Go Transmog Farming!

So, few things left to do on alts.

  • Rajani/Uldum Accord Exalted = 1-2 hours for 3 assaults a week for Micromantica
  • Carapace’s agility dagger transmog = 1 hour a week for Pins
  • Horrific Visions’ memento currency farm = whenever I feel like it
  • BfA Archaeology = whenever I feel like it
  • Jakatti the Vulpera Fire Mage: level 115 -> 120 and see the expansion story = whenever I feel like it

I dismissed all my other toons and stick with 16 I need for transmogs in Shadowlands (4 armor types x 4 Covenants). Besides the aforementioned activities, we’re all done with the expansion up to and through N’Zoth’s kill, and now I’m feeling like going a wonderful world of transmog farm.

The path will be dark and full of RNG terrors. As of April 3, we’re set on this stage:



Demon hunter’s column is now invisible, because she can farm sets only since Legion, and they weren’t really on the grid befoe yesterday.

The chart’s progress is not too bad, and yet it feels… empty-ish. Well, many-many empty slots are on the verge of completion, so it’s not that bad. For example, my shamans need just one piece from Karazhan, Ahn’Kiraj or Blackwing Lair.

The worst poblems on this journey are:

Naxxramas/Ulduar sets – they require Archavon’s Vault up to 3-5 set pieces, and fishing out the times when it becomes available for faction is painful.

Many sets have a nasty world drop-only item, and the chances for world drop are scarce and discouraging.

Many sets have a crafted-only item – and while Myde the Hunter solved her Serpentshrine belt problem in 30 minutes, Micromantica needs 4 weeks more to craft her fucking Firelands slippers with material crafting cooldown!

We have a lot of time until Shadowlands – maybe a lot more due to corona situation, so ambitious goals are the best goals. Let’s see about that gold and transmog results in a month!


One thought on “Go Transmog Farming!

  1. Cataclysm BoP cloth can be produced in unlimited quantities by recipe that uses chaos orbs. Chaos orbs are tradable and probably sold on AH in large quantities, especially during Cataclysm timewalking.

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