RNG Wardrobe Shower


Yeah, so yesterday I had this old raid run for the mogging achievements on my mage.

Hooray, I was glad to get the lacking shoulders and belt from Mogu’Shan Vaults and Terrace. I even thought: what are the odds that the two lacking pieces drop?

Then I went to other raids: Tempest Keep, Karazhan, Ahn’Qiraj, Black Temple, Molten Core, Firelands…

I stopped smiling at the third one. I have finished SEVEN mogging sets and achievements yesterday. The lacking pieces just dropped raid after raid. See my achievement streak from twitter, all dropping within one hour:


Whew. The line broke at Argent Tournament and I went to bed. That was awesome :) And I even didn’t realise yet that I don’t have to go to these raids anymore :)


Tomb of Sargeras: A Peep into Deceiver’s Fall

I will start right at the point: Kil’Jaeden must be nerfed. Plain and simple.

– Yeah, you heard me right, Kil’Jaeden. You must be nerfed.

Micromantica was an obvious pioneer in the fourth wing yesterday. We had the most experienced tanks there. One of them naturally came as a raid leader. He patiently explained tactics and stayed with us until the end.

I switched from Frost to Fire, as I deliver more damage through it, both artifacts being at 52 traits. My ilvl was 897, which is more than enough for LFR. The other guys were well geared too.

And we just couldn’t beat it.

On our first try we had an obvious quick wipe as people learned how to manage the fiery void zones. On our second try we managed to pass up to the shadow phase, still struggling with void zones, but much better.

On our third and fourth try we’ve driven him to the last phase. Everyone was performing perfectly! And he hit enrage both times.

This is ridiculous – as you are geared via LFR, you should be able to kill KJ in this raid’s gear. But we needed 25% flat buff to kill him on our 5th try. Mark you, EVERYONE survived when we killed him. EVERYONE was just perfect in performing their role at all phases. And yet we wouldn’t kill him if not for 25% buff.

The mechanics are perfect, they are multiple, they are interesting, and it’s quite a challenge for a raid group who needs patience, quick reaction and work in unison, because the other’s fail may cause a wipe. Everything’s cool for the “last” boss – if not for this ridiculous overtuning.

So yes, it’s gonna be a single kill for every toon.

That Save Though!..

It’s a busy week. The next wing is opened, so my toons have more to accomplish per cooldown. Besides, this week’s bonus is world quests, so I have my hands full – I never miss it.

The first and the second wings in LFR have become much easier. People learnt the boss strategies, and geared up a bit. The first wing could be definitely cleared with one tank now.

The third wing – Maiden and Avatar – is yet being discovered. Many people die at orbs at Maiden, and DPS is barely enough to kill Avatar. 5% wipe buffs help, but still I expect more troubles on weekend for my alts, as most experienced and geared players tend to clear the cooldowns on the first day.

Today’s Avatar encounter was awesome – as yours truly saved the day.

I went healing the wing with Aurinko the Holy Priest. We wiped the first time at 700k, so I presumed we would need at least two more wipes to stack buffs. Yet we killed him on our second try!

People were doing much better at the first phase on our second try, so just one died by the time we dropped through the floor. Avatar managed to smash every floor down below in four takes (a decent job from tanks). When he demolished the last piece, tanks were down, all healers down, all dps down… and only one pally survived with 10% health. And the Avatar was at some real minimum, just a hair from dying.

I confess when Avatar broke the last platform I already put away my hands from the keyboard, seeing everyone dead and presuming a wipe was already here. Then I saw that he didn’t kill this last pally in one or two blows – that we may fight yet, granted that low-low boss’ health! And me – as a Holy Priest – have this awesome perk to heal even after my death – as a spirit! I would die in 20 seconds, but I still can be able to heal full throttle during this time.

I had my most powerful saves off cooldown, so I quickly put my fingers back on the keys. I confess that even so we could lose, because I casted a weak HoT first – my core spell, so it came out naturally. This second could be critical, but happily the worst didn’t happen. After yelling at myself “WTF are you doing?” I quickly cast a save, and I restore the pally’s full health in one click. And Avatar of Sargeras dies two seconds later!

The worst part was that no one noticed my contribution :) Well, technically I were dead. Yet we won :)

Aurinko got two tier pieces from the full raid run – a decent drop.

Speaking of drops, I had half an hour yesterday between my return from my band’s rehearsal and going to sleep, and Mindebad claimed the cape from Trilliax. This be the last Nighthold piece that I lacked. Now I have collected all sets from The Nighthold for all classes! No more Nighthold for me :) I can concentrate on current raid in full.

Tomb of Sargeras: A Peep into Chamber of the Avatar


The next wing is opened in LFR, and today we enter Chamber of the Avatar.

The wing is significantly shorter than the previous ones – most notably, it’s just two bosses, and little trash is present which is also killed in a blink of an eye opposed to very tedious and dangerous Wailing Halls. This also means it’s not the best place to farm your set pieces which drop from trash mobs only.

Maiden of Vigilance – offers a pretty unique terrain with a giant and deadly elevator hole in the middle (Tip: don’t enter it under usual circumstances). The fight itself can boast with several mechanics, all comprehensible and executable but one. First, you need to jump down the hole when the bomb starts ticking at your head – the easiest and the most fun part. Second, a massive AoE spell which you cannot interrupt unless you blow off a small shield – also easy. Third, you are not supposed to collide with players of other debuffs when you’re granted with one of two debuffs – it’s the hardest thing that may pose a great trouble in LFR. Think Xhul’horac, but it’s harder due to the less move options. You should be tracking the others’ debuffs not to come close to the opposite ones. I think most casualties happened because of this, but we pulled off the fight on our first try.

The Avatar of Sargeras – is much more likeable and probably the best encounter for me. In LFR there’s no option to cover the beams – so it’s basically a single-target fight and a relief for tanks. It’s a pure DPS check, and everything is about stepping out of the bad (very deadly bad though). If tanks don’t fail positioning at the last phase, it’s a piece of cake – an extra dps buff on your extra tries would do the trick sooner or later. We wiped once, leaving the boss at 170k, and it was only because the tanks didn’t know the range of platform destruction, so he got rid of it in just two blows (should be at least three). On our second try it went smooth, although I was the only one dead because I failed to use the Ice Block to prevent my debuff, and no one came to help.

Lorewise, it’s the most interesting wing of all.

Previously we dealt with sealing the Legion gateway with Pillars of Creation. Assume that by the time we are breaching the Tomb class order halls already dealt with Legion in Broken Shore. I played every class storyline, and I see the whole picture. Class order halls each delivered a strike at a specific area of Broken Shore, demolishing the Legion ranks, plans and efforts down to zero. Despite the world quests still running, lorewise the Legion is beaten and chased into the Tomb of Sargeras – and it’s just feeble remnants of them. Goroth, Inquisitors, Desolate Host machine and Kil’Jaeden himself are all that’s left. Mad Titan construct/elf guardians are local.  Just think of it: we did it.

And when we kill off the Legion’s last hope in this invasion – the Avatar of Sargeras, a doom weapon – this is the end of invasion. We won. Kil’Jaeden flees. The Avatar of Sargeras encounter equals the Sunwell Plateau ending: Kil’Jaeden is gone. The threat is eliminated. Kil’Jaeden didn’t even make his last stand. He ran away.

We dealt with all the demons in Broken Isles (remember how Maiev sent us to deal even with Legion camps in Azsuna/Suramar during Legionfall campaign?), sealed the portals, and no demons remain on Azeroth. We won. Please understand that the main goal is completed – ever since that first preview cinematic when Khadgar flew in Varian’s court as a raven and told him that Legion is here – this job ends exactly here. Let it sink:

There is – no – more – Legion – on – our – planet.

Only this time Velen follows his brother into the Twisting Nether, and the second chapter begins exactly now: OUR assault. Illidan and Khadgar and us follow Velen to save him and try to end the Legion at its lair… A bold move, and a necessary one to prevent “merely-a-setbacks”. Next stop: Twisting Nether and Legion’s general, Kil’Jaeden.

P.S. I couldn’t help but notice that Kil’Jaeden doesn’t look as intimidating and large as Archimonde. It maybe due to their different development: Archimonde was all obsessed with raw magical power, so no wonder he got so big, accumulating it and focusing on this way of enhancement that Legion provided.

Plate Armor Grind!


While my mail, leather and cloth armor toons are now free to insert their coins into Tomb of Sargeras ATM for extra loot, my poor plate armor Mindebad, Anibell and Bons are still grinding The Nighthold and even Emerald Nightmare for the last set slots.

This cooldown brought us some happiness. Mindebad and Anibell now only lack their class-specific capes from Trilliax, which means lazy runs through the first wing. Bons lacks a helmet which comes from Botanist boss. It’s a bummer, because the boss is the last in the wing, and the most annoying wing. It’s not a bummer, because all three plate armor toons make it six tries for helmet per week (coins involved).

So, what is left for me to cover The Nighthold transmog for every class is 2 Aqueducts runs and 3 (could be less) full Aetheneums per week. Persistence!

The good thing about Tomb of Sargeras is that you can also cover its mogging slots with other classes. Micromantica gained – and equipped – priest set shoulders, so I don’t worry about this slot for Aurinko now. Of course my mage will change it for mage shoulders if it happens to drop, but I don’t really care about set bonuses in my cozy LFR environment. My goal is mogging, and set collections. ilvl is a pleasant bonus :)

Meanwhile, I’m seriously set up for tanking. It’s been a mere pleasure yesterday and today to queue all the roles possible. Especially Anibell and Paitsu, who are perfectly capable of tanking, healing or dpsing.

While Anibell and Bons are perfect with their tanking specs, Mindebad’s Blood is an unknown field for me. Well, it was an unknown field. I blasted through the Nighthold yesterday and didn’t have a sweat. I need to, and moreover, I’m ready to test her in the current Tomb of Sargeras. which I’m gonna do.

New politics from now on: queuing every alt in every role she could perform. I’m ready and set.

Tomb of Sargeras: A Peep into Wailing Halls


Naturally what I did yesterday was a testing run in the new wing by Micromantica, doubled today by yet another caster – Faerella the Warlock.

The next wing consists of 3 bosses: Demonic inquisition, Sisters of the Moon and The Desolate Host.

In this wing I start to understand the whining about logistics – it really is tricky. But not so much on your second run.

Demonic Inquisition is a pair of fellow dudes who argue about whether flesh or soul is a subject of torment. I liked these bosses very much. Their looks design is awesome, and torture mechanics are totally comprehensible: just stop hitting them during a specific spell, is all. Neither of my tries brought me to the second room. Well, Faerella got this debuff by the very end, but bosses were supposed to die in 10 seconds (which they did), so I didn’t see any reason to try and see the other room.

After that we fight the same infernals in Goroth room – I hate when we have to kill the same trash in different wings – and then we descend to Elven rooms. Few packs of trash – really not annoying, well done, Blizzard, and we reach Sisters of the Moon boss.

I didn’t even notice how we killed them. First of all, I liked the wrestling-type boss change: when you deal with one and the same health bar, and they just give each other high five and change one by one as you do so. Really cool (and Elisande-type replenishing health bar, thrice – is not). The moon mechanics is probably the easiest movement requirement during a boss fight. You may go to the other floor color if you feel so, or you may do nothing and still be good, because the needed color will reach you anyways. So it’s just stepping out of a rare bad and nuking an add owl. Piece of cake.

Then comes The Desolate Host fight. Micromantica spent the whole encounter dead. She knew someone should go to the spirit realm, so she did. Something killed her immediately far away from any boss, and she never learnt what. Apparently not many guys, like myself, knew the encounter, because there was only one healer among very few people in spirit realm, and she had some tough times. Anyways, the boss went down. On my next try Faerella stayed in corporeal realm, but the group was better, so it split in two without any discussions. The boss just died, no troubles at all.

Is it because people already got some loot in previous weeks, but the wing seems very simple compared to the first one. The encounters are fun enough, and I won’t feel tedious when re-running them for loot. Second wing’s cool.

Gates of Hell Tanking – Nailed

One day before opening of the second wing, I’ve decided to try tanking the first one.

Besides the perfect timing, Melaris is closing in 52 on her tanking weapon, and she also had a quest and no first wing runs yet. So I decided to give it a go.

It went surprisingly smooth. Our second tank, a dwarf paladin, didn’t have a clue about what’s going on, so I pulled it off almost alone.

Trash mobs – no trouble at all. Took them out pack by pack, so we were fine.

Goroth – I was the only tank. Even with melted armor I just used my cooldowns, and all was fine. A pair of jumps was handy to relocate myself behind the pillars and back, so the boss positioning was executed by textbook.

Har’jatan – the second tank obviously died, because he didn’t turn the boss to raid bulk. So I pulled it off almost alone. Positioning was not that perfect, I held the beast in puddles very often, so it was not too convenient for melee dps.

Sassz’ine – nailed it, and almost alone again. As for void zones, I only got trapped by jellyfish once, but it was the only fail. I whispered to the second tank before the encounter to aggro from me at debuffs, but it didn’t work too well. He succeeded to perform this once, so I had to survive the whole debuff periods on my own cooldowns. A tough fight, yet I weren’t on the verge of dying.

For loot, I’ve got a cape, tier gloves, and a trinket. A decent drop.


I’m eager to try tanking with other specs, although demon hunter is so great with AoE aggroing which is basically built in rotation. Could be harder with other classes.

So, all roles for the first wing tried and succeeded. Bring us the next wing! :)