Plate Armor Grind!


While my mail, leather and cloth armor toons are now free to insert their coins into Tomb of Sargeras ATM for extra loot, my poor plate armor Mindebad, Anibell and Bons are still grinding The Nighthold and even Emerald Nightmare for the last set slots.

This cooldown brought us some happiness. Mindebad and Anibell now only lack their class-specific capes from Trilliax, which means lazy runs through the first wing. Bons lacks a helmet which comes from Botanist boss. It’s a bummer, because the boss is the last in the wing, and the most annoying wing. It’s not a bummer, because all three plate armor toons make it six tries for helmet per week (coins involved).

So, what is left for me to cover The Nighthold transmog for every class is 2 Aqueducts runs and 3 (could be less) full Aetheneums per week. Persistence!

The good thing about Tomb of Sargeras is that you can also cover its mogging slots with other classes. Micromantica gained – and equipped – priest set shoulders, so I don’t worry about this slot for Aurinko now. Of course my mage will change it for mage shoulders if it happens to drop, but I don’t really care about set bonuses in my cozy LFR environment. My goal is mogging, and set collections. ilvl is a pleasant bonus :)

Meanwhile, I’m seriously set up for tanking. It’s been a mere pleasure yesterday and today to queue all the roles possible. Especially Anibell and Paitsu, who are perfectly capable of tanking, healing or dpsing.

While Anibell and Bons are perfect with their tanking specs, Mindebad’s Blood is an unknown field for me. Well, it was an unknown field. I blasted through the Nighthold yesterday and didn’t have a sweat. I need to, and moreover, I’m ready to test her in the current Tomb of Sargeras. which I’m gonna do.

New politics from now on: queuing every alt in every role she could perform. I’m ready and set.

Tomb of Sargeras: A Peep into Wailing Halls


Naturally what I did yesterday was a testing run in the new wing by Micromantica, doubled today by yet another caster – Faerella the Warlock.

The next wing consists of 3 bosses: Demonic inquisition, Sisters of the Moon and The Desolate Host.

In this wing I start to understand the whining about logistics – it really is tricky. But not so much on your second run.

Demonic Inquisition is a pair of fellow dudes who argue about whether flesh or soul is a subject of torment. I liked these bosses very much. Their looks design is awesome, and torture mechanics are totally comprehensible: just stop hitting them during a specific spell, is all. Neither of my tries brought me to the second room. Well, Faerella got this debuff by the very end, but bosses were supposed to die in 10 seconds (which they did), so I didn’t see any reason to try and see the other room.

After that we fight the same infernals in Goroth room – I hate when we have to kill the same trash in different wings – and then we descend to Elven rooms. Few packs of trash – really not annoying, well done, Blizzard, and we reach Sisters of the Moon boss.

I didn’t even notice how we killed them. First of all, I liked the wrestling-type boss change: when you deal with one and the same health bar, and they just give each other high five and change one by one as you do so. Really cool (and Elisande-type replenishing health bar, thrice – is not). The moon mechanics is probably the easiest movement requirement during a boss fight. You may go to the other floor color if you feel so, or you may do nothing and still be good, because the needed color will reach you anyways. So it’s just stepping out of a rare bad and nuking an add owl. Piece of cake.

Then comes The Desolate Host fight. Micromantica spent the whole encounter dead. She knew someone should go to the spirit realm, so she did. Something killed her immediately far away from any boss, and she never learnt what. Apparently not many guys, like myself, knew the encounter, because there was only one healer among very few people in spirit realm, and she had some tough times. Anyways, the boss went down. On my next try Faerella stayed in corporeal realm, but the group was better, so it split in two without any discussions. The boss just died, no troubles at all.

Is it because people already got some loot in previous weeks, but the wing seems very simple compared to the first one. The encounters are fun enough, and I won’t feel tedious when re-running them for loot. Second wing’s cool.

Gates of Hell Tanking – Nailed

One day before opening of the second wing, I’ve decided to try tanking the first one.

Besides the perfect timing, Melaris is closing in 52 on her tanking weapon, and she also had a quest and no first wing runs yet. So I decided to give it a go.

It went surprisingly smooth. Our second tank, a dwarf paladin, didn’t have a clue about what’s going on, so I pulled it off almost alone.

Trash mobs – no trouble at all. Took them out pack by pack, so we were fine.

Goroth – I was the only tank. Even with melted armor I just used my cooldowns, and all was fine. A pair of jumps was handy to relocate myself behind the pillars and back, so the boss positioning was executed by textbook.

Har’jatan – the second tank obviously died, because he didn’t turn the boss to raid bulk. So I pulled it off almost alone. Positioning was not that perfect, I held the beast in puddles very often, so it was not too convenient for melee dps.

Sassz’ine – nailed it, and almost alone again. As for void zones, I only got trapped by jellyfish once, but it was the only fail. I whispered to the second tank before the encounter to aggro from me at debuffs, but it didn’t work too well. He succeeded to perform this once, so I had to survive the whole debuff periods on my own cooldowns. A tough fight, yet I weren’t on the verge of dying.

For loot, I’ve got a cape, tier gloves, and a trinket. A decent drop.


I’m eager to try tanking with other specs, although demon hunter is so great with AoE aggroing which is basically built in rotation. Could be harder with other classes.

So, all roles for the first wing tried and succeeded. Bring us the next wing! :)

New Specs!

For the second time in Legion the artifact system dictates me trying and playing the other specs than I normally like to play.

When you have a goal of driving every artifact to 52 traits, and you accidentally drop 21,8 million token into the already upgraded weapon… well, it sucks. So just in case I’m running, questing and exploring the pleasures of now-upgraded spec.

I think however good I’m becoming in playing an extra spec, sometimes I just don’t like to do this. Examples would be Beast Mastery for Backston, Demonology for Faerella or Unholy for Mindebad – outright boring. Mindebad is almost at 52 with her Unholy spec, and yet I didn’t grow to like it as much as I like Frost. So it’s 52, and I’m done with it.

Sometimes I switch specs due to their utility. Obviously tanking specs are a mere pleasure when engaging specifically fat very dangerous mobs during a world quest.

For warlocks it’s extremely awesome to quest in Affliction, because everything dies super fast, but I hate my mana depletion during raids, and a very slow Destruction is much more enjoyable for nuking bosses, although its mortar-type playing style is a torture in the field. It’s the same with shaman: Enhancement is very cool in the field, cause you rush into the fray, and in few quick blows everything’s dying, but Elemental is a preferable thing in raids to rain elements from afar and have a better sight of encounter.

Draenor introduced tanking specs to me, and in Legion I started healing. Actually every spec that can heal is my choice for Tomb of Sargeras today. It’s fun, relaxing, and very engaging. My paladin Anibell pulled off the Har’jatan encounter when our tank had 30 (!) stacks on himself. The other tank just died 5 seconds after he tried to tank any boss, I don’t know the reason. He was a warrior, he had a decent ilvl around 870 – quite enough for LFR. He just got one-shot – nothing a healer could do.

The most challenging spec is Discipline, and I tried it yesterday. It’s mind blowing by all means, but I think I’m starting to get the general idea. You have to place a heal on a friendly character, then start DPS-ing a boss very quickly to heal the friendly target, BUT if he’s dying, you have to switch to mighty direct healing spells. It’s outright insane :)

For a test, I ran Aqueducts to make it a bit challenging, but not so stressful as Tomb of Sargeras. Whew, it was fun. I want to learn the “how” at least. I like Holy very much, but Discipline has a potential in my case.

And when I’m done with healing artifacts, it’s gonna be time for tanking :) My goal with tanks is making it a fun and relaxing experience, not a run where I sweat and get tired :)

Anyways, exploring new specs is very fun! By the end of the Legion I’m gonna be decent in every 36 ways I guess.

Tomb of Sargeras: A Peep into The Gates of Hell


Although finishing EN/TN raid tiers is still my raiding priority these days, I’m also starting to explore the new raid.

I’ve completed three runs by now. Aurinko the Priest got a healer’s trinket, Backston the Hunter got her tier wrists, and Paitsu the Monk who went as a healer got gauntlets and legguards from her tier – and without extra coin rolls.

I liked the lore very much. Probably my most favorite theme in every game, cartoon or movie is assembling something big out of parts. I’m a fan of Elements or other concepts alike. So no wonder that the whole thing of Pillars of Creation is my thing 100%.

In every wing we will be putting the Pillars in their slots – and before we assembled them. By the way, it must be checked if they are removed from storage in Dalaran after you get the raid achievement :) Would be awesome.

The first wing is water-themed, and naga are bound here perfectly.

  • First, the Tidestone is the element of water.
  • Second, the naga have nothing to do with Legion, but they continue their story arc from Azsuna and the following dungeon. Their arrival is quite logical, as they wait us here – a perfect deduction from their side to get a Tidestone. Of course they can’t retrieve it from Dalaran! It also explains the naga arrival near the Tomb in Broken Shore, although those on surface are a corrupted kind. I don’t think that Azshara would greet her soldiers back demon-corrupted – she has bonds with the Old Gods, who are the ultimate nemesis of the Legion and vice versa. Maybe those ones in the surface were left as a supporting base camp, and the main forces went into the Tomb? So the bored soldiers got corrupted :) If Sassz’ine retrieved the Tidestone successfully, I guess she wiould beat all the shit out of the renegades then.
  • Third, it’s a direct link to the flooded, naga-filled tube we were passing through in the original Tomb of Sargeras in Frozen Throne expansion for Warcraft 3. Remember?


I conclude that the room in Warcraft 3, where we learned about that naga were elves once, is the same room where we fight the naga lady Sassz’ine. On my next trip there I’ll run around after the raid ends – for exploring and matching both maps in my mind.

The raid design is beautiful – I don’t even mind the darkness. Since Warcraft 3, the levels above water were cleared of seaweed and everything.

Goroth is a fun encounter. He is relying on AoE attacks, and following the mechanics is easy and comprehensible.

Harjatan. I’m not a fan of the fight, it’s basically his thick skin to address and some adds to be switched to.

Sassz’ine is cool. There’s lots of stuff to do, the field is tight enough to make avoiding multiple void zones an interesting problem. The only thing that I don’t understand is ink clouds. I know how to get this debuff by stepping in violet pools, but I’m completely unaware of where to carry it and at which moments.

In general the raid encounters design somewhat elusively reminds me of old arcade games, like it was the case with Blackrock Foundry. It’s like the best things were borrowed from them, but not a single annoying one. If the other bosses and wings will be as interesting, it’s gonna be my favorite raid in Legion.

Everything’s good with The Gates of Hell. Well, maybe except a wing name :) Tomb is not exactly hell, and naga wing is about Tidestone and water, not about Legion troops guarding the entrance.

LFR: Never Start As a Healer


It’s the first day when common mortals are allowed to Tomb of Sargeras!

I had spare 40 minutes before going to work, and I queued as a healer due to shorter queues.

Aurinko the Holy Priest didn’t experience too much trouble there. The worst moments were at the trash mobs I guess. I noticed how people failed to follow certain mechanics at the bosses and died, but it was a complete mystery what these mechanics were because I was focused on health bars!

There was a pretty bad moment at Har’jatan in the very end when things just went south, both tanks were dead simultaneously and in an instant. Battle rez took our group some time, but we pulled it off.

There were no wipes, the worst case was 3 or 4 group members dead by the end of encounter.

As for loot – I got a trinket with a healer’s bonus from the last boss :)

As for bosses or raid environment… now here we go with the name of the post. I’ve pretty much missed everything about lore and environments, about how raid mechanics work (it seems I caught every whirling blade at the Naga lady boss). I guess there were some murlocs and jellyfish. Because I was staring at health bars! :)

Not making that mistake again. My first entrance into any raid must always be a ranged dps. It gives you an opportunity to gawp at a raid design, focus on the boss and trash mobs to see who they are and what they do. Once you learn the mechanics – mostly AVOIDING mechanics by heart, your healers will perform it easily and with only a slightest glance at the environs.

Doing the raid again today – on ranged dps, melee dps, and who knows – maybe even tanking. And so I’ll be writing my traditional “A Peep into [Raid Wing]” post tomorrow :)

P.S. The loot proved once again that on your first run you usually get trinkets, rings or necks. Since the second run there’s more chance to get capes, belts and wrists, and only then major tier items start to drop.

Trivia: Anticipation

With Tomb of Sargeras out yesterday, I can’t yet put my nose into it until the next week (because LFR).

As much as I’m anticipating the new raid environment, I’m not being lazy. I have lots of things to do. And here’s what happens:

  1. My toons are now diligent about carrying sacks full of loot from both Emerald Nightmare and The Nighthold. I’m starting to finish my Nighthold model sets, and the rest of toons are lacking just 1 to 3 pieces.
  2. I’m exploring the role that I’ve largely ignored before: HEALING, and on every available class now. I got the general idea of every healing spec aside discipline priest, and I’m running the raids as a healer with big pleasure. It’s strangely relaxing compared to tanks or even dps. Maybe I’m gonna even try healing Tomb of Sargeras. On top of all, the queues for healers are smaller.
  3. Midsummer holiday is up, and there are four new achievements with bonfires: added in Draenor and Broken Isles. Got them quickly, and earned 150 flame flowers in process. I rummaged through the holiday goods list, and I saw that I lack one pet and one toy. So I’ll be getting them during weekend.
  4. New Archaeology project is up this week, and although I have an artifact appearance for the 8 solves, I’m heading to the bigger achievement. So one more thing to do on weekend.
  5. My reputation race is on, and Team Valar’jar/Highmountain (Micromantica, Aurinko, Bons, Paitsu) was the first to obtain a faction mount from bonus chest! Aurinko won a Highmountain moose.


  • Now I can safely ignore Highmountain emissary days – I just got myself a weekend from world quests :) The same is gonna happen with other factions.