Trivia: A Streak of Achievements

It was quite a week of my vacation devoted to WoW mostly. And I've advanced significantly on my way in different directions. Let's talk one by one. Holidays No mount this year - again. 13 tries daily, and no result. People advise to just quit trying any holiday mount! Not my thing, it provides some … Continue reading Trivia: A Streak of Achievements


Trivia: Every Little Thing We Do

Insurrection Completion & Further Plans My Insurrection project comes to an end. I have 2 toons left to complete this questline. Melaris the Demon Hunter is today at step 9 (final), and Mayluna the Druid has completed the second and last intermission of 5 order hall missions, so she's ready to whoosh through steps 7-9 … Continue reading Trivia: Every Little Thing We Do

Stormheim Zone Review: Jim Cummings & Fjords of Confusion

Stormheim is easily my least favored zone - by many reasons. First, it's the plot. We open up with a stunning scenario, a brutal clash between Horde and Alliance, we are absolutely ready to rip the throats of the Worgen or the Undead with our bare hands, and we do, and then there's aftermath, all … Continue reading Stormheim Zone Review: Jim Cummings & Fjords of Confusion

Highmountain Zone Review: Highmountain Stands

Despite the name, you quickly learn that Highmountain is not about mountains as you travel. The paths here are really straightforward, and you almost never struggle with the need of taking a detour. Once you've discovered the flight paths, your logistics here are a pleasure. Even the peak itself is user-friendly. What also helps is … Continue reading Highmountain Zone Review: Highmountain Stands

Val’sharah Zone Review: Emotional Climax of Legion

It's funny how Khadgar tells you in Dalaran: go to Val'sharah, it will be a Disneyland. There's nothing wrong in Val'sharah. That's the moment when an experienced player would learn even before grabbing a taxi: things go south in Val'sharah. The whole zone is divided into two uneven parts: the small side questline of Black Rook … Continue reading Val’sharah Zone Review: Emotional Climax of Legion

Azsuna Zone Review: Ooh, Mana Crystal

First of all, it's the worst zone name :) Seriously, Azsuna or Aszuna? You just can't remember that :) Just in case, the post contains story spoilers for Azsuna questlines. Azsuna is most probably your first zone to explore for several reasons. Our habit to count and travel clockwise would naturally dictate your Broken Isles journey … Continue reading Azsuna Zone Review: Ooh, Mana Crystal