Playing WoW When Drunk?

Being a grown-up person and a metal musician, I confess that alcoholic drinks play an important role in my life. It’s not that I need them on everyday basis or get in trouble when overloaded, but me and my girlfriend don’t see any problems with drinking wine at dinner sometimes. And of course no party or gig could be free without having some drinks (sometimes more than some). Question is: should you play WoW when you’re drunk? 


I must say that it doesn’t affect my gameplay. I can do dungeons and raids with the same skills and never got blamed for my actions by group mates. In fact, alcohol eases some things with interaction between players: as I become more talkative and easy-going IRL, I also feel the need to add to the conversation in game chat (both group or guild). 

But actually I hate to play when I had more than a one drink. The next day you remember things you did in-game like in a mist. T.ex. we had some beers with the guys from my band at our rehearsal yesterday, and when I came home I did a small mogu questline for Zindari at Krasarang and ran Shado-Pan Monastery dungeon for her. Then I said: no, I won’t continue further. It’s quite embarassing to say but today at work I went to the battlenet site and checked out if I got any loot for her from the said dungeon. 

So, playing drunk kills much of the experience from the game. All in all I don’t plan any drinks when I have a WoW evening coming, and I better go watch some videos on YouTube or some TV-series rather than launch the game if I already had some drinks. And if you feel the need to login, you better do something boring you need there. Like grinding. 



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