First Steps in Tanking

I think I have found myself a new fun in WoW, and it's TANKING. I've never tanked properly. I was completely lost at starting tanking experience with paladin and warrior. Dungeon mobs just kept running everywhere, so I didn't make it far after level 25-30 or so. I guess it was Summer when I gave … Continue reading First Steps in Tanking


Leveling Up Through Cataclysm: Hyjal Overview

For history sakes, I write a series of post about zones of Cataclysm that I nailed while recent leveling. It will be nice to remember them after a while - so come and read to recall the events of Fire - Druids confrontation. Hyjal is one of the 2 zones that you are allowed to … Continue reading Leveling Up Through Cataclysm: Hyjal Overview

Pandaria! Or What is a Must on Your Arrival Here

Of course the triumphant yell "Pandaria!" could not be understood by those craving for Draenor, heh. But in this case it means I've ended up Cataclysm at last and launched all my remaining characters to the southern continent!Sharing my experience now what it means to make their first steps when you have a strong back-up … Continue reading Pandaria! Or What is a Must on Your Arrival Here

Leveling Up in Cataclysm

All my last 2 weeks were devoted to leveling up my 4 chars through Cataclysm. I will make my usual story-posts for this content (for history sakes), but I still think that this expansion's quests are a disaster with each next char and it was really a torture.  While storylines are interesting and epic enough, … Continue reading Leveling Up in Cataclysm

Selfies for 80s!

By the end of weekend all my leveling girls reached 80 and peered at the eye of Maelstorm where Thrall struggles hard with Cataclysm.Although the stories of the end of their Northrend adventures arecoming (Zindari at Zul'Drak and Chitsuro at Sholazar and Storm Peaks), I decided to draw a line here and make all my chars' … Continue reading Selfies for 80s!

Mayluna: Sword-Measuring Contests Among Vrykul

After sleeping over the matter, Mayluna decided to take a look at her possible destinations at Icecrown. And you know what? This Ebon Blade bastard has the ugliest sense of humor! Let others deal with Fleshwerks - it's not only crowded with abominations and flesh giants, it actually PRODUCES them. Not to spend her weekend … Continue reading Mayluna: Sword-Measuring Contests Among Vrykul

Mayluna: Partnership With Death Knights Is Sick!

When the recruiting officers asked Mayluna to fly for the Alliance flying fortress above Icecrown, she never knew that it will involve fraternizing with the Undead. Me, a nature-loving druid, to smell the stench of Arthas' ex-hounds! Trying to get rid of this "honorable Alliance officer", Mayluna spread her wings and darted off the ship as … Continue reading Mayluna: Partnership With Death Knights Is Sick!

Mayluna: Paths of the Druid in Sholazar

While healing her wounds from Angrathar massacre, Mayluna heard from local herbalists that not all Northrend is ice and snow. There actually is a valley where everything is lush and blooming. She won't wait until morning (well, why should a Night Elf wait for morning anyways?). The druid had some difficult moments waking up the … Continue reading Mayluna: Paths of the Druid in Sholazar

Mayluna and Rottenshield: A Road to Angrathar

For the epic battle at Angrathar I followed both questlines of Horde and Alliance. Rottenshield resided at Agmar's Hammer and helped to join Taunka with Horde. The liberation of Icemist Village was not as exciting as it supposed to be. It was a field of yellow pools and spider eradication which vividly reminded Rottenshield waking … Continue reading Mayluna and Rottenshield: A Road to Angrathar

Mayluna – Under the Light of The Moon

There was no other possible choice of race when I wanted to start a druid. Of course it should have been a sleek and yet bestial Night Elf. The main reason for which I turned my eye on druids was their healing capability. It's not that I'm in fond of keeping everyone alive (and feeling … Continue reading Mayluna – Under the Light of The Moon