Legion Raids on Farm… Kinda


With legacy rules online since this week’s reset, I’ve tried a couple of test runs yesterday with Micromantica the Frost Mage main.

Raids of the previous expansion usually don’t make sense to me during current expansion lulls. By the end of Legion I tried the easiest Highmaul, and only my paladin and in her protection spec manage to defeat Kargath, so I left Draenor until I’m able to hit 120. Likewise, I couldn’t farm Pandaria in Draenor realities.

This time it’s a bit different, and thanks to Leto’s post of reporting success I decided to try Legion raids too.

Truly so, Legion raids to an extent pose fewer problems. At least on some difficulties!

I can clear LFRs easily. Although I collected most Legion LFR sets during current raiding, some ‘world drop items’ never dropped, and it makes a lot of sense to AoE all the trash nowadays – all loot to yourself.

The Nighthold is a bit lengthy, but little problem otherwise on Heroic. Maybe only Telarn nearly killed me due to his mechanics, but other bosses didn’t chip my health worth noticing. I went Emerald Nightmare on Heroic, and it was obviously good too.


Mythic Nighthold is where I stop. Tichondrius and Spellblade Aluriel both have a nasty stacking debuff mechanic, so I can’t burn through their 7k health pools fast enough before they kill me. Likewise, Goroth in Heroic mode aka the first boss in Tomb will stack his own debuff and burn you down waaay before you’re halfway through his health pool.

This far – at least for my mage – the farming options look like this:

  • Emerald Nightmare: LFR – Normal – Heroic – Mythic
  • The Nighthold: LFR – Normal – Heroic
  • Tomb of Sargeras: LFR – Normal
  • Antorus: no idea, yet probably Normal will be my limit.

Not too much, and yet a nice enhancement to transmog farming activities during lull. Less work in the future, so let’s take what we can take now! And 40-70 gold per piece is a nice addition to your account’s gold coffers.

My first run was pretty successful! 6 pieces out of 9 is very, very good:


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