FFXIV: Crafting/Gathering Tips & Tricks 1-50

Lo, as I'm finally exploring crafting and gathering in FFXIV, I'm ready to share my leveling tricks. As in every game, my brain is constantly working on optimizing routes and ways on the way the top and corresponding grinds. Mind you, I'm in my 30-40-ies with crafting/gathering jobs yet, but as I'm doing it on … Continue reading FFXIV: Crafting/Gathering Tips & Tricks 1-50


A Weekend in Broken Shore: Artifact Quests in 7.2.

It was quite a weekend! Artifact Questing It was the highlight of the weekend. I drove all my alts to acquire the knowledge level of 26, place orders, and run some quests for unlocking new traits. I ran them in a casual way: whenever I felt to. The important thing is not to get exhausted … Continue reading A Weekend in Broken Shore: Artifact Quests in 7.2.

Busy Weekends: WQ, Darkmoon, Healing and More

Insurrection Yes, on Friday I'm done with Insurrection questline - Mayluna blasted through it shifting in and out Balance and Feral forms, and so all the toons made it to the secret entrance. It was a great relief actually. I've covered the main plot chapters for every toon, and so they are feeling free to … Continue reading Busy Weekends: WQ, Darkmoon, Healing and More

Professions in Legion: Issues & Solutions

TL;DR: they are useless :) Not even one expansion before has been that hard on professions. Yes, even then-blamed Draenor, with all the work orders and all. We are three months into expansion. My alts have all the range of professions, including Goblin and Gnome Engineering fork. And you know what? Most of them are … Continue reading Professions in Legion: Issues & Solutions

Big Project: Archaeology of Pandaria

My next Big Project came to an end: I have collected the last pristine object, the rarest Mantid banner, and completed all achievements! Archaeology of Pandaria consists of three big parts. You must collect all the types of objects, but you complete it pretty soon. That was done way ago. You must collect 20 of … Continue reading Big Project: Archaeology of Pandaria

Skins And Furs: Filling The Barn

One of the most frustrating things about Garrison that I was complaining about is the skins/furs income. The problem is: as long as you can gather herb/ore literally from under your feet, it's unfair for Leatherworkers and Tailors that collecting THEIR resources is harder. Now I changed my mind. Last week I had to go … Continue reading Skins And Furs: Filling The Barn

My First Steps On Draenor

Of course I didn't rush into Draenor upon its opening! Even an hour before the event, the clouds and grounds around the Dark Portal were dark with swarming mounts. So I went to sleep and I've played like hour and a half in the morning with now a reasonable amount of other players in the starting … Continue reading My First Steps On Draenor

Farewell, Halfhill – The Ironpaws!

We now say farewell to Pandaria, and as you probably liked the Sunsong Ranch and Halfhill like I did, I suggest to say goodbye to the Pandaren there in person. And here we're also recalling what we did for them and expressing your attitudes:=) The first post will be about your cooking guides - THE IRONPAWS For … Continue reading Farewell, Halfhill – The Ironpaws!

Pandaria! Or What is a Must on Your Arrival Here

Of course the triumphant yell "Pandaria!" could not be understood by those craving for Draenor, heh. But in this case it means I've ended up Cataclysm at last and launched all my remaining characters to the southern continent!Sharing my experience now what it means to make their first steps when you have a strong back-up … Continue reading Pandaria! Or What is a Must on Your Arrival Here