Heritage Armors for Small Folks

Sniping out the Legion assaults quickly brought me through 100-110, and the goal is achieved:



Vulpera’s is not a flashy type of armor, it’s pretty bleak rags:


Yes, it fits, but probably I would prefer Bedouin robes? They could have been just a little bit more rich and important, while saving the Arabian desert flavor.

Anyways, I’m not using it. My warrior Rikkit wears a sandy set based on Heart of Fear, and fire mage Jakatti picked a gorgeous Blackrock Foundry option:



Mechagnome set is awesome though. The helmet is robotic and can be cool or not depending on your preferences (I think not):


No-helmet option is a great, almost crusader-like armor:


Alas, all the way 58->110 didn’t make me love artificial limbs and consider them enhancements, not prosthetics. So, like it was planned all the way, we say farewell to this mechagnome toon without regrets. Not an allied race of my choice – even if I’m such a fan of small folks of Azeroth.

One more small, but important thing happened during weekend. I finally went and grinded the final pristine Legion Archeology solve: the drogbar gem-roller. It was the only item I lacked ever since Legion, and that makes my Legion collection complete:

Legion Archaeology Full Set

No more digging in Broken Isles! Woo!


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