Beggars in My LFR

I know that most of my readers are full-time raiders, which rarely use LFR, and yet this is a major problem to me that I'd like to talk about. Leading my 12-toon roster via LFR means facing the trouble of beggars. After any loot item you get, you'll receive a shower of whispers asking - … Continue reading Beggars in My LFR

The Nighthold: A Peep into Arcing Aqueducts

A what?.. Obviously I ran the first LFR wing yesterday - Arcing Aqueducts. To do so, I sent Microfury, my warlock, who has recently rediscovered the joys of Affliction spec and thus needed to test them in raid environment. It went pretty chaotic. We wiped at Skorpyron once because tanks were dead in an instant, … Continue reading The Nighthold: A Peep into Arcing Aqueducts

A Peep Into Emerald Nightmare – Darkbough

The first wing of Emerald Nightmare went live in LFR yesterday, and my main met the item level requirements to pay a visit. Raid Design  The raid itself is very beautiful. These shades of red color are really an innovation within WoW. It's so rich, colorful, and at the same time corresponds the intended dread of … Continue reading A Peep Into Emerald Nightmare – Darkbough