Just A Screenshot Post

Name: Klaari Race: Draenei Class: Elemental Shaman Professions: Blacksmithing/Mining As I promised, there is a small post with pictures. Klaari hit lv 10 and more, and earned her first photoshoot session :=) I forgot how much I like leveling at small levels. Each quest gives you something new and nice to wear, and you ding … Continue reading Just A Screenshot Post

Tuning More Faces – Final Leg (Gnome Warlock)

The last character that wasn't good enough for me was my Gnome Warlock - Microfury. Still, her new face was very sinister and solemn. It didn't feel like "Microfury" with each login: So, I spent half an hour at barbershop again. Here go the changes: 1. Face - I chose the turqoise-eyed model. It reminds me … Continue reading Tuning More Faces – Final Leg (Gnome Warlock)

Zindari – The Blades of Tropic Jungle

In the newest history Zindari the Troll Rogue was the last char that I created. This is strange, cause rogues have always been one of my favourite classes. Three reasons why they're even cooler to play now: 1. Massive powerful class upgrades. From the times that I tried rogues first they've become ultimate assassins. Now … Continue reading Zindari – The Blades of Tropic Jungle

Chitsuro – Roundhouse Kicks and Chi Balls

As all of WoW experience before Pandaria was devoted to clashing of blades and hurling balls of magic into everything in sight, the players eagerly clutched the ability to beat the shit out of enemies with bare knuckles and toes. Oh my god! I can really level up as a ninja? The opportunity is especially … Continue reading Chitsuro – Roundhouse Kicks and Chi Balls

Schlitzchen – Totemic Exile of Kezan

That's a tricky name for an English reader at a first glance. Nevertheless, it's pronounced quite easily: ['ʃlits'hen]. It's composed from two parts: 'Schlitz' (means "slot") in German and "-chen" (as in "hen") is the German feminine word ending (like in "Mädchen" - "girlie"). The name is an obvious hint for the most defining role which she … Continue reading Schlitzchen – Totemic Exile of Kezan

Mayluna – Under the Light of The Moon

There was no other possible choice of race when I wanted to start a druid. Of course it should have been a sleek and yet bestial Night Elf. The main reason for which I turned my eye on druids was their healing capability. It's not that I'm in fond of keeping everyone alive (and feeling … Continue reading Mayluna – Under the Light of The Moon

Rottenshield – The Fury of the Forsaken

Strange enough, I don't like double-spec characters. It's pretty embarassing when you learn and master your char up to 90 and going through hardest challenges, then switch to another and find out that you can't properly kill a bunny at your farm (true story). So when I want to try a new spec, it is … Continue reading Rottenshield – The Fury of the Forsaken