Mayluna – Under the Light of The Moon

There was no other possible choice of race when I wanted to start a druid. Of course it should have been a sleek and yet bestial Night Elf.

The main reason for which I turned my eye on druids was their healing capability. It’s not that I’m in fond of keeping everyone alive (and feeling myself swell with pride because I’m so important in a group!), it’s that I wanted to test if healing could be really a choice for me.

It appeared – not :-) The thing is, I’m always tending to be somewhere in the back of party. You need to take all the quests, carefully collect the loot and admire the dungeon cutscenes. And when you finished with that, you find out that your tank is long way far from you, aggroing the next pack (or a boss), and in most cases also behind a wall or corner which makes healing impossible.

Besides, healing is tricky. While in most cases you can pick your nose casting occasional spell to one guy or another, suddenly you have to click all you have feverishly because everyone is having 10% and dying! And it’s not about dungeon boss mechanics (I’m acquainted with them enough to provide decent heals for peak damage), but more about the group itself. These swings from laziness and boredom to “Captain, we have a leak in our submarine!” – not comfortable.

Nevertheless, I froze this spec for me. Sometimes I turn it on to it for a dungeon or two, but normally I switched for casting in leather – Balance. Occasionally I kill an enemy or two in a cat form (also convenient when sneaking in a crowded cave), but being a cat is like a rogue with one button – chop, chop, chop.

“Mayluna” is easily deciphered as “The Moon of May”. My favourite month (with late August and September), and I also have my birthday in it.

So, yet another caster for Alliance – Mayluna!

Mayluna – Elune’s Blessing

Everyone knows a lot about Night Elves since you fought at Mount Hyjal and went out of millenia shadow. Why don’t you better tell me about the marks on your face?

It’s amuzing how other races think that these marks mean a caste, a rank or something… No, they don’t. They just make it easier for us to hide in shadows – a camouflage which is at the same time a piece of art.

Why balance druid?

It is extremely smoothing to feel both Nature and Arcane magic flow within you. You swing it more and more to create most powerful spells, and then mend the balance again to calmness. When the power of the Sun and the Moon and the Stars is unleashed upon your enemy you feel like nature itself turns you into a powerful cannon. The only thing that was hard to accept was that balance druids normally turn to Moonkins. The finest hairdressers worked on my haircut, and now I have to be a bear? With a beak? So I’ve asked Backston to create a fine rune for me that allows to have a simmering starlight around me instead of turning into funny furball. I like Moonkins, but they’re allies! Not Night Elves.

How do you earn your piece of bread?

As a true Night Elf and a druid I’m feeling strong bonds with nature. So I understand herbs and I know how to brew potions from all the herbs in the world.

After you retire, what’s gonna be your home? Please name your favourite places in Azeroth.

All the tranquil forests of Kalimdor are our true home, and I feel most peaceful while running in Ashenvale or Teldrassil curved paths, with all the lanterns along the paths. We have to heal the nature after Deathwing’s mercenaries, orcs invasion in Ashenvale and all the fel consequences of the Third War. There is much work to do.

Walk slowly and breathe this ancient air…

Tell us about your biggest challenge

Strange enough, but if you mean to wear leather, they have only short jackets. I like the weight of leather clothes and it’s extremely hard to find a suitable robe for a druid. Only few crafters in the whole world can do that, so I have to memorize the things I come across while journeying and then describe them to the leather masters.

What’s your agenda?

I got acquainted with Alextrasza, the Binder of Life in pesron! Though it was under most bitter circumstances… You heard about Angrathar of course? Soon I will tell you all the stories about my journey in Dragonblight.

Blossoms near Icecrown – why not?





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