Pandaria! Or What is a Must on Your Arrival Here

Of course the triumphant yell “Pandaria!” could not be understood by those craving for Draenor, heh. But in this case it means I’ve ended up Cataclysm at last and launched all my remaining characters to the southern continent!

Chitsuro at Pandaria
Ironically Chitsuro the Pandaren was the last to set her foot on this land :)

Sharing my experience now what it means to make their first steps when you have a strong back-up from three full-grown characters at every faction. 

Professions – are really leveled up in no-time. When it concerns having some pandarian mats, all 4 characters immediately got full-stocks and leveled up 500 till 560 in their first day. Mayluna even dinged 600 with her Alchemy! And food stocks provided them a smooth 1-day upgrade until each Way’s recipe level 2 (550). Btw, did you know that Cooking cap now is 615? That was a discovery for me. 

Gear – all 4 got something to start with. This time neither of them had any troubles with their first steps, while Micromantica died like 15 or 20 times before even getting to Jin-Yu village. 

Quests – here’s what I think every character must do upon his/her arrival in Pandaria. 

Jade Forest – I did all the starting line until Dawn’s Blossom 4 times in 2 days – and it was fun everytime for Horde and Alliance! The highlights which are never boring are Cho’s introduction to Pandaria, the tense landing itself and of course the scouting parties. I hated the episodes when you must battle your ways through some areas – engaging in solo battle, there are many times when you find yourself surrounded with a dozen of enemies. It was fun for monk and rogue, but a disaster with caster druid and fury warrior. Then I land in Dawn’s Blossom and immediately take the quests to Halfhill market and Chen to proceed. Generally I like the remaining mutiple quests of the area, but they are very hard to get to, roads are twisted and long and it’s easy to get lost. When I tried to get to the monastery with Chitsuro, I messed up my way so many times (every time ending up in the claws of a tiger pack or a hozen pack) that I was beating my keyboard like an angry german kid. Will probably do them when I get a flying mount. 

Valley of Four Winds – I do all the line with Chen and Li Li until they are sent to the brewing house. It’s a bit annoying, but is pretty fast and gives you nice rewards (especially trinkets which are a rare stuff in all the game). At Halfhill, I don’t want to see any yellow quest marks, so I do them all. I hate virmen like hell, but I totally like the quest when you must get some water from the river, when it taps off.  

Halfhill market – of course! Everything they can offer to me! It’s my favourite place in Pandaria, and I think that I will love the Garrison quite the same. There was an unpleasant surprise though – growing up veggies doesn’t bring you Tillers reputation points until 90. So I guess from my goals it’s first hitting Level cap, then getting a 16-slots farm. 

Kun Lai Summit – I do the first yaungol line, because I need an established base and an extra flight path there. And I by all means do the quest with opening the Vale gates, which is fun, because you have to fulfil 3 really challenging fights in the ring (that’s a skill test!) and in the end you get a proper place to bind a hearthstone. You know, bank, rewards, teleports, transmog… worth it. And of course opening the Gate is soooo epic!

Mayluna opening the gate
Mayluna about to open the Gate!
Opening to the Vale of Eternal Blossoms
And it is epic!

Completing all of this, you get 87,5 – with 2,5 levels to go. From now on, the paths of my characters will be different. Zindari makes her way through Krasarang, Mayluna and Rottenshield will continue at Kun Lai Summit and Chitsuro will grit her teeth and proceed with the Jade Forest. 

10 levels to go for all my chars! And the rest of the leveling will be fun :) So – hail Pandaria!

Xuen and cat druid
Mayluna shifted to cat form to show the size of Xu’en.

P.S. Must – not – start – new – char! Actually I have one slot left, and it maybe a Tauren male druid. With Mayluna being Balance and Healing, the Tauren will be cat fighter and probably will try to tank. I think that I will see the new Tauren models in game and can’t help myself :) But need a rest from leveling by all means now. 


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