Backston – Blood and Petals

For the name “Backston” I had to scratch the back of my head a little. Obviously humans in Azeroth wear normal names, so no fantasy pseudo-elvish stuff will do. Obviously all normal names were taken long ago. Adding an extra letter – like in Laaura – is an unmistaken sign of feeble imagination. Seriously, you want to be “Laura” so much that you’d rather spoil the name itself?

An unusual move had to be invented – so it came to me at last. What if we use SURNAME?

And that was it. I liked it so much that the same approach was later used with my Undead character (btw, same rules for the ex-humans). Besides, as a warrior, she’s used to get addressed as the do in the army: Admiral Taylor, Sgt. Backston.

As for the surname itself, it’s taken straight from Dumas’ “The Three Musketeers”. Everyone remebers Milady de Winter of course. Well, one of her names was “Charlotte Backson” – and I put a “t” inside for a stronger effect. The name of my warrior would also be Charlotte.

Well, let’s move to the interview!

Backston – The Zweihander Wielder

The Horde often blames humans for arrogance – is that true?

*Laughs* no, not at all. Of course there are bastards everywhere. But maybe I was lucky to grow among good people, so I can say in general we’re quite good-hearted and tranquil. Though I’m not comfortable in the Temples of Light. Bishops and priests scare me, seem too zealous to me. And occasional dumbness of those in the army service irritates me a lot. But normally walking in Stormwind or small villages in human kingdoms any friendly race will receive equal smile and invitation to stay and dine with the host.

Why Arms Warrior?

When I just started learning to fence, my tutor took me to the arsenal to choose the weapon I like. I couldn’t even lift the two-handed sword! Dropped it and was quite embarassed with all the clanging it produced. Then I knew I must master it (in spite all the laughing they gave to me). Hard will and persistence – add those salt and pepper to your training and you get what you get. I easily smash a Zandalari shield with one blow. You can’t imagine what a big thing it is, feeling the real weapon weight and mastering its murderous swings.

How do you earn your piece of bread?

Please don’t laugh *flushes* Blacksmithing for a warrior seems an often and almost obligatory choice, but deep in heart I’m a tender person seeking comfort and balance. I’ve learned Herbalism from finest Night Elf druids. Imagine you just slayed an enemy, and you suddenly notice a tender petal in the grass. Feeling it between your fingers gives you greatest comfort.

And when at rest I grind the herbs into finest colors. I’m chilling out by sitting in the tavern corner in my simple linen clothes and drawing runes on the pieces of parchment. If the rune is drawn perfect, it becomes alive and seeks symbiosis with a mighty hero, strengthening him or her a lot.

After you retire, what’s gonna be your home? Please name your favourite places in Azeroth.

Old Town of Stormwind is a nice place to establish a house for a worn out warrior. Walking in the streets just before sunset and listening stories in Pig and Whistle. I also want a cat or two.

Pig and Whistle

If they finally eradicate gnolls at Redridge, Lakeshire is the best place for vacation near the shores. Now their howls in the night don’t let me sleep well.

Tell us about your biggest challenge

Well, as I already told – it was mastering big swords. Not far from the point when I started my training, I once ran from my tutor in tears and ran right into the lakeshore full of murlocs. I had no vials to support my well-being and couldn’t heal my wounds at all, so it was a very, very tense situation. I barely made it out alive, and not without bruises and scratches.

Murlocs in Elwynn Forest

What’s your agenda?

It was a very hard campaign for me at the Isle of Thunder. With Zandalari and Mogu down, I’ve decided to spend some time near Jade Serpent Temple and learn few ways of Inscription that I don’t know yet. It’s just amazing what they can do, these Pandaren! And can’t help myself but admire all those pink blossoms.




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