Beggars in My LFR


I know that most of my readers are full-time raiders, which rarely use LFR, and yet this is a major problem to me that I’d like to talk about.

Leading my 12-toon roster via LFR means facing the trouble of beggars. After any loot item you get, you’ll receive a shower of whispers asking – and sometimes demanding! you for your drop.

I can’t specify strong enough how this pisses me off. According to my observations, the beggars of this sort are 99% inadequate people. There’s no “hello”, there’s no looking up my gear profile to see if the item would be an improvement to myself (and sometimes it’s so obvious, me running with an 860 or 880, when the drop is 915), there’s poking me with whispers even if there’s a boss fight rolling, and I’m healing/tanking like mad. And there’s a single reply-short way to direct insults.

Hell, they sometimes even try to prove me that I don’t need an item – although it could be better for my stats, or I need it to swap legendary gear. I would never explain it to them.

Normally I’m putting an item on a roll if I don’t need it – and this is the only way anyone could get it from me. Whispering beggars have no chance, even if they roll afterwards. I’d better vendor a piece than give it to a beggar.

I have grown to either ignore the beggars or reply in a very harsh manner. Beggars deserve no explanation, no replies, no nothing. Not on my watch.  And they could bathe in their frustration as much as they want.

But you know, sometimes you just want to give an item for a beggar. Because he spent his time to write a polite and nice request – you actually see that’s a nice person talking, so you just want to do a favor. Happens in 1% of cases. And even so, it’s gonna be a roll first.

Like I said, 99% of “need shoulders?” – go to hell.


10 thoughts on “Beggars in My LFR

    • The problem is not asking for a loot item per se.

      A begging person normally lacks basic culture to play nice (at least say hello, be ok with refusal), basic decency to check on the player’s gear before asking, and a grain of patience to let the looter check on his gear first before deciding to put it on a roll or not. I receive gimme-gimme-gimme whispers even before I managed to read the item name save checking the stats and legendary options.

      My drop is my drop, it’s not that I owe it to anyone in any case – but beggars think otherwise.

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    • I’ve had the opposite thing happen. A 110 DH on a timewalk, I inspected him because I liked the transmog and wanted to see the names of the items and saw he was using WoD gear so I asked if he wanted the gear I had gotten on the dungeon.

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      • Aw, I do the same thing, Lord of Icecrown. I run with an AddOn, that tells me in a private message to myself, if something I loot is an upgrade for someone else (when its not an upgrade for me).

        It even tells me the players Item level in that exact slot, so i can easily see, who would benefit the most from it.

        It saves me time too: instead of putting the item up for rolls in the raid, i just whisper the person if they want it. Normally they are very grateful, really.

        I guess we are all different.

        I totally hear the attitude of the “omg, give me that item, I am entitled to get it1!1!11!” is frustrating to deal with if you run the raid with 12 toons, though! That must get annoying quite fast. I guess ignoring them is the best approach.

        I have to admit, that I sometimes ask people if they need the item they got. But only after having inspected them, and seen, that they are wearing like 30 item levels higher than the item. And I make sure to do it in a polite way, obviously.

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  1. The best way to deal with them is not answering. Usually they take offence at not answering and write something offensive, at which point you report them for offensive language. This accomplishes two things: silences them for current session (so they do not consume place on your ignore list) and there is a slim chanse they get punished. Best thing is that you do not type a single symbol.

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  2. Weird connection, my comment got split in two and unfinished:/ My apologies, please feel free to delete them.

    Begging is not an option, and neither is demanding. I’ve had players saying “Gimme the gloves. I need them more”.

    I can’t help but laugh when people say the game isn’t social anymore. What is no longer social are most people, who seem to barely grasp basic notions of politeness and social behaviour.

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