Rottenshield – The Fury of the Forsaken

Strange enough, I don’t like double-spec characters. It’s pretty embarassing when you learn and master your char up to 90 and going through hardest challenges, then switch to another and find out that you can’t properly kill a bunny at your farm (true story).

So when I want to try a new spec, it is almost always a new character. I already had a mighty Arms warrior (Human woman Backston), so when I wanted to try being a tank, I started the Undead character – Rottenshield. Same thing with Humans, it’s her surname used for nickname (see Backston article for reasons).

As she was intended first to be a tank, there is a “-shield” piece in her name. But when she tried a few first dungeons, she found out that it’s very complex to tank. All the mobs are literally crawling to all sides and you have only one button to aggro one of them… So the “shield” is indeed “rotten” now, and what is left – is Fury.

She’ll tell us now about how the Forsaken feel about themselves in the modern world.

Rottenshield – the Fury of Undercity

What’s so special about the Forsaken (save they’re obviously Undead)?

Waking up from your eternal slumber and finding you’re all bones and rotten flesh means an unspeakable challenge. You literally grind your way up in the new world and no one really welcomes you, even the Horde. Pinching their noses when you pass by is the least insulting reaction, and you live with that. Besides, your memories about the past, when you were alive, are bitter. It’s easier though as your previous neighbours and friends suffered the same Blight. You come across them walking here and there, Undead too, and it comforts our cold hearts – to an extent.

Why fury warrior?

Being an Undead means you constantly bear not only beautiful sorrow inside you, but an enormous hatred. Hatred for those who did this to you, hatred to your enemies, hatred to your allies who despise you, and most hatred to all the evil in the world that tries to repeat the success of Scourge or even worse. Can’t help but beat all the guts out of them all using both my hands. Shields only make it slow.

How do you earn your piece of bread?

When I was still alive I intended to go and study at Dalaran – but Scourge came. After my awakening, I’ve found out that my enchanting skills have grown much since. And as an Undead living among the other Undead mastering a needle and a thread is a very useful skill. Fingers and other bones tend to fall off sometimes despite the necromancy that binds your body.

After you retire, what’s gonna be your home? Please name your favourite places in Azeroth.

Lordaeron will never be the same, so why bother? I will reside in Southshore after a while. Now it’s a mess where even we, the Forsaken, cannot be for a long time.

Ruins of Southshore
Not a sea resort exactly. Sylvanas’ determination is not always good.

Tell us about your biggest challenge

I had some awful time at Auchindoun ruins. Though an undead myself, I simply felt uncomfortable among the ruins of necropolis. I could easily imagine the magnificence of it and what it became now *shudders*

What’s your agenda?

I’m fighting hard throught Northrend valleys and hillsides. Can’t wait to eliminate more Scourge and I’ve recently helped with the issues of Scarlet Crusade who tried to establish their arrogance at Dragonblight shores. Not for long *smiles and freaks out the interviewer*

New Hearthglen
Beautiful pieces of Human architecture – until they try and burn you in their “holy flames”. Whichever race you belong to.





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